Wakana Rei is a second-year high school student. She goes by the moniker LAYER and is the vocalist and bassist for the band RAISE A SUILEN. She is Tae's childhood friend.[1]

Due to her mature attitude, she has a tendency to keep a certain feeling of distance with others.[1]


Rei has fair skin and smooth dark-brown hair reaching her top back with no fringe, but bangs that cover her ears and lightning blue eyes.

Her outfit consists of white shirt with a wide neckline and long sleeves to her wrists, slightly torn jeans, and a black sleeveless jacket open until mid-torso.

She carries a studded belt with chains made of silver on her right hip, a leather bracelet on her right wrist, and a black bracelet on her left wrist. She also wears two necklaces, and her shoes are high ankle boots with black shoelaces.


  • She is a professional singer who can sing any song.[1] She has also loved singing ever since she was young.
  • Tae and Rei's relationship is based on the real-life relationship between Sae and Raychell.[citation needed]
  • She attended the same music school as Tae and Arisa.
  • In addition to temporary part-time singing jobs, she used to play bass as a back up band for famous artists.
  • She shares her birthday with her voice actress, which is also the date of THE THIRD's performance at GARUPARTY in Tokyo! as a backing band.


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