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Valentine's Day Wasn't Built in a Day Event Story - Opening
For the Ultimate Chocolate

Poppin'Party is excitedly discussing the upcoming Valentine's Day when Rimi makes a startling decision.


1 Week to Valentine's Day
Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Tae: Then my senior coworker and I got so excited talking about our favorite music, we made plans to go sing karaoke.
Kasumi: Ohh, I'm jealous~. We should all go too!
Tae: Sounds good! When are you free?
Arisa: Wait, didn't we go just the other day?
Kasumi: Yeah, but karaoke is fun no matter how many times you go.
Arisa: Still, every single week is a little over the top.
Saaya: In that case, how about we go sometime after next week when Valentine's Day is over?
Kasumi: Good idea! After all, we're having a Valentine's party! We need to focus on that first.
Arisa: Call it a party if you want, but we're only getting together to eat chocolate.
Rimi: ...
Tae: Rimi, you've been staring at that magazine for ages.
Rimi: Ah, umm... I was looking at this feature article on Valentine's Day. Every one of these chocolates looks delicious.
Tae: No kidding. This chocolate cake looks especially good. The glaze is so shiny.
Rimi: You have a good eye, O-Tae-chan. This is actually a very rare chocolate cake.
Saaya: What do you mean?
Rimi: They only sell a limited number of them on Valentine's Day, and apparently, it's super-duper yummy!
Rimi: They say it's rich, but not overly sweet, and absolutely addictive.
Rimi: Every year, the shop is flooded with orders from around the country, and they sell out in minutes.
Arisa: Whoa. That popular, huh?
Kasumi: Ohh, I wonder what it tastes like~!
Rimi: I've actually tried to order it a few times in the past, but I've never been able to get one... until this year!
Tae: Really?!
Rimi: I sat in front of my computer every day waiting for the online booking to open, and it paid off~.
Rimi: I'll bring it to our Valentine's Day party, so let's eat it together!
Kasumi: Mmm~, I can't wait~! Hey, what kind of chocolates are you guys bringing?
Kasumi: I'm thinking of making some by hand!
Arisa: You're gonna make chocolates, Kasumi?! S-seriously...? Is that safe?
Kasumi: It'll be fine! Aa-chan's gonna help me! I've actually always wanted to give it a go~.
Tae: I've chosen animal chocolates! I'm really into them lately. They have squirrels, koalas, and a whole range of other animal shapes.
Rimi: They sound absolutely adorable~!
Tae: They're light on the palate and instantly melt in your mouth. I just know you're gonna love them, so please look forward to them.
Saaya: I think I'll make chocolate cornets. But I plan on adding a special twist.
Kasumi: A twist? What is it?!
Saaya: It's a secret. You'll find out on the day of the party.
Arisa: As for me... Um, I'll prepare something on the fly.
Tae: Oh? Aren't you making chocolates? I heard Lisa-san's giving you a crash course.
Arisa: Huh?!
Tae: She said you're really fired up about it, and swore they'll be even better than last time.
Arisa: I'm hardly fired up.
Rimi: Fufu, I'm excited to try everyone's chocolates~.
Kasumi: Phew~. I'm getting hungry after all that chocolate talk~.
Saaya: Then let's take a snack break. Ta-dah... Chocolate cornets! Here you go, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: Saya-chan, thank you~! But... I'll pass today.
The Other Four: What?!
Arisa: Wh-what's wrong? Are you feeling okay? Do you have a fever?
Saaya: You don't look pale.
Rimi: Calm down, you two~. I just wanted to refrain from eating sweets until Valentine's Day.
Tae: Oh? Why's that?
Rimi: One time, I resisted eating sweets for... three days, I think.
Kasumi: Three whole days?! Just imagining it is painful...
Rimi: Yes, it was really tough... However, the candy I ate after was... unbelievably scrumptious!
Rimi: It tasted so divine that I was frozen stiff for about ten seconds.
Tae: That good, huh...?
Rimi: That's why I want to try avoiding sweets again until next week's Valentine's Day party. This time, it's for one week... It will be even more of a challenge than before...
Rimi: That said, I'm really looking forward to everyone's chocolates, so I want to make sure I enjoy them as much as possible.
Tae: I see... Then I'll do it too!
Rimi: Huh?
Kasumi: Me too~! You'll join us, right, Arisa and Saya?
Arisa: Huh? Um, is that really necessary...?
Saaya: I can't really imagine it tasting that different.
Kasumi: Aww~, come on, let's do it together! I wanna eat the best chocolate ever with you guys~!
Arisa: I mean, I think it'll taste just as good when eaten normally.
Saaya: Oh, but we're gonna eat a ton of chocolate at the Valentine's party, right?
Saaya: Then maybe it's not a bad idea to avoid candy until then. If we keep on snacking like usual, we'll end up eating way too much this month.
Arisa: Well... I guess if you put it that way, you have a point.
Kasumi: Meaning, you're both in too! Hooray!
Rimi: W-wait a second. This is not going to be easy, you know... You don't need to do it just because I am...
Tae: It's okay. I wanna eat the most exquisite chocolate possible. Let's do our best to say no to treats, Rimi.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan... Okay, if you're sure. Good luck, everyone!

