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Unpolished Melody Card Story - Episode

One-Way Relationship?


Dressing Room

Touko: Ah~, the show's finally over! Great job out there, guys!
Mashiro: Phew, I was so nervous... Do you think the audience liked it?
Tsukushi: You always worry too much, Mashiro-chan. You saw how worked up they were, right? Have a little confidence!
Nanami: You also looked like you had fun, Tsu-chan~.
Tsukushi: Of course, I did! I personally think I played pretty good today!
Touko: What about me? How was my guitar?! Was I awesome?
Nanami: Mmhmm, you were~! It sounded so you.
Tsukushi: Yeah. The audience really loved it when you played the highlight too.
Mashiro: Mmhmm... I could tell just how hard you've been practicing, Touko-chan.
Touko: Ahaha, I knew it~! Sayo-san and everyone trained me really hard, after all!
Rui: ...
Touko: ...
Nanami: ...? Touko-chan?
Touko: ... Oh, nothing!
Touko: Man, the crowd sure got super excited during the highlight, didn't they~?
Touko: I think I totally outdid myself out there. That means I played pretty good, right~?
Rui: ...
Mashiro: U-um, is it just me, or are Touko-chan's words aimed at Rui-san...?
Nanami: She probably wants Rui-rui to acknowledge her~. But it doesn't look like Rui-rui's noticed.
Tsukushi: Fufu. Since Touko-chan can't come out and say it, it looks like it's time for me to step in as the leader~.
Nanami: Ooh, way to go, fearless leader~.
Tsukushi: Hey, Rui-san!
Rui: Yes?
Tsukushi: Could you tell us what you think? How was Touko-chan's guitar?
Rui: ... Hmm. I do not have anything in particular to say.
Tsukushi: O-oh...
Nanami: Ahaha, Rui-rui's so hard to please.
Touko: I did it! Rui finally acknowledged me!
Mashiro & Tsukushi: ... Huh?
Touko: What? That means it was so perfect that there's nothing for her to criticize, right?!
Nanami: Ahaha, you sure are optimistic.
Rui: ... That is not what I meant. Given your current level of skill, it was simply neither good nor bad. That is all.
Touko: Aww~, it wasn't?! I wasted all that energy getting happy!
Touko: Fine, I'm gonna make you shower me with praise next time!
Touko: I'll have you saying, "That was a perfect performance. I am glad I assigned you to the part, Kirigaya-san."
Rui: ... If it motivates you to improve your skill, you are welcome to think what you wish.
Nanami: I've come to expect the two of them to go at it like that~.
Tsukushi: I guess you could say their rivalry's helping them both improve... It does seem pretty one-sided, though...
Mashiro: By the way, Touko-chan, I can't believe you were able to get the upperclassmen to teach you how to play the guitar... I wouldn't have been able to do that...
Touko: Huh? Why don't you ask them to teach you, Shiro?!
Touko: If we're talking singers, then... Ah, there's Yukina-san!
Mashiro: Huh?! N-no... I'm not good enough yet...
Touko: Ah! Sayo-san and the others came to see our show today!
Touko: Why don't you ask one of them to hook you up with someone who can help you practice? I'll go get them right now!
Mashiro: What...?! Y-you're bringing them here?! Ah, w-wait... Touko-ch—
Mashiro: ... She's gone...
Nanami: Touko-chan can be so outgoing~. It doesn't matter if they're older than her or not.
Rui: ... I wish she would learn to be a bit more calm.
Tsukushi: Ahaha...

Unpolished Melody Card Story - Special Episode

Touko's Gratitude


CiRCLE - Lobby

Touko: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hey~!
Marina: Hi, Touko-chan! Hm? I didn't think you had a studio booked today.
Touko: Oh, I don't! I didn't come to practice. I just came by to give you two these!
Marina: Wow! These snacks look so pricey... Why are you giving them to us?
Touko: It's a little something I got when I went overseas!
Touko: I owe you two for all the help you gave me when I was practicing. You know, with the sudden reservations and all that...
Touko: I just wanna thank you guys again properly.
Marina: Fufu, in that case, we'll gladly accept. You're so polite, Touko-chan.
Touko: Nah, it's totally normal to thank someone who's been good to you, isn't it?
Marina: Y-your good upbringing really shows... Oh, I heard your show went really well.
Touko: Uh-huh, it totally did! It was a blast! The crowd loved it too!
Marina: I see. Glad to hear your practice paid off!
Touko: Well, I was sure things would work out!
Touko: I mean, I worked my butt off, and I had Sayo-san and everyone else helping me too!
Marina: Fufu, I'm not surprised it went well given your confidence.
Touko: Not to mention it was me on the guitar, after all!
Touko: I hope you guys come and listen next time~!
Marina: Ah, I'm sorry... We wanted to, but it was difficult because of work...
Touko: Well, work can be a pain... Wait...
Touko: If you can't come because of work, we just have to do a show at CiRCLE!
Marina: True. If you guys did that, we'd be able to listen even while we're on the clock.
Touko: Oh, but you might get so into our performance that you won't be able to go back to work~.
Touko: I'm gonna become so good at the guitar that it'll blow everyone's minds, after all!
Marina: Fufu, I guess we have something to look forward to then!
Touko: Leave it to me! I always exceed expectations!
Touko: Anyway, I gotta go give Sayo-san and the others their snacks! See ya!