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Ushigome Yuri is the lead vocalist and guitarist of Glitter*Green, and Rimi's older sister. She and the other members of Glitter*Green were members of the Hanasakigawa Girls' High School student council.

After graduating, she went to study at a college overseas, and it's been said that Rimi misses her.[1] The two also keep in contact through text messages every day.[2]


Yuri has fair skin and curved brown eyes. Her dark-colored hair is chest length with part of it curled on end. Her bangs are tucked beneath her forelocks.


Yuri is a hardworking, charismatic and friendly girl.


Ushigome (牛込) is a name of a neighborhood and a former ward in the now-defunct Tokyo City. It was merged with the Yotsuya ward of Tokyo City and Yodabashi suburban ward of Tokyo Prefecture to form the modern Shinjuku ward.

Yuri (ゆり): Similarly to Rimi's first name, it has no specific meaning due to being written in hiragana.