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Wakana Rei is a third-year student at Geijutsu Academy's Musical Department. She goes by the stage name LAYER (レイヤ) and is the vocalist and bassist for the band RAISE A SUILEN.

She is Tae's childhood friend.


Rei has fair skin and smooth dark-brown hair reaching her upper back with no fringe, but bangs that cover her ears and lightning blue eyes. Her eyebrows are also slightly shorter than that of other characters.

Her initial outfit consists of a white shirt with a wide neckline and long sleeves to her wrists, slightly torn jeans, and a black sleeveless jacket open until mid-torso. She carries a studded belt with chains made of silver on her right hip, a leather bracelet on her right wrist, and a black bracelet on her left wrist. She also wears two necklaces, and her shoes are high ankle boots with black shoelaces.


Rei is a calm and mature girl. Due to her mature attitude, she has a tendency to keep a certain amount of distance from others (for example, not giving her opinions, or hiding her troubles from others, as shown in the event outside/inside where she overworked herself in order to perfectly play the hard bass parts she was given during her and Masuki's gig). However, later in the story, and mainly thanks to her bandmates' effort, she starts to open up more easily.

Rei is sometimes mistaken for an adult due to her mature appearance. For example in an area conversation, she says the movie theater workers couldn't believe she's a high school student. Another example from Poppin'Dream! shows her being offered drinks by a waitress, though Masuki had to tell said waitress that Rei wasn't of legal drinking age.

She is a professional singer who can sing any song[1], and has loved singing ever since she was young. She has a very deep voice for a teenager. As a child, she even mentions that she was too shy to sing because she "doesn't sound like a kid", before Tae started interacting with her and she was able to overcome her complex.

Game Interactions[]

A list of characters Rei interacts with in the game (during Lives and in the dialogues at the end of every game).

LOCK (icon)MASKING (icon)PAREO (icon)CHUCHU (icon)Tae (icon)Arisa (icon)



Wakana (和奏): Wa (和) means "peace, harmony", and Kana (