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Uzawa Rii is the bassist for Glitter*Green, and a salesperson at Edogawa Music. She and the other members of Glitter*Green were members of the Hanasakigawa Girls' High School student council.


Rii has sharp dark blue eyes and short, straightened chestnut hair pulled back and held with a dull red braid, exposing her ears.


Rii is a calm girl who usually keeps a check over Hinako and tries to make sure she doesn't get into trouble or ruin their band's "image". Despite that, she has a plush demon called Debeko which she occasionally uses as a puppet.


Uzawa (鵜沢): U (鵜) refers to a cormorant bird, and Zawa (沢) means "swamp, marsh".

Rii (リィ): Her first name has no specific meaning due to being written in katakana.


  • She is the only member of Glitter*Green who wears stockings with her uniform.
  • Within the game, Rii can be found in Edogawa Music providing instrument upgrades, a role she has filled since launch.