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Ultimate Mood Maker Card Story - Episode

Low-Effort Entry


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Hallway

Touko: Oh. It's Fusuke.
Tsukushi: What do you mean, "oh"?! Toko-chan, did you sign us up for the show at CiRCLE yet?
Touko: Ah, oh yeah! I completely forgot.
Tsukushi: I knew you would... Get it together, okay?
Tsukushi: We've still got time until the deadline for signing up, but if you forget, we won't even have a chance to play!
Touko: Fusuke, you're always so serious. You know that~?
Tsukushi: You're just not serious enough~. I sent you the sign-up page in our group chat. Take a look.
Touko: What? You mean now?
Tsukushi: Of course! That's why I came to see you. Come on, get your phone out!
Touko: I got it. Jeez~.... Chat, chat... Ah, you mean this?
Touko: Hmm... The band name is Morfonica... Contact information can just be my email address, I guess.
Touko: There, perfect! Now I just gotta hit send, and~...
Tsukushi: Hold on a second! Let me check for any mistakes.
Touko: Sure, go right ahead.
Tsukushi: Okay, let me see here...
Touko: ... You spelled our band name wrong. How on earth did you end up with "Molfnka?!"
Tsukushi: Our band's name is "Morfonica!" At least remember how to spell it!
Touko: That's not really a big deal, right?
Tsukushi: It is a big deal! And... huh? Toko-chan, the rest of this form is completely blank.
Touko: No it isn't, I typed in everything they wanted... Oh, wait. Does this page scroll down?
Touko: Aren't they asking a little too much? Just the band name and contact info should be good enough, right?
Tsukushi: No! Now come on, fill out the rest. We're finishing this before lunch ends! Next is... The address for our website...
Tsukushi: Well, we don't have one of those, so we can just leave that blank.
Touko: A website, huh...? I kinda like the sound of that~. Why don't we make one?
Tsukushi: While it does sound nice, there isn't anyone in Morfonica that could make one, is there?
Touko: Then we can just ask someone.
Tsukushi: Who?
Touko: I bet one of my friends can do it!
Tsukushi: Does one of your friends just happen to be able to make websites for us...?
Touko: If none of my friends can do it, then we can just move on to their friends!
Touko: I've helped my friends out by introducing them to designers and acting as a go-between when they're looking for tailors. It's a give-and-take situation, right?
Tsukushi: Wow~...! I knew you were popular, but I had no idea...
Touko: Hey, so what would you want on the website? Obviously our profiles, right?
Tsukushi: Yeah. If we were going to make one, I'd like to put up a list of all the places we've played at, along with the date.
Touko: Plus videos of our shows... Ah! And our music video!
Tsukushi: Oh, good idea! ... Wait, we don't have a music video.
Touko: We don't?
Tsukushi: We don't! We haven't even ever taken videos of ourselves playing. Our site would basically be blank if we made one now.
Touko: Yeah, I guess~... Man, it'd be so cool to have a website, though...
Tsukushi: Well. we've only just gotten started as Morfonica. We can talk websites later!
Tsukushi: Ah, there's the chime... We can finish this form on our next break, okay?
Touko: ... And there we go! Boom, sent!
Tsukushi: T-Toko-chan?! Why did you do that?!
Touko: Hm? But I got rid of the blank spaces. Isn't that good enough?
Tsukushi: When did you...? Wait, I didn't even get to check any of it~...!
Touko: They've got our email address and band name. If something comes up, they'll probably let us know.
Touko: Now all we gotta do is practice, Fusuke!
Tsukushi: ... Jeez, fine~. Let's do our best, okay? We're playing at CiRCLE, after all!
Touko: Of course! Just like always, I'll show everyone how awesome my guitar skills are!

Ultimate Mood Maker Card Story - Special Episode

360 Degree Feelings


CiRCLE - Lobby

Touko: Whoa! You're both here today! Hey there, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Ah, Toko-chan, welcome!
Touko: Hey, could you two lean over quick? Let's get a shot of us together!
Marina: H-huh? Are you taking a picture?!
Touko: We couldn't get one at the concert the other day! C'mon, here we go~! Cheese ♪
Marina: Eh? U-um... Ch-cheese?
Touko: Ooh, this one's great! Look! You two totally give off that reliable worker image!
Touko: Ah, could I post this online? I'll make sure to advertise CiRCLE in the post!
Marina: Th-that's fine, I guess... Are you here alone today, Toko-chan?
Touko: Yeah! I'm still sweating from how hot that show was, so I just had to come back today and get some guitar practice in!
Touko: If I try to practice at home, Grandma's always nagging me about this and that~. If only she'd loosen up a lil' bit now that her adorable granddaughter's working so hard in a band~.
Marina: A-ahaha... Well, I totally understand wanting to practice.
Marina: Morfonica put on a great show! Everyone loved your new song!
Touko: I know, right?! I totally felt that from onstage.
Touko: But, I mean, I practiced super hard for this concert. How else would they react?
Touko: I am happy the new song went well, though. Shiro struggled a lot with the lyrics.
Marina: Did she...? Hm, writing lyrics is hard.
Touko: What I mean is that she couldn't finish her lyrics in time for the deadline we set~.
Touko: We were outta time and about to give up on it, but then Shiro suddenly asked us to extend the deadline.
Touko: I've never seen Shiro like that before... She never seems to care that much about anything, so I was kinda surprised.
Touko: Stuff that seems microscopic to me is the universe to Shiro!
Marina: Um... So what you're saying is, things that seemed not that important to you were really important to Mashiro-chan? Is that right?
Touko: Yeah, that's what I meant! I knew you'd understand, Marina-san!
Touko: Basically, the world Shiro sees and the world I see are 360 degrees apart.
Touko: But hey, she ended up writing super great lyrics, so it's all good in the end!
Marina: Hmm... A 360 degree turn means you'd end up facing the same direction, you know~...
Touko: Ahaha, you're right!
Touko: 360 degrees is the same direction...
Marina: Is everything okay?
Touko: You could be onto something there. It's all the same in the end.
Touko: Shiro refusing to give up on the new song might be the same as when I really wanted to have a guitar solo in one of our songs.
Touko: I mean, I really didn't wanna give up on that, either.
Marina: That's got to be it. You might have different priorities, but the two of you feel just as strongly about them as the other.
Touko: Right? Mmm, I'm even more fired up now! Shiro, I'm not gonna lose to you!
Touko: Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Just you wait until the next time we play at CiRCLE! We'll have a real banger for ya!
Marina: Okay! I'm looking forward to it!
Touko: Alright then, time for practice~... But before that, I'll send you the picture I took!
Marina: Ahaha, thanks.