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Valuing Fundamentals Card Story - Episode

In One's Own Way Part 1


Ushigome Residence
Rimi's Room

Rimi: ...~♪ ...~♪
Rimi: ...! Sigh... I don't get it. This one part gives me trouble every single time.
Rimi: If this keeps up...

Tae: I thought we had something good going after our last show...
Kasumi: Oh no, everyone's so divided~...

Rimi: ...! I-I can't let that happen...!
Rimi: I've got to keep practicing. I'll try again from the top.

Rimi: ...! Again with that one part... But why...?
Yuri: Rimi, you there?
Rimi: Hey, Sis. Sorry, was I being too noisy?
Yuri: Nah, nothing like that. It sounded like you were having issues with a certain section in what you were playing.
Yuri: "Maybe she's hit a wall," I thought. So, I came to check on you.
Rimi: ... You guessed right. For some reason, it's not coming out right.
Rimi: No matter how many times I try, my fingers keep acting up when I get to a certain place. They won't do what I tell them. I feel like I'm focusing hard enough, but maybe not...
Yuri: That does sound rough... How about taking a breather? I could bring you some tea, if you'd like.
Rimi: Thanks, I appreciate it. But I'm fine for now.
Rimi: If I can't play well during the next performance, none of the other bands will want to come. And I don't have much time until then, so I need to keep at it.
Rimi: Not to mention the huge pile of other things I need to get done. It might end up being a long practice session, but I can't stop now. The resting can wait until later.
Rimi: I need to train harder...! Harder than ever...!
Yuri: Ah... so that's what's been bugging you. You've always been like that, though.
Rimi: Huh? What... do you mean?
Yuri: Rimi, hear me out, okay? If you keep trudging on like this, nothing good will come of it. You'll only wear yourself out, and that'll lead to more problems.
Yuri: What you need right now is a change of pace. Let's see... Why don't you take a little trip over to the park? It's times like these when one needs to unwind.
Rimi: Y-yeah, but...
Yuri: No buts. Time's running out, right? Hop to it! Let's get a move on!
Rimi: Uhm... O-okay...!

Residential Area

Rimi: Well, here I am, going out like Sis told me... But... what should I do...?
Rimi: I told her I don't have time for all this, but she insisted that I get out of the house, so... What could be going on in that head of hers?
Rimi: Sigh... I'll drop by the park for a second, then turn right around and head back. There's way too much practicing that needs to get done...
???: Kyaaah!
Rimi: Hyaaah?!
Rimi: Ow, ow... I-I'm very sorry! I just have a lot on my mind, and-
Kanon: No, p-please forgive me. I wasn't looking where I was-... Huh? Rimi-chan?
Rimi: Kanon-senpai? What are you doing out here?
Kanon: U-uhm, well... hehe... What about you, Rimi-chan? You seemed to be in a hurry.
Rimi: Who, me? N-no, no. I'm not in a rush or anything. I just... thought I'd stop by the park.
Kanon: Oh, is there a park nearby?
Rimi: Yes, there is. If you head further down this street, there's a smaller road that branches off and leads to it.
Rimi: It's pretty spacious and good for a bit of basking under the sun. I used to play there a lot with my sister back in the day...
Rimi: (Not that there's any time for that now...)
Kanon: Rimi-chan...? Oh no, d-did you bump your head or something when I crashed into you...?
Rimi: Ah... N-no, I'm fine! Really, I am!
Rimi: I'm just... thinking... about this and that...
Kanon: Oh, okay... U-uhm... M-maybe I'll join you.
Rimi: You're interested in going, too?
Kanon: Yeah. I'll try my best not to distract you. Or would you... prefer to go alone?
Rimi: N-no! You're welcome to come along. I'll show you the way.
Kanon: Okay. Thanks, Rimi-chan.

