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Unknown Encounter Card Story - Episode

The Meaning of Meaningless Time



Rui: ...
Rui: (This is a rather rowdy sakura party...)
Rui: (I had imagined it would be a calmer occasion.)
Rui: Hm? Isn't that...?
Yukina: ...
Rui: Minato-san...
Yukina: Oh, you are... Yashio-san, correct?
Rui: Yes, I am Rui Yashio. What are you doing here?
Yukina: This is a sakura party, so I am admiring the sakura blossoms.
Rui: By yourself?
Yukina: Yes, everyone else is absorbed in their conversations, so how else could I quietly look at the flowers?
Yukina: Now why are you on your own?
Rui: I had the same thought. I grew tired of the chatter and decided to get some air.
Yukina: Yes, there are many high-spirited people here, so I understand how you feel.
Rui: ...
Rui: This may seem rude, but you surprised me.
Yukina: Hm? What do you mean?
Rui: I did not expect all of Roselia to attend today.
Rui: From what I have heard and seen from your shows, I was under the impression that your band only gathers together to make music.
Rui: So I did not think you would show particular interest in an event such as this.
Yukina: ... At the very least, Ako and Lisa are not like that.
Yukina: Those two were invited by Toyama-san and suggested that we all come together.
Yukina: Although, Sayo and I weren't particularly opposed.
Rui: ... I see.
Yukina: ... Do you not like these kinds of events?
Rui: No, that is not it. Although, I am not overly interested in them either.
Rui: I participated this time because I recognized that it would be meaningful to do so, but normally I would have prioritized practice.
Yukina: ... The old me would likely have thought the same way.
Yukina: I would have said that we aren't here to make friends, and that we should use our spare time for our music.
Rui: From the way you talk, it seems that this is no longer the case.
Yukina: Yes, because focusing single-mindedly on music does nothing for either the growth of the band or myself.
Yukina: I started thinking differently once I realized something.
Rui: Hm? And what would that be?
Yukina: There is no such thing as a meaningless use of time.
Rui: ...
Yukina: It seems you are having trouble grasping what I mean.
Rui: Yes, I do not quite understand.
Rui: I think the value of time is determined by what you do with it.
Rui: That is why I believe that how you use your time can be meaningful or meaningless.
Yukina: I am sure that the day will come where you too will understand.
Yukina: The path you see in front of you is not always the correct path, and you are not the only person who knows which path is the right one.
Yukina: The person who does know may very well be someone near you.
Rui: The right path... Well, I will be sure to keep your opinion in mind.

Unknown Encounter Card Story - Special Episode

Valuable Flower-Viewing



Marina: Okay, now that we're done shopping, let's go back to CiRCLE.
Marina: We have a lot of bookings today, so we have to- Huh? Rui-chan?
Rui: Hello, Tsukishima-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Hello. Are you going to practice?
Rui: Yes, our practice last week was canceled due to a sakura party. As such, I intend to use today's session to make up for the time we lost.
Marina: Was that really last week? Kasumi-chan also invited us along, but we couldn't come because of work.
Marina: I heard there were lots of people. How was it?
Rui: Well, I had imagined it would be a rather calm occasion, but it was much rowdier than I anticipated.
Rui: I had never gone flower-viewing before, but it seems such activities are to be expected from sakura parties.
Marina: Don't you go flower-viewing?
Rui: No, I do not. I never feel the need to.
Rui: If you wish to admire the beauty of sakura blossoms, why not simply gaze at them silently?
Marina: I-I see. Then what made you want to go this time?
Rui: I determined it would be beneficial for the band.
Rui: I believe that there will be more opportunities for us to interact with the other bands at CiRCLE in the future.
Rui: Therefore, I thought it necessary for us to introduce ourselves as soon as possible in order to facilitate smooth relations.
Marina: I-I see. W-well, getting to know everyone is definitely a good thing.
Marina: And how was the party once you were actually there? Did you have fun?
Rui: Yes, I did. I think there was much more to gain than I had imagined.
Rui: I had thought it would be enough to just deepen our friendships with the other bands, but...
Rui: After the event, Kurata-san wrote lyrics for a new song.
Rui: I am not sure whether it was the beauty of the sakura or the spirit of the party, but... something had an effect on her creativity.
Rui: The lyrics she wrote felt a little different from usual.
Marina: Oh, so it was a good source of inspiration for Mashiro-chan then.
Rui: Yes, it was an unexpectedly fruitful flower-viewing.
Marina: ... And what about you, Rui-chan?
Rui: ...?
Marina: I thought maybe you felt inspired too.
Rui: ... I suppose I cannot disagree.
Rui: Kurata-san gave me her lyrics, so I am currently working on the composition...
Rui: And I have a feeling that the fully-bloomed sakura we saw that day are deeply embedded in this song.
Rui: In that sense, the sakura party may have been a very meaningful experience for me as well.