Valentine's Day Wasn't Built in a Day Event Story - Chapter 1
Week of the Candy Ban

Kasumi almost gives in to temptation. Can Rimi teach her the trick to resisting candy?


6 Days to Valentine's Day
Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Tae: Kasumi and Arisa are late. Do you think they're still doing those worksheets?
Saaya: Who knows...? We left school a while ago, so they should be finished by now.
Kasumi: Thanks for waiting, guys~! Phew, I'm tired~.
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, Arisa-chan, you made it!
Arisa: ... Jeez, it was a nightmare. Kasumi couldn't figure out any of the answers~.
Kasumi: That's because I don't really get what sine and cosine are all about~.
Arisa: If you don't know, then read the textbook first. Don't ask me every single thing.
Kasumi: I did read it, but I still didn't understand~...
Tae: Nonetheless, you stuck by Kasumi until she finished, even though you solved all the questions during class. Isn't that right, Arisa?
Rimi: Fufu, you're so kind, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: That's because Kasumi-chan kept pestering me...
Kasumi: Arisa, thanks for always teaching me stuff!
Saaya: Fufu. Anyway, now that we're all here, we should start practice.
Kasumi: Sounds good! But before that... I want candy~♪
Others: Huh?
Arisa: Hey, what are you doing?
Kasumi: What? I was gonna grab a snack from the shelf... Oh, I get it! You want one too, don't you, Arisa?
Kasumi: Don't worry, I'll prepare enough for everyone~.
Arisa: No, have you forgotten already?! We decided yesterday to stop eating candy until Valentine's Day, remember?
Kasumi: Huh...? Ahhh~!
Tae: She really forgot.
Kasumi: I-it's not like that! When you study, you start craving sweet things, right? So I just...
Arisa: That's no excuse.
Kasumi: S-sorry...
Saaya: I kinda know how you feel, though, Kasumi. When we come here, eating sweets together has become a habit of ours.
Kasumi: Kasumi-chan, you don't need to strain yourself. Like I said yesterday, it's something I just chose to do...
Kasumi: It's fine. I wanna eat the ultimate chocolate with everyone too!
Tae: Right. I know it'll be an amazing party.
Tae: Yeah, that's for sure.
Arisa: Well, if we're steering clear of sweets for a whole week, that alone should give us a sense of accomplishment.
Kasumi: I totally agree! I wanna hurry up and congratulate each other on a job well done!
Tae: Uh-huh, me too!
Arisa: Except, it's only day one. and you're already having trouble.
Kasumi: Ooh... R-Rimi-rin~! Teach me the trick to turning down candy~.
Tae: I wanna know too! Did you do something in particular last time?
Rimi: I'm not sure if you'd call this a trick...
Rimi: But I make sure to do two things. I put away any candy that's nearby. And I set my cell phone background to a picture of a piece of paper saying "No sweets!"
Saaya: I see~. I guess when you have candy around you, you reach for it without even thinking.
Rimi: Yep. That's why I asked my mom to hide all the snacks in the house last time.
Rimi: Also, my phone background looks like this...
Kasumi: Woah, it really does say "No sweets!"
Rimi: When I feel like eating a treat, I immediately look at my phone to remind myself.
Arisa: Talk about dedication.
Rimi: Still, despite these two methods, there are some times when I just can't bear it.
Kasumi: Really?! What do you do then?
Rimi: I get someone to stop me. Last time, I relied on my sister to do it.
Saaya: She was your last line of defense, huh?
Rimi: That's right. She had to hold my hand the entire time.
Rimi: One time, I resisted eating sweets for... three days, I think.
Arisa: Hey, I know it's a little late to ask, but why did you go to all that trouble to give up candy in the first place, Rimi?
Rimi: Well...
Rimi: ... Sis got mad at me for eating nothing but sweets...
Saaya: I see. So it wasn't something you decided to do willingly.
Kasumi: In that case, when we feel like we've reached our limit, let's help each other out!
Tae: Sure. I'll stop you guys over and over again.
Saaya: Well then, shall we put the snacks in the basement away before we practice?
Arisa: Yeah. Guess we should change our phone wallpapers too.
Kasumi: Alrighty, all candy is off-limits until Valentine's Day~!
Others: Yeah~!

Valentine's Day Wasn't Built in a Day Event Story - Chapter 2
Tae's Technique

The group is struggling to withstand the lure of sweets. However, Tae seems fine...


3 Days to Valentine's Day
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Kasumi: I finished my lunch...
Tae: Kasumi, what's wrong? Didn't you like your bento?
Kasumi: I did. There was even lots of fried chicken in it.
Tae: Oh, lucky you. The fried chicken your mom makes is really yummy.
Kasumi: ... I want...
Tae: Huh? What is it?
Kasumi: I want... candy~!
Arisa: Here we go again... How many times have you said this now?
Tae: You were doing so well until yesterday.
Kasumi: I can't help it. The heart wants what it wants...
Saaya: I kinda understand how you feel, Kasumi. I had some close calls when I saw Jun and Sana eating snacks.
Kasumi: Well, this morning, I found myself walking around the house in search of candy~.
Arisa: It's not a competition... But jeez, you sound like you've got it bad.
Tae: You're struggling too, though, aren't you, Arisa? When you went to borrow that textbook, you were staring real hard at the snack Misaki was eating.
Arisa: B-be quiet, you.
Kasumi: Rimi-rin~, what should we do? The tricks you taught us aren't working anymore...
Rimi: ...
Arisa: H-hey, Rimi?
Rimi: Huh? Ah, wh-what is it?
Saaya: Are you okay? You were spaced out...
Rimi: ... The truth is, I've been dying to eat something sweet since this morning.
Kasumi: You too, Rimi-rin?!
Rimi: Uh-huh. I've only ever resisted sweets for three days...
Rimi: Ah, I'm sorry. I'm the one who started all this, yet I'm whining about it...
Tae: Don't worry, everyone, leave it to me. If you try to eat candy, I'll stop you.
Arisa: Kasumi-chan, you don't need to strain yourself. Like I said yesterday, it's something I just chose to do...
Kasumi: It's fine. I wanna eat the ultimate chocolate with everyone too!
Tae: Right. I know it'll be an amazing party.
Tae: Yeah, that's for sure.
Arisa: Speaking of, you seem totally fine, O-Tae. I haven't seen you lose your cool like Kasumi even once.
Saaya: Don't you have the urge to eat snacks?
Tae: I do. But after mastering this one technique, I feel alright.
Kasumi: A technique?! What is it?!
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, can you teach it to us too?
Tae: Of course. It's called freeing your mind.
Others: Freeing our minds?
Tae: Lemme check my bag... Here it is.
Saaya: That's... a can of sweet red bean soup, right?
Tae: Mhm. Use this and you'll learn it in no time.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan! Don't show us that...
Kasumi: I can't take this for much longer~.
Tae: That's it, you two!
Tae: You mustn't run from your desire to drink the soup. You need to fully accept it.
Rimi: Accept it? Umm, what does that mean...?
Tae: I realized something. No matter how much you try, your appetite for snacks will never go away.
Tae: I get someone to stop me. Last time, I relied on my sister to do it.
Arisa: Sorry, can someone translate what she's saying?
Saaya: O-Tae? By freeing your mind, what do you mean...?
Tae: ...? It means your mind is free.
Arisa: That doesn't explain anything!
Tae: But a free mind is a free mind... It'll probably be quicker for you to just do it than for me to explain it with words. Let's give it a try!
Kasumi: Okay, Master O-Tae, please show us how it's done!
Tae: I'm a master, huh? Nice!
Kasumi: Guys! Let's learn how to free our minds!
Rimi: O-okay...
Others: ...
Rimi: Um, O-Tae-chan...?
Tae: Rimi, concentrate.
Rimi: S-sorry.
Arisa: ... Guys, why exactly are we meditating in front of this can of sweet red bean soup?
Saaya: Good question...
Tae: Everyone, have you cleared your heads?
Kasumi: Yeah, it's empty!
Tae: Then open your eyes and look at the soup.
Kasumi: Sure...! Gasp, it looks delicious...
Rimi: N-no... I can't look at it any longer.
Tae: It seems you've yet to free your minds. We have to start again from the beginning. Close your eyes.
Others: Okay!
Arisa: What the heck...?

Valentine's Day Wasn't Built in a Day Event Story - Chapter 3
A Bittersweet Feeling

One day left to Valentine's Day. How does Rimi feel after looking back on the last week...?


The Day Before Valentine's Day
Walking Home

Rimi: (It's finally Valentine's Day tomorrow. It feels like it took forever to get to this day...)
Rimi: (... I can't relax just yet, though. I've got to focus until the very end.)
Tae: Rimi~!
Rimi: Oh, O-Tae-chan? I thought you were in the staff room taking care of something...
Tae: It finished early, so I wanted to walk home with you.
Rimi: So you chased after me? Thank you~!
Rimi: The others had things to do and went home already, so I was actually feeling a little lonely.
Tae: Rimi, what are you up to now? Do you wanna stop by somewhere?
Rimi: Although I'd really like that, I was planning on going straight home today.
Tae: Hmm... Are you by chance having Hamburg steak for dinner?
Rimi: ...? I don't know. I'll have to ask my mom...
Tae: I see. On days I'm having Hamburg steak for dinner, I get too excited to make any detours, so I thought that might've been the reason.
Rimi: Fufu, you really like Hamburg steaks.
Tae: Uh-huh, I love them! But if that's not it, then why are you in such a rush...?
Rimi: Well, there are lots of temptations to eat sweets when you're out and about, right? That's why I was going to stay home until tomorrow.
Tae: Gotcha! Yeah, you can find candy stores all over the place.
Tae: Look, there's even a Japanese sweets shop right over-
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, don't point at it~! You'll make me want some~.
Tae: Ah, sorry.
Rimi: Phew... Still, you're amazing, O-Tae-chan. There's candy right in front of your eyes, and you don't even flinch.
Tae: That's because I'm the master of freeing my mind.
Rimi: It's too bad the rest of us couldn't do the same~.
Tae: I'm sure you could if you practiced every day. A single day isn't enough to free your mind, you know?
Tae: Anyway, this will all be over tomorrow. This week felt longer than usual, huh?
Rimi: Y-yeah...
Tae: What's wrong?
Rimi: Everyone seemed to have a hard time this week... Sigh, I caused you all trouble...
Tae: What do you mean?
Rimi: You were dragged into something I started on my own...
Rimi: I'm sorry you had to go through this weird thing with me...
Tae: Why? I enjoyed it.
Tae: I got to make a new kind of Valentine's Day memory.
Rimi: Really...?
Tae: It's difficult giving up candy, but anything can be fun if we do it together.
Tae: I love looking back and talking about all the interesting stuff we've done!
Tae: I'm sure tomorrow's Valentine's Day party will be another event we'll reminisce about someday with smiles on our faces.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan...
Tae: I always look forward to Valentine's Day, but this year it's a slightly different kind of excitement.
Tae: And it's all thanks to you saying you'd give up candy, Rimi. Thank you.
Rimi: No, I should be the one thanking you. I'm so relieved to hear you say that...
Tae: Really? I'm glad. Well, I'm sure everyone else feels the same way.
Rimi: Fufu, I sure hope so.
Tae: I hope tomorrow comes quickly. I'm so excited I might not be able to sleep tonight.
Rimi: But if you don't get enough sleep, you can't fully enjoy the party tomorrow.
Tae: Good point! In that case... maybe we should run to the next station.
Tae: That way, we'll definitely get a good night's sleep. Rimi, let's go.
Rimi: Huh? O-Tae-chan, wait for me~!

Valentine's Day Wasn't Built in a Day Event Story - Chapter 4
Sweet Temptation

The long-awaited Valentine's Day is finally here! But the girls face their biggest challenge yet.


Valentine's Day
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Front Gate

Kasumi: At last...
Tae: Yep, it's here.
Kasumi: At last, it's Valentine's Day~!
Arisa: Knock it off, you're being too noisy. Everyone's looking at us...
Saaya: We finally made it, huh? This week felt so long.
Kasumi: Exactly! It felt like Valentine's Day would never even come.
Tae: Bravo, everyone! You worked very hard. I give kudos to you all.
Kasumi: Haha~, thank you, Master O-Tae!
Arisa: What on earth are you guys saying?
Rimi: ...
Rimi: (Finally... Finally, I can eat chocolate. I'm so glad I gave it my all and got this far...)
Saaya: We've already finished the preparations for the party... Now all that's left is to pick up Rimi-rin's chocolate cake.
Arisa: The shop is on the basement floor of the department store in front of the station, right? Is the cake ready to be picked up yet?
Rimi: Yep. If we leave now, I think we'll get there at the perfect time.
Kasumi: Then onward to the station building!
Others: Woo!
Station Building - Department Store Building

Rimi: What is this...? There's chocolate everywhere you look...
Tae: Ah. It says "Valentine's Fair" over there.
Rimi: A Valentine's Day fair...?
Arisa: If you think about it, it's normal for shops to prepare lots of chocolate like this to sell for Valentine's Day.
Saaya: We were so focused on avoiding sweets that we forgot everyone else was celebrating the occasion.
Kasumi: This is awful~. I thought we wouldn't have to endure this anymore~.
Kasumi: I'm getting dizzy from the sweet smell of chocolate...
Arisa: I know we were kinda caught off guard, but you're being way too dramatic...
Saaya: Kasumi. We're in the final stretch, so let's not give up. Okay?
Tae: Arisa...
Arisa: O-Tae?
Tae: I can't free my mind... I could do it so easily before. What's happening to me?
Arisa: Err, don't ask me...
Saaya: Don't tell me you're on edge too, O-Tae...?
Kasumi: That cupcake looks delicious... It's topped with lots of chocolate mousse...
Tae: The chocolate tart at that shop looks yummy too. Ah! They're giving out free samples...
Kasumi: Really?!
Arisa: Don't take the bait! We've come this far!
Kasumi: I-I know that. Must... resist~...
Tae: I'm not looking at anything... I don't care about the chocolate tart...
Arisa: Sigh... I thought picking up this chocolate cake was gonna be simple, but it's turning out trickier than I expected...
Saaya: Staying here too long is risky, so let's hurry. And we need to keep an eye on those two.
Rimi: (Ohhh, if I let my guard down, my eyes will wander to the chocolate...)
Rimi: (I better not take my eyes off the floor. Now I just need to keep walking without bumping into anyone and-)
Rimi: (...! A-are those... the chocolate cream puffs from the Valentine's Day article?!)
Rimi: (I thought you could only get them in shops far away, so I'd given up hope of trying one. Turns out they sold them here too...)
Rimi: ...
Rimi: (It's okay just to buy them, right? Besides, the more sweets we have, the livelier the party will be...)
Arisa: There really is a crazy number of people here. O-Tae, Kasumi, are you following us?
Tae: Uh-huh. I'm staring directly at your back, Arisa, so that no chocolate can enter my line of sight.
Arisa: Can't you focus on something other than my back? It feels weird...
Saaya: H-hey, Arisa. Where's Rimi-rin...?
Arisa: Huh...? Ah, she's gone! I swear she was behind us a second ago...
Rimi: Guys, I'm sorry~.
Saaya: Rimi-rin! Where did you go?
Rimi: I stumbled across these famous cream puffs that were in the magazine.
Rimi: Rumor has it that there are lots of repeat buyers. So I got some for us to eat at the party!
Tae: Whoa, Rimi. You did a good job buying those in the midst of all this temptation.
Arisa: What's in that other paper bag? You sure bought a ton of stuff.
Rimi: What bag...? Ah!
Rimi: Chocolate roll cake and chocolate pudding...? When did I...?
Saaya: Huh? You don't remember buying them?
Rimi: No. I only recall the chocolate cream puffs...
Arisa: Seriously? Jeez, are you feeling okay?
Kasumi: Agh~!
Arisa: Now what?!
Kasumi: It's an emergency! I found something amazing! Look at that...
Rimi: ...!

Valentine's Day Wasn't Built in a Day Event Story - Chapter 5
Who's That Whispering?

As the biggest temptation of all lies right before Rimi's eyes, she suddenly hears a mysterious voice.


Station Building - Department Store Building

Arisa: ... Oh? Is that... a chocolate soft-serve cornet?
Saaya: It says they're a limited Valentine's Day item. Chocolate soft-serve ice cream-filled cornets aren't something you see very often.
Kasumi: Rich chocolate soft-serve with fluffy bread... There's no way that isn't yummy~.
Tae: Arisa, if I try to buy one, please stop me.
Arisa: Quit grabbing my clothes then...
Rimi: (A soft-serve cornet... It's the same one I missed out on eating at the festival before.)
Rimi: (Moreover, this time it's a limited Valentine's Day item.)
Rimi: (Who knows if they'll be for sale again next year...? But ice cream isn't something I can keep until the party...)
Rimi: (What on earth should I do...?)
Rimi?: I think you should eat it.
Rimi: Huh?
Rimi?: You held off for this long. It's your reward.
Rimi: Who are you...?
Another Rimi: I'm you. Another version of me.
Rimi: There's another me...?
Another Rimi: More importantly, aren't you going to eat that chocolate soft-serve cornet?
Another Rimi: You've always wanted to try it, right? Let's take this opportunity.
Rimi: ...! O-ohh~.
Another Rimi: You know the mixture of cold soft-serve on warm bread will be delicious...
Rimi: P-please stop~.
Yuri?: Rimi, get a hold of yourself.
Rimi: Sis?!
Yuri?: Try to remember why you're avoiding candy in the first place.
Rimi: Err... So that I can eat the ultimate chocolate...
Yuri?: Exactly. But not just by yourself, right? The others are here too.
Yuri?: You made it this far in order to eat the ultimate chocolate together with everyone.
Rimi: ... Ah.
Tae: It's difficult giving up candy, but anything can be fun if we do it together.
Tae: I love looking back and talking about all the interesting stuff we've done!
Tae: I'm sure tomorrow's Valentine's Day party will be another event we'll reminisce about someday with smiles on our faces.
Rimi: That's right. I feel the same way...
Another Rimi: What's the matter? Come on, let's go and eat that chocolate soft-serve cornet.
Rimi: ... No, I'll pass.
Rimi: I can't eat sweets here. It has to be at the party.
Rimi: I want to think back on this one day and laugh with everyone as well.
Yuri?: Well done, Rimi.
Rimi: Sis... Thank you.
Yuri?: Now, everyone's calling for you. Hurry back to them.
Rimi: What do you mean~?
???: ...!
Rimi: Oh? Where am I...?
Kasumi: Ah, she's awake!
Arisa: Thank goodness... You suddenly zoned out and wouldn't respond, so we were starting to panic.
Rimi: Really? So that means-
Rimi: (It was just a dream... Of course. There's no way my sister would be here in Japan.)
Rimi: (Having visions from candy withdrawal is really embarrassing...)
Rimi: (Still... I'm happy I got to see Sis after so long, even if it was all in my head.)
Saaya: Rimi-rin, are you okay? Do you wanna rest on that bench?
Rimi: No, sorry for making you worry. I'm fine now.
Tae: Really? Are you sure?
Rimi: Yes, I'm positive! My sister gave me power!
Tae: Yuri-san?
Rimi: Fufu, never mind.
Rimi: More importantly, let's quickly pick up that chocolate cake. Otherwise, the party time will keep getting pushed back.
Rimi: If any of you feel like giving in to temptation, leave it to me. I promise I'll stop you.
Tae: Ah, Rimi, wait!
Arisa: Amazing... Rimi's making a beeline for it.
Saaya: I wonder what happened... She's so confident.
Rimi: Arisa-chan, Saya-chan, step on it~!
Arisa: ... Ah, we're gonna get left behind! Let's go.
Saaya: Yeah.

Valentine's Day Wasn't Built in a Day Event Story - Ending
Best Valentine's Day Ever

The Valentine's Day Party has officially started! Were Poppin'Party's efforts worth it in the end...?


Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Kasumi: Saya, come on, quickly! I can't wait any longer~!
Saaya: Okay, just hold on a minute. It's almost done~. I just need to place the chocolate cornets onto this plate...
Rimi: Ah! Those chocolate cornets have a white chocolate filling.
Rimi: Is this the secret you were talking about, Saya-chan...?
Saaya: Yep. It's a special Valentine's Day version. I made regular ones too, so feel free to compare them.
Rimi: Wow~, I'm looking forward to it~!
Saaya: ... The chocolate cornets are all set. Now all that's left is... to arrange Kasumi and Arisa's handmade chocolates.
Tae: Your chocolates are cute, Kasumi. They're star-shaped.
Kasumi: I tried to make them sparkle using white chocolate powder. What do you think?
Arisa: They're pretty good. They really look like they're twinkling.
Kasumi: Yippee!
Rimi: Arisa-chan, your chocolates are really pretty as well.
Rimi: The shape may be simple, but they're so glossy that at first glance I thought they were from a store.
Arisa: You thought they were store-bought...? Isn't that a bit of an overstatement?
Tae: I don't think so. I can't wait to eat your chocolates, Arisa.
Arisa: I-I see... Thanks...
Saaya: ... Okay, it's finished! Thanks for waiting, guys~. Let's start the party.
Arisa: Thank you. Well then, Rimi, would you give a toast?
Rimi: Huh? Me?
Tae: Yes, you. We've prepared party poppers instead of juice.
Kasumi: Everyone, grab a party popper! Take it away, Rimi-rin!
Rimi: O-okay. Umm... Everyone, congratulations on getting through the week! A lot of things happened in the lead-up to this party.
Rimi: There's no way I could've overcome this challenge by myself. Thank you all so much for avoiding sweets with me!
Rimi: I realized again how lucky I am to be a member of Poppin'Party. I want to continue doing many more things with you...
Rimi: So, here's to our future!
Saaya: Rimi-rin...
Rimi: Ehehe... It turned into kind of a weird toast, didn't it?
Kasumi: Not at all! I really felt your emotions, Rimi-rin.
Kasumi: I'm also happy I stayed away from snacks with you guys! It was tough and stressful... but it was really fun!
Arisa: Yeah, this sense of accomplishment is second to none.
Saaya: We had a great experience because of you, Rimi-rin. Thank you.
Rimi: You guys...
Tae: I told you everyone felt the same way as me, Rimi!
Kasumi: Hey, can we please finish the toast, already~? I can't hold back any longer~.
Rimi: Yes... You're right. Okay, here I go! Cheers~!
Tae, Arisa, Saaya & Kasumi: Cheers~!
Kasumi: Finally, time to dig in~... Down the hatch you go!
Kasumi: ...!
Arisa: Mmm~! It's so good~! What is this...? Was chocolate always this sweet?!
Saaya: It really packs a punch... The flavor of chocolate continues to linger in my mouth...
Arisa: I was skeptical at first, but it really does taste heavenly...!
Saaya: Fufu, looks like all our effort was worth it.
Kasumi: It's so delicious, I almost fainted... Oh, this is the best~! I'm so glad we steered clear of candy~!
Tae: Arisa, do I still have a face?
Arisa: Huh? Yeah, why wouldn't you...?
Tae: This chocolate tastes so good, I thought my face melted off.
Rimi: ...
Saaya: Oh? Rimi-rin, you haven't eaten any chocolate...
Rimi: Well, we waited for this moment for so long that I'm having trouble deciding what to eat first...
Tae: Then let me choose for you. You should try... this one, Rimi.
Rimi: My chocolate cake?
Tae: You said you longed to eat this with everyone, right? So let's eat it together.
Saaya: Okay, I'll divide it up. Hand me your plates~.
Kasumi: I've been dying to try this legendary chocolate cake as well~.
Arisa: Has everyone got a piece?
Tae: Ready when you are.
Rimi: A-alright... One, two, three.
Rimi: ...! Mmm~♪
Saaya: Whoa... What is this...? It's sweet but not overly so...
Kasumi: It's intensely rich! It's like a heap of chocolate has been packed inside!
Arisa: It's ridiculously smooth. No wonder they're flooded with orders every year.
Tae: I want more!
Arisa: Hey, slow down! You need to savor every bite...
Rimi: Sigh~, I'm on cloud nine...
Tae: Rimi, you're practically floating.
Rimi: The moment the rich sweetness of the chocolate spread through my mouth, my mind went blank...
Rimi: The candy I resisted before for three days can't even compare to how tasty this was... I was able to eat the best chocolate ever thanks to all of you~.
Saaya: Fufu, it's not over yet. There's plenty more chocolate left.
Tae: Here, I saved the other chocolates for you. Let's enjoy this party to the very end and make today a day to remember!
Rimi: Yeah! Then here I go~♪

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