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Uehara Himari is a second-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and the leader and bassist of Afterglow. She is a huge fan of Kaoru's.


Himari has medium-length, pale pink hair worn in low pigtails with a tuft of straightened bangs while the remainder is layered. She has fair skin and green eyes with sharp corners.

Her casual attire is fairly feminine with a monotone color scheme.


Himari is cheerful and good-natured and is the band's coordinator. She struggles to read the mood of a situation, which means she sometimes does things that have no effect. She's weak to tearjerkers and sentimental episodes and is fairly romantic. She is also weak to being teased and tends to be clumsy and fall around at times.

She enjoys comparing the different sweets she buys from convenience stores and likes making them as well. She also likes cute things like clothing and stuffed animals but wants to be seen as "cool" by others. Her ideas are normally teased or rejected, especially when she tries to get everyone in the band to say her catchphrase (Hey, hey, ooh~!) - but her bandmates always try to show support in their own way.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Himari interacts with in the game (during Lives and in the dialogues at the end of every game).

Ran (icon).pngMoca (icon).pngTomoe (icon).pngTsugumi (icon).pngTae (icon).pngRimi (icon).pngArisa (icon).pngAya (icon).pngChisato (icon).pngLisa (icon).pngRinko (icon).pngKaoru (icon).pngHagumi (icon).pngKanon (icon).pngMisaki (icon).pngTouko (icon).png



Uehara (上原): Ue (上) means "above" and Hara (原) means "meadow" or "plain" or "field."

Himari (Japanese: ひまり, Chinese: 绯玛丽): Hi (绯) is the simplified form of 緋 which means "red, scarlet", Ma (玛) is the simplified form of 瑪 which means "onyx, agate", and Ri (丽) is the simplified form of 麗 which means "lovely, beautiful, graceful, resplendent."


  • Himari works part-time at the fast food restaurant together with Tomoe.
  • Himari is often concerned about her weight and gets teased by Moca, who doesn't gain weight easily, about it.
  • She often goes to Hazawa Coffee to vent after it closes down.[2]
  • She has the same height as Kokoro, Yukina and Rokka, and is also the shortest Afterglow member.
  • In the Persona collaboration, her character design is based on PANTHER and Carmen.
  • Her bass guitar, Fender model American Vintage '74 Jazz Black, is no longer produced by Fender. This means that the bass guitar has become a rare item, even very difficult to find until now.
  • Himari has an older sister[3] who according to her is quite terrifying when she gets mad.[4]
  • Himari gets easily seasick.

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