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Unshakable Spirit Card Story - Episode

Remember the Day


Imai Residence - Front Entrance

Lisa: Come visit again sometime, you three~. I'll make sure to get an interesting movie, okay?
Yukina: Well then, we'll see you at practice.
Yukina: Now then... The others have gone home, so I should as well.
Lisa: Okay. Thank you too, Yukina.
Yukina: I did not do anything significant.
Lisa: Fufu... Ah, that's right. Could you tell your dad thanks for me?
Yukina: My father...? Why?
Lisa: I mean, when the power went out, he came to check on us, right? It seemed like he was really worried about us too...
Yukina: Very well. Then I shall tell him.
Lisa: I'm counting on ya~....
Lisa: I'm a high-schooler, so I shouldn't still be afraid of ghosts... He really saw something embarrassing~.
Yukiba: You have always been easily frightened since you were a child, so I do not believe my father would care at this point.
Yukina: Also, when you were a child, you were even worse than you are now.
Yukina: The time we went to an amusement park and entered the haunted house was quite the ordeal.
LIsa: Ahh~, yeah, I remember that time really well...
Yukina: Partway through the haunted house, you became so scared you couldn't move and were rescued by one of the staff members.
Yukina: I can still somewhat picture my father's surprised face when we came out of the haunted house.
Lisa: Wow~, now that brings back memories...
Lisa: We went in because we were told it was a kid-friendly haunted house, but it was super scary~.
Yukina: I do not believe it was... Even the ghosts all seemed to be cute stuffed toys.
Lisa: You can say that because you've always been fine with ghosts.
Lisa: Even back then, you walked ahead at such a brisk pace.
Lisa: When I desperately tried to follow you, I tripped and bawled my eyes out.
Yukina: Did that happen...?
Lisa: That's what I remember.
Lisa: When I tripped in that dark place, got scared, and started crying, you came back right away and did your best to console me.
Lisa: You were so surprised I was crying that you almost started crying as well. Don't you remember?
Yukina: Was that how it happened...? I do not recall.
Lisa: Fufu. That's how it happened☆
Yukina: I see...
Lisa: Well, anyway, that's why I want you to tell your dad thanks for me.
Yukina: Understood. Say hello to your parents for me as well.
Lisa: Sure! Well, see ya! The next time we see each other will be practice at the studio, right?
Yukina: Correct. Well then, see you at the studio.

Unshakable Spirit Card Story - Special Episode

Calm and Composed



Marina: Now then, I think I'll have you put the flyers over here. Thank you for carrying them even though they're heavy, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Huh? Over in the café space, is that...? Hey~, Yukina-chan! Hello.
Yukina: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san... Hello.
Marina: Are you taking a break before practice?
Yukina: Yes. I arrived earlier that the others, so I bought a drink.
Marina: Now that I think about it, Roselia does have a studio reserved today.
Marina: Ah, that reminds me. I heard that the Roselia sleepover was a mess. Were you okay, Yukina-chan!
Yukina: I do believe that we did stay at Lisa's house recently, but... did something really happen?
Yukina: ...Ahh, there was, in fact, a power outage. However, the power returned after a few minutes, so it was not a significant problem.
Marina: R-right... I do mean the power outage as well, but wasn't there something else that happened?
Yukina: Other than the power outage...?
Yukina: I often stayed at Lisa's house, and it had not been that long since I last visited, so there were no inconveniences...
Marina: No, that's not what I mean... I heard from Ako-chan that all of you were in an uproar because there was a ghost...
Yukina: Ahh... Now that you mention it, that did happen.
Yukina: Lisa has always been easily frightened, so it did not seem all that terrible to me.
Marina: According to Ako-chan, it was quite the ordeal...
Marina: Well, I guess that means you really are the real deal, Yukina-chan.
Yukina: Is that so? I am certain that Ako was just exaggerating.
Yukina: ...Oh? I have a message from Lisa... It seems she will be arriving shortly.
Marina: I see. Well then, we should probably get back to work.
Marina: Good luck with your practice, Yukina-chan! Come talk to us at reception when everyone's here.
Yukina: Very well. I shall speak with you later.