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VERSUS Card Story - Episode

Battle Ballad



Sayo: Minato-san. I do believe we are to hold a discussion regarding our newest song today?
Yukina: Correct. I wish to hear everyone's opinion on what direction our new song should take.
Rinko: You want to hear... our opinions...?
Yukina: Yes, I do. I have already come up with several phrases, but before I share them, I want to hear your thoughts.
Yukina: What type of song would be appropriate for a joint concert? This event is quite important. I intend to treat this matter with the utmost care.
Yukina: With that in mind, does anyone have an image for what the song could potentially be?
Ako: Oh, oh! I do~! Can I say what I think?
Yukina: Of course, by all means.
Ako: So, it'd be this song where, uh, everything is super cool~!
Yukina: Super cool... Are you referring to the lyrics? Or perhaps the phrases? Would you happen to have a more detailed image in mind?
Ako: I can try...! It's like an ancient power, or darkness awoken from its slumber... Or like... uh... Rin-rin, help me out here, please...!
Rinko: U-uhm... Ako-chan... h-hold on a sec...
Lisa: Hahaha! Hey, I think that description is so totally Ako! I'd be down for a cool track that knocks you right off your feet~!
Yukina: Come now, Lisa...
Sayo: Udagawa-san, you'll need a more specific description if you wish to communicate your thoughts to Minato-san. That goes for you, too, Imai-san.
Ako: ... Hm~, then how about... adding a grandiose "ta-da" flair! I think that would work!
Sayo: Not a single word of that was intelligible...
Yukina: Any suggestions, Sayo?
Sayo: I may have some. Many of Afterglow's tracks incorporate a sense of dashing ahead, so a song that helps to emphasize that energy would be good.
Sayo: So, as opposed to one that draws you in, focusing on a concept of swelling excitement would be a decent direction.
Ako: Yeah, their tracks are always filled with a kind of whoosh and zoom!
Yukina: I agree. As it stands, I am considering incorporating a phrase that conveys a sense of raw power.
Lisa: Something filled with a powerful energy... Hey, I've got an idea!
Lisa: Since it's going to be a joint gig, why not sprinkle in a pinch of that Afterglow flavor to the mix?
Yukina: Afterglow flavor?
Sayo: Alter the nature of the song away from our typical style, you mean?
Lisa: Hmmm. I didn't mean to go as far as that. Maybe add a phrase that's a teeny bit like theirs or something.
Rinko: Adding the flavor of Afterglow... will likely be difficult... but if we pull it off... We could create a song... unlike any we've made before...
Ako: Yeah, yeah! Both bands are cool, so combining a little of both would make them even cooler!
Lisa: Hahaha! I don't think it'll be as easy as all that, though!
Lisa: But we've gone through the effort of being up on stage with them, so going with that idea would certainly make it feel special.
Sayo: Interesting. When presented that way, Imai-san's proposal doesn't seem like a bad idea.
Yukina: Certainly. As a band, this will be Roselia's first attempt at a joint concert. Allowing it to have that special feel is very important.
Yukina: On the other hand... I'm debating if we should instead compose a song that more closely follows a traditional Roselia style.
Sayo: Minato-san, if you are going so far as to say that... then can one assume that you have a clear image of what that song might be?
Yukina: I do. And please understand that I do think Lisa's idea is interesting. It's something I would like to try someday. It could help us expand the band's musical potential.
Yukina: Afterglow, however, is likely going to charge us head-on with their usual style. No, with music that improves upon that style even further.
Ako: Yep! They're going to be their same old selves! I mean, that's what they always do!
Yukina: Meeting that ever-consistent Afterglow on the field of battle means we should match them as they are... Which is precisely why we need a track that symbolizes everything that is Roselia.
Lisa: Hearing it said out loud makes it seem so obvious. Having both bands face off while also sticking with the flavor that makes them unique will fire up the audience for sure!
Sayo: Arriving on stage with music that defines who we are... Yes, that does indeed sound like what Roselia is all about.
Rinko: Agreed... What the fans want to see... is Roselia and Afterglow... staying true to how they usually are...
Ako: For sure! I've always thought that Yukina-san's usual style of music-making is the coolest out there!
Lisa: Okay, then! We'll make a track that screams, "This is Roselia!" And it'll be our best yet!
Yukina: Without a doubt.
Ako: Okay, why don't we aim for a strong-sounding one?! Like what plays when you're squaring up against the final boss in his lair!
Rinko: Yeah... An imposing final-boss theme... one with an awe-inspiring atmosphere... would be great... if we could pull it off...
Sayo: Final boss...? I have no idea what that means, but maybe you're implying a number that makes you feel powerful and fills you with pride?
Sayo: If so, then I am inclined to agree. We can use that as the clay for sculpting Roselia's greatest work.
Yukina: Well said. And now, I would like to have you all see the phrases. I have several of them scribbled down in this notebook...
Lisa: Can I see? Whoa, you've got quite a lot in there!
Ako: I wanna see, too! Show me!
Rinko: Ah... I would also like to see them...! Wow... These phrases are very cool. With these, we can make something spectacular... Right, Ako-chan?
Ako: Of course we can, Rin-rin! I can't wait, I can't wait~!
Sayo: Udagawa-san, don't you think you're being too hasty in your celebration?
Ako: Huh?! No way! Nuh-uh! It's gotta be true if Rin-rin says it! You'd know if you had a look for yourself~!
Sayo: The phrases that she has scrawled on here are bursting at the seams with a stronger energy than usual.
Sayo: However, every single one, though undeniably expressive and stimulating, will need some manner of creative application if it is to actually be used in a song.
Lisa: Yeah, these will be tricky to balance with every other part of the track~.
Rinko: But... if we can make one of these work... then we'll have... an excellent song on our hands...
Sayo: For now, I say that today should be spent playing each phrase individually and trying to establish what image they'd be best suited for.
Yukina: Yes, I believe that is a good plan of action. We can surely transform our ideas into a stellar piece of music.

VERSUS Card Story - Special Episode

A Strong Light


CiRCLE - Lobby

Marina: Yukina-chan! Hard at work, I see!
Yukina: As are you, Marina-san. BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Your practice sessions have been piling up recently, haven't they? Are you sure you're not overdoing it?
Yukina: No, I'm fine. I am taking extra care not to put my throat under any sort of stress.
Yukina: Ever since our joint concert, things have been proceeding smoothly. I have various matters I wish to handle while that sense of accomplishment is fresh on my mind.
Marina: So that's why you've been putting in so many hours. That show of yours was a huge hit, so I can see that! I got shivers listening to you all play.
Yukina: The performance did go remarkably well. Not only for the band... I feel as though I personally walked away having gained something new.
Marina: What do you mean...?
Yukina: Before the event took place, Mitake-san and I had a metaphorical crossing of swords right in this very lobby, yes? It was at that time that I asked her if she enjoys her own music.
Marina: That's a very blunt question to pose... So, how did she answer?
Yukina: She immediately replied that she does.
Marina: Hahaha. Yeah, that sounds like her.
Yukina: I enjoy singing for Roselia. That much is true. If I were to be asked if I enjoy my own sound, however... I believe that my focus on my inexperience would bring me to hesitate in answering.
Yukina: But then there's Mitake-san who quickly and easily declared that, despite her faults, she has absolutely no doubt in her love for her own music. It left me very impressed.
Marina: I see now. The Ran-chan you saw that day was shining brightly in your eyes.
Yukina: Shining brightly...?
Yukina: Yes... At that time, I suppose she was quite radiant. Having gained that understanding is more than enough to declare the show as a success.
Marina: Well put! That feeling of having earned something is where the ultimate sense of pleasure in a performance lies.
Marina: And maybe the new you will soon be able to say, without hesitation, that you truly love your own music.
Yukina: I think you may be right... Hm?
Marina: ...? What's the matter?
Yukina: It's nothing important, but... the old me likely would have simply responded with a more uncertain, "Maybe so?"
Marina: Yeah, you're right! Fufu. At this rate, you'll reach that point in no time flat.
Yukina: You're right. That day will surely come. No... I must continue working hard to push myself toward that day.
Yukina: I will strive harder and harder to reach a level where I can confidently state that I like my own singing, exactly as Mitake-san did.
Marina: And I'll be right there, cheering you on more than ever! Standing alongside BanG Dreamer-san, of course!
Yukina: Thank you, Marina-san. BanG Dreamer-san. I'm counting on you both.