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Under Starry Skies Card Story - Episode

Snapshot Away from the Heat


CiRCLE - Café

Kasumi: Wow, this picture's so pretty... The lake's so sparkly, and the forest looks so lively!
Rimi: The scenery really was stunning, so I knew I had to show it to you, Kasumi-chan! That's why I took so many photos.
Rimi: This is the villa we stayed at... It was so big inside, and it even had a sauna.
Kasumi: Huh?! I've never heard of a sauna inside a villa before! Or using a sauna in summer...
Rimi: The area we were staying in was nice and cool during the day. We didn't even need to turn on the air conditioning.
Rimi: Stepping outside after heating up in the sauna felt so good too... I don't know how many times Eve-chan, Saaya-chan, and I used that sauna.
Rimi: It was so refreshing to gaze out at the natural scenery while cooling down after sitting in a steamy sauna.
Kasumi: Oh yeah, I suppose the highlands would be nice and cool this time of year! So that's why they can have a sauna.
Kasumi: Ah, is this from when you went shopping? I see a lot of local cuisines.
Rimi: Yeah! And you know what we found there?! A super delicious cream cornet!
Kasumi: ... A cream cornet? Don't you mean a chocolate cornet?
Rimi: They're made the same way, but instead of chocolate, it's filled with cream! Here's the picture!
Kasumi: Wow, it looks so good!
Rimi: It really was... It was almost too tasty... The bread was perfectly baked and so light. It was like eating a cloud...
Rimi: And the cream filling was delicious! They used only the freshest milk to make it, so it was very rich. Yet it felt so fluffy to the tongue...
Rimi: I wish you could have tried it, Kasumi-chan.
Kasumi: ... Ooo~, just hearing about it is making me hungry... I wish I could have gone~!
Rimi: The food and fresh air were both great, and we even got to do things I wouldn't normally try, like horseback riding. It really was a great vacation!
Kasumi: I can tell by looking at you in these pictures. Your face just screams "This is fun!"
Rimi: It really was. I need to thank Kaoru-san again sometime.
Himari: ... What?! Why?!
Tomoe: Huh? What do you mean, "Why"?
Rimi: Isn't that Himari-chan and Tomoe-chan? I wonder if everything's alright.
Kasumi: Let's go check it out!
Kasumi: Himari-chan, Tomoe-chan, are you two okay?
Tomoe: Huh? Ah, sorry about that. See? You even managed to scare Kasumi and Rimi with that scream of yours.
Himari: But I only did that because you didn't take enough pictures!
Rimi: Pictures? Are you talking about our trip to the villa?
Himari: Yeah! Tomoe told me Kaoru-senpai was riding a white horse, so I asked her to show me a picture...
Himari: But the only pictures she took are of her own horse, the meat from the barbeque, and a rhinoceros beetle!
Kasumi: Wow, that horse is so cute! And that meat looks so good! That's a big rhinoceros beetle too!
Tomoe: Hehe, pretty great photos, right? Ah, by the way, this horse's name is Silver!
Himari: I don't care about Silver and bugs! I want Kaoru-senpai on a white horse!
Himari: Kaoru-senpai's already so amazing, so I was really looking forward to seeing some great shots of her... Ooo...
Tomoe: Huh? What the-?! Hey, is it really that bad?!
Rimi: ... Uhm, Himari-chan. I took some pictures of Kaoru-san. Would you like to see them?
Himari: Huh?! Can I really?!
Rimi: Sure! Let's see... This is Kaoru-san riding her majestic horse, and this is Kaoru-san playing with her horse and laughing.
Himari: You even have a picture of Kaoru-senpai coming down from her horse! Sigh... They're all so wonderful...
Rimi: When I was having trouble mounting my horse, Kaoru-san even took my hand... She made it look so casual, so easy. Isn't that just like Kaoru-san?
Himari: It really is! Kaoru-senpai is just naturally overflowing with kindness, from her words to her very actions!
Rimi: Yeah! And that's what makes her Kaoru-san!
Himari: Ah, look at this one! This picture of Kaoru-senpai flipping the meat is great too... Her elegance really comes through in this picture!
Rimi: This is Kaoru-san starting the fire. Her expression as she lights the flame is so fleeting...
Kasumi: ... Hey, Tomoe-chan. When you were at the villa, was Rimi-rin like this the whole time?
Tomoe: No, she was acting totally normal... I had no idea she took all these pictures. When did she have time?
Tomoe: She's just as excited as Himari is too. I guess that's Seta-senpai's fans for you.
Rimi: And here's Kaoru-san right before bed...
Himari: I can't believe you caught such an amazing moment on film! Rimi, you have to send me these photos! I'll buy you a chocolate cornet in return!
Rimi: Sure, Himari-chan!
Kasumi: They sure are excited~.
Tomoe: Yeah, this might take a while...

Under Starry Skies Card Story - Special Episode

Travel Souvenirs


CiRCLE - Lobby

Rimi: BanG Dreamer-san, Marina-san, hello.
Marina: Hey there, Rimi-chan! Do you have band rehearsal today? Or are you doing some solo practice?
Rimi: Band rehearsal. Today's the first time in a while that we're all able to meet.
Rimi: Ah, that's right... These are for you two. They're souvenirs from my recent trip!
Marina: Milk candy, huh? Thanks! "Made from the milk of cows living in the highlands..." That sounds very decadent.
Rimi: They also had cream cornets. I wish I could have brought you some...
Marina: I appreciate the thought. Besides, candy can last for days. I'll be sure to treasure every piece.
Rimi: I'm glad you like it.
Marina: Did you go on your trip with the rest of Poppin'Party?
Rimi: No, the only Poppin'Party member there was Saaya-chan. Other than that, it was me, Kaoru-san, Eve-chan, and Tomoe-chan.
Marina: Wow, now that's a group you don't see every day.
Rimi: Our trip was all thanks to Kaoru-san. She was going to be staying at a relative's villa, so she invited us to come along.
Rimi: At that lakeside villa, we had a barbeque, rode horses... and even relaxed in the villa's sauna.
Marina: The villa had a sauna?! That's amazing...
Rimi: Yeah, it really was. It was a fun trip... I even got to see Kaoru-san do all sorts of cool things.
Rimi: Like ride horses... light the fire for our barbeque... and gaze out onto the lake...
Marina: Looks like you made some great memories with Kaoru-san. I'm happy for you.
Rimi: Ah, uhm... Those aren't the only memories I made! Tomoe-chan also grabbed a rhinoceros beetle with her bare hands. It was amazing.
Rimi: I don't really like bugs, but she had no problem picking it off of me... I really appreciated it.
Rimi: I also had a lot of fun relaxing in the sauna with Eve-chan and Saaya-chan.
Rimi: Cooling off by the lake after heating up in the sauna felt so good. I kept going back and forth between the two.
Rimi: After a while, the heat would make us a little sleepy, and even our conversations would trail off. Ah, it was fun though.
Rimi: I got to hear Eve-chan's stories about Finland, and see Saaya-chan zone out for once.
Rimi: That trip was so different from how I usually spend my days, so I'm sure I'm going to remember it forever.
Marina: Well, summer only comes once a year. You have to take advantage of it while you can!
Rimi: Yeah! That's why I'm going to spend the rest of my vacation performing with Poppin'Party. I want to make lots of memories with them.
Rimi: I'm sure there's tons of fun stuff in store for us too.
Rimi: When something happens, I'll be sure to tell you about it. I better get to practice now. See you later.