Valuing Fundamentals Card Story - Special Episode

In One's Own Way Part 2



Kanon: The sun feels nice today. Rimi-chan, you were right about this being a good place to soak it all in.
Rimi: And the sunlight doesn't directly hit the bench, so it makes for a good spot to lounge about...
Kanon & Rimi: ...
Kanon: Say... Rimi-chan. Can I ask you something?
Rimi: ... Of course.
Kanon: About what was on your mind before. Were you maybe thinking about your next performance?
Rimi: ... Yes.
Rimi: I was actually practicing at home until a little while ago, but it wasn't going so well. There's this one spot in a song that I keep messing up...
Rimi: So, Sis suggested that I go out and get some fresh air. But... the only thing on my mind was how soon I could hurry back home.
Rimi: I know that being worried and nervous will just worsen the situation, but not being able to play my bass is unsettling... At the same time though, practicing doesn't seem to be working out...
Kanon: So that's what it was... I think I understand where you're coming from, Rimi-chan.
Kanon: Whenever Hello, Happy World! gets a new concert scheduled, I'm a nervous wreck from that day forward. Why, I even got scolded by the teacher the other day for not paying attention in class.
Rimi: You get that way, too? Uhm... what do you usually do to help snap yourself out of it?
Kanon: What do I do? Well... C-continue being nervous...?
Rimi: That's all? Maybe there's no way to get over that feeling...
Kanon: Ah, y-you know though, there is a technique that helps relieve that stress just a bit.
Kanon: Granted, it may not work for everyone, but when I'm feeling on edge, I like to brew some tea. Even when I'm short on time, I try to get in at least one cup.
Rimi: Tea...?
Kanon: Yeah! What I really love is going to cafés, but... having a sip or two at home can bring the atmosphere of a nice café to my doorstep.
Kanon: After helping myself to some, part of that stress melts away, as strange as it sounds. I find that I'm able to better focus on my performances.
Kanon: wind up feeling tense when I sit down in front of the drums, though. But the shaking in my hands does settle down some... I think... Maybe...
Rimi: S-so, it... might work...?
Rimi: Anyway, I... think I understand what you're getting at. I'll need to find my own special way of trying to relax. Figuring out what that is should be my priority for now.
Rimi: Thank you very much, Kanon-senpai! Once I get back home, I'll be sure to try out whatever I can think of!
Kanon: W-was my advice useful? I didn't say anything weird?
Rimi: No, it was a big help!
Rimi: By the way, weren't you on your way somewhere? You're not pressed for time, are you?
Kanon: Hm? Ah, w-well... uhm... To tell the truth, I... was completely lost...
Kanon: I'm trying to get to the train station, but... Rimi-chan, could you maybe just point me in the right direction?
Rimi: Sure, leave it to me! ... Wait, you're lost?!
Rimi: But don't you live in this neighborhood...?!

After Returning Home
Ushigome Residence
Rimi's Room

Rimi: (My own special way of relaxing. I mulled over it for a while, and... this is probably what's best for me.)
Rimi: Working on music fundamentals. Attempting to hit that perfect sound... Yeah, this is what I need. I'll put extra care into tuning my bass.
Rimi: ...
Rimi: (Slowly trying to find the right pitch. All of those negative thoughts are washing away. More than that... I can feel myself getting pumped up.)
Rimi: (Okay, it sounds in tune. Hearing it has got me antsy to start playing... And now for the G string... Alright, sounds good.)
Rimi: Stay calm, and start from the beginning. One, and a two, and...
Rimi: ...~♪ ... I did it! My fingers actually cooperated this time...!
Yuri: Looks like someone got the rest they needed.
Rimi: Sis!
Rimi: I figured out what you meant earlier. The advice you gave me... Being so tense meant... I was just strumming the strings, not actually playing.
Rimi: And that would be pointless. That's what you were trying to tell me, right?
Yuri: I wouldn't go that far. All I was saying was that you needed a breather.
Yuri: You looked just like I did back in the day... Just kidding! Anyway, glad you sorted everything out.
Rimi: (The old Sis? Well, it is true that she would often visit the park until recently. I get it now. She used to be the same...)
Rimi: Me, too! Thanks, Sis!
Yuri: Think nothing of it. In any case, I'll be getting out of your hair now... Rimi. It's crunch time. Time to show everyone what you're made of.
Rimi: ...! I will!
Rimi: (She's right. Now is where the real challenge begins. All to bring everyone back together...)
Rimi: Kanon-senpai is another person I have to remember to thank. I need to make the most of my training for her sake, too. Alright! Once more, from the top...!