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Unbearable Emotion Card Story - Episode

Giving Others A Dream


Rehearsal Studio

Chisato: ... That should be enough for today. Your acting has considerably improved.
Mio: Th-thank you very much! And I'm sorry for asking you to do this on your day off...
Chisato: Fufu, there is no need to apologize. There are also many new things I can learn from teaching others.
Chisato: You also listen properly to what I say, and you are a quick study. Given how talented you are, I do not think I can afford to just sit back and let you pass me by.
Mio: I-I am? Thank you very much...!
Hina: Hey, Chisato-chan and Mio-chan. What are you guys up to~?
Mio: Ah! Hina-san! Hello.
Chisato: I was giving Mio-chan some acting advice. Is there something you need, Hina-chan?
Hina: I'm just bored and looking around for interesting stuff! You know, you guys sure have been spending a lot of time together lately.
Chisato: Yes, we have. I am very pleased that Mio-chan has been asking me to spend a lot of time with her.
Mio: Fufu! I look up to you, after all.
Hina: Oh, yeah! There was something I've been curious about. Why do you look up to Chisato-chan so much, Mio-chan?
Mio: Huh?
Hina: I'm so curious. Could you tell me~?
Chisato: H-Hina-chan...
Mio: It's kind of embarrassing to mention it in front of her... but the reason is because of something I saw from when Chisato-san was a child actor.
Chisato: Something from my child acting days...? Do you mean "Mako the Kid Detective"?
Mio: No, "The City of Solitude"!
Chisato: Really...?
Hina: "The City of Solitude"? Ah, that's the one our theater club did. I think it was be based on a TV drama.
Chisato: Yes, it was. It was the TV drama I was in when I was in elementary school.
Mio: When I first saw it, your acting frightened me.
Chisato: Fufu... My classmates said the same thing when I was little.
Mio: But the more I thought about it afterward, the more I came to see just how strong of an impression your acting had left on me.
Mio: And when I realized that, I found myself wanting to be able to make an impression like that on someone through my acting.
Mio: That was how I came to look up to Chisato-san... and why I entered the entertainment industry.
Hina: I see~. You must be really glad you get to be in the same agency as Chisato-chan. You even have her teaching you to act♪
Mio: Yes! It's like a dream... I still can't believe it's real.
Chisato: Enough chit-chat, you two. Given the time, shouldn't you be heading to your next job, Mio-chan?
Hina: Aww~, really? I was hoping to have you tell me more about Chisato-chan.
Chisato: As her senior, you should not be causing trouble for her. You did very well, Mio-chan.
Mio: Thank you for the acting lessons, Chisato-san! Please excuse me now.
Chisato: ... "The City of Solitude" was a work that also left a strong impression on me, so hearing that from her makes the role I played in it feel worthwhile.
Hina: You know, if Mio-chan wanted to become an actress after seeing your acting...
Hina: That means her dream came from your acting, right?
Chisato: ...!
Hina: Don't you think that's just amazing?
Chisato: You may be right. Both idols and actresses may have the power to give people dreams.
Chisato: ... Now, Hina-chan, would you like to do some practicing with me?
Hina: Huh? ... Ahahaha!
Chisato: H-Hina-chan?!
Hina: Oh, sorry! I was just a bit surprised because you said something that Aya-chan would usually say.
Chisato: ... You do not have to if you do not want to.
Hina: Oh, I don't mind at all! Let's practice together~!
Hina: I was bored anyway, so I'm just glad I found something interesting!
Hina: Could you wait for a bit? I'm gonna go change~.
Chisato: Something Aya-chan would say...
Chisato: Perhaps I, too, am growing... Fufufufu...

Unbearable Emotion Card Story - Special Episode

A Dream That's Gaining Color


Station Entrance

Marina: Phew, that run to the store sure took a while. I never thought we'd have to come all the way to the station... Hm...? Is that Chisato-chan?
Chisato: ... Ah, Marina-san, New Staff-san. Hello.
Marina: Hi, Chisato-chan. Are you waiting for someone?
Chisato: Yes, I am waiting for a friend. We are going to go watch a play together.
Marina: Oh~, sounds fun. Who are you going with? Kanon-chan?
Chisato: No, a friend from back when I was a child actor. We recently had an opportunity to chat again after a long time.
Marina: I see. Being able to see a friend you haven't seen for a while is always fun. It makes it feel like a mini class reunion.
Chisato: Yes, but to tell the truth... Our initial reunion was not that pleasant.
Marina: Oh, it wasn't?
Chisato: She had retired from the entertainment industry for her own reason, and it was a certain TV show that brought us together...
Chisato: Seeing her made me feel like I was seeing a version of myself that didn't have a place in the industry.
Chisato: It made me anxious, and because of that, I caused both Pastel*Palettes and our sister group a lot of trouble.
Marina: I don't know much about show business, but they do say the industry can be pretty tough.
Chisato: Yes, but she's started working towards her new dream in her own way.
Chisato: Seeing her made me realize that I can't just be afraid. I need to keep going forward.
Chisato: After all, working as a member of Pastel*Palettes has allowed me to discover a new dream.
Marina: Fufu, you did say before that your dream was to find a dream. Did you make some progress in that?
Chisato: Yes. It turns out my dream is to continue to be with everyone in Pastel*Palettes.
Chisato: And I intend to do everything I can to keep it that way.
Marina: Seeing Aya-chan makes you realize just how incredible the power to chase your dreams can be. I'm sure you'll be fine so long as you have that drive.
Chisato: Thank you, I hope so too. I really do have much to learn from Aya-chan.
Chisato: ... Wherever she goes, she brings her colorful dreams with her. The rich hues of her dreams seep into my own, making them just as vibrant simply by being with her.
Chisato: Knowing her, she probably isn't aware she has this effect on others.
Chisato: Until now, I have had my hands full holding on to my dream. However, from now on, I want to be able to share my dream with others, the same way she does.
Chisato: Only when I am able to do so will I truly be able to stand alongside her...
Marina: Chisato-chan...
Chisato: Fufu... I seem to have said some things that are very uncharacteristic of me. Anyhow, my friend will be arriving soon, so I must take my leave. Goodbye.