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Unleashed Power Card Story - Episode

Path to Mastery


Udagawa Residence - Tomoe's Room

Ako: And then, I was all like, soi-yaaa~! And I picked the right door! Isn't that amazing~?!
Tomoe: Ahahaha! Yeah, you're incredible!
Ako: It was all thanks to you, Sis! And then~... Oh, right!
Ako: I got so caught up in my story, I completely forgot~. Here you go!
Tomoe: What's this...? Oh, is it a souvenir? Thanks, Ako!
Ako: Yeah! Ehehe♪ Come on, open it!
Tomoe: Sure, one second. Oh, is this... a photo book?
Ako: Ding ding ding!
Ako: The theme park we went to was really pretty, you know!
Ako: When I found this at the souvenir shop, it was like it screamed out to me!
Tomoe: That's my Ako for you, good choice! I'll take a good, long look at it later.
Tomoe: For now, let's just set it in the bookshelf... Ah, shoot, I don't have space.
Tomoe: It's about time I organize it, huh? Maybe I should make a new place for all the old books... Well, for now, let's just take out this and this...
Ako: Oh! Wow! This brings back memories!
Ako: We used to read this picture book together all the time, didn't we?
Tomoe: We did! I can't believe you still remember.
Tomoe: Every time we read this book, Himari would always start bawling her eyes out. Eventually she'd start tearing up just by looking at the cover.
Ako: Ahaha, I remember that! But I don’t recall what the story was about at all. Um... I think there was a red demon and a blue demon...
Tomoe: Yeah, it wasn't a real happy story. I've forgotten all the details too.
Tomoe: Well, now that we're both here, wanna read it again?
Ako: Yeah! Ehehe, this is gonna be fun~♪

10 Minutes Later

Ako: Th-that's... way too sad~...
Tomoe: Yeah... But even so, Ako, you're crying too much.
Ako: You're one to talk, Sis!
Ako: Sniff...
Tomoe: Ako, why are you hugging me all of a sudden?
Ako: Sis... Y-you won't suddenly disappear like the Blue Demon, right...?
Ako: I really liked how nice they were to their friend Red Demon... But... I hate that they left without even saying goodbye!
Ako: So... So... Ooh, waah~!
Tomoe: You big dummy. You know I wouldn't do that.
Ako: Sniff... Really...?
Tomoe: You know, I'm a big fan of Blue Demon, too... But I'm sure there was a better way they could've handled things.
Tomoe: One that wouldn't lead to such a sad ending.
Ako: Yeah. I think so too. Although... I can't think of anything right now...
Tomoe: Me neither. But that's exactly why I want to find the answer.
Tomoe: Together with you, of course.
Ako: Sis...! Yeah...!
Ako: I agree! I'll keep looking for that answer... together with you, Sis! Forever and ever!
Tomoe: Yeah! You bet!

Unleashed Power Card Story - Special Episode

Perpetual Pride


CiRCLE - Lobby

Ako: Hello~! Huh? Is Marina-san not here today?
Ako: You see, I brought you both souvenirs today!
Ako: Here you go! Make sure Marina-san gets hers too!
Ako: You know about this theme park? I figured you would, BanG Dreamer-san!
Ako: Right now, this park is doing a collab event with NFO.
Ako: I just had to get the equipment you receive from clearing that event, no matter what it took, so... I had everyone in Roselia help me out!
Ako: It was super hard though~.
Ako: We were supposed to combine our strengths to clear the missions they gave us... But they never gave us any hints!
Ako: So we had to look for them ourselves, and even when we did find them, it didn't get any easier.
Ako: I didn't say it out loud, but during the event, I thought that we were done for multiple times...
Ako: We did end up clearing the whole thing, though! Thanks to everyone~...
Ako: You know, my band members really are amazing!
Ako: How do I put this...? I feel the same way every time we do a show, but...
Ako: Hmm... It's like, we're a real group! That sorta feeling!
Ako: Huh, you don't get it? Uh... Um...
Ako: For example, um... During the event, when we couldn't find any clues...
Ako: I started panicking, but when I saw everybody else doing their best, I started to feel like we could do it!
Ako: Roselia's always like that. Of course we encourage each other as well, but... In the end, what's most important is your own drive!
Ako: Don't you think that's pretty cool?
Ako: Right? I knew you'd understand, BanG Dreamer-san!
Ako: And you know, watching everyone during that event... It made me really happy.
Ako: Whether we're at practice, hanging out, or onstage, Roselia never changes.
Ako: We're always the coolest, the strongest, and the best around...
Ako: We're something I can hold my head high and brag about! Ehehe~♪
Ako: Oh, yeah! BanG Dreamer-san, you should join us next time!
Ako: You see, I actually messed up the event dates and didn't get the equipment I wanted.
Ako: So to get that equipment, I've gotta go back one more time, and... I'm looking for people that'll come with me!
Ako: Don't give me that face~. it's already been decided! You're coming with me!
Ako: And that's a promise, got it?! Alright, see you later, then! Bye-bye~!