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Ushigome Rimi is a third-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and the bassist and composer of Poppin'Party. The other band members call her Rimi-rin.

Outside of the band, she is friends with both Misaki and Himari, and just like Himari, is one of Kaoru's fangirls. She also attends the same cram school with Himari.


Rimi used to live in Kansai for most of her childhood. Rimi's pink bass guitar is a hand-me-down from her older sister Yuri, who is two years older than her and also the lead vocalist of the band Glitter*Green. Rimi picked up the bass after watching Yuri perform live for the first time when they were young.[2]

During Rimi's high school entrance ceremony, she heard Kasumi's self-introduction that was filled with boundless optimism, and this sparked her interest in Kasumi. Though Rimi wanted to change her cowardly and shy personality, she had initially been unable to do anything about it.

At first, Rimi declined Kasumi's invitation to become a member of Poppin'Party because of her stage fright, but everything changed when she became inspired by Kasumi, who sang impromptu onstage at SPACE to stall for time until Glitter*Green's delayed arrival. She eventually found her confidence to overcome her stage fright and managed to join in on the performance with Kasumi and Arisa. After the show, she finally decided to join Kasumi's band as its third member and bassist.

In the original storyline, Rimi was a ninja who tried selling freshly cooked rice at school as a way to gain money.


Rimi resembles her older sister, having the same black hair and brown-red eyes. While Yuri's eyes are sharper in shape, Rimi's eyes slant downward at the corners. Her short black hair is chin-length with sections of hair pulled back in a loop on the side of her head, while her bangs are straight-cut.


Rimi is a shy and reserved girl who admires her older sister and often gushes over her. She tends to compare herself to the others frequently, and wishes she could be more confident and be able to "speak up" more often. Rimi is cute and sweet-natured, and often blushes when flustered, but at times can be very determined and strong-willed as well.

As Rimi used to live in the Kansai region, her Kansai dialect sometimes slips into her speech when she stumbles on her sentences or is very nervous; she is a bit embarrassed by this.

Rimi is also a huge fan of the Yamabuki Bakery, and especially loves their chocolate cornets, to the point where everyone else in Poppin'Party asked if she was feeling fine when she turned down the chance to eat one of them.[3]

In the original storyline, Rimi's personality was completely opposite. She was very cheeky, and despite referring to Kasumi as her "master", refused to join Kasumi's band because she was only willing to play in "Japan's greatest band" despite being an amateur bassist herself.

Game Interactions[]

A list of characters Rimi interacts with in the game (during Lives and in the dialogues at the end of every game).

Kasumi (icon)Tae (icon)Saaya (icon)Arisa (icon)Ran (icon)Himari (icon)Eve (icon)Yukina (icon)Kokoro (icon)Kaoru (icon)Hagumi (icon)Misaki (icon)Nanami (icon)LOCK (icon)



Ushigome (牛込) is a name of a neighborhood and a former ward in the now-defunct Tokyo City. It was merged with the Yotsuya ward of Tokyo City and Yodabashi suburban ward of Tokyo Prefecture to form the modern Shinjuku ward.

Rimi (Japanese: りみ, Chinese: 里美) has no meaning on its own due to being written in hiragana. However, her given name is likely a tribute to her seiyuu, Rimi Nishimoto. For her Chinese name: Ri (里), can mean "inner", "hometown", or "native land". And Mi (美), means "beauty".


  • ESP Guitars has released a real-life version of Rimi's bass, Viper Bass, alongside Tae and Kasumi's guitars, and other Bandori merchandise.[4][5][6]
  • Despite liking horror novels, movies, and games,[7] she doesn't like haunted houses.
    • She likes horror movies with ghosts, zombies, and supernatural beings the most.[8]
  • She is the same height as Tsukushi and Raana, and is also the shortest Poppin'Party member.
    • Rimi also has a complex over her height and says that she wants to be taller.[9]
  • Her family owns a chocolate fountain.[10]
  • In the 5th episode of BanG Dream! 1st Season, Rimi and Yuri made and wrote a song about chocolate cornets together.
  • Rimi is the only Poppin'Party member who refers to her fellow band members with the "-chan" honorific.
  • In My Design, My Texture Rimi reveals that she has started a blog where she reviews and compares different sweets and pastries, as suggested by Himari.
  • In the A Certain Scientific Railgun T collaboration, her character design was based on Uiharu Kazari.
  • In the Chainsaw Man collaboration, her character design was based on Higashiyama Kobeni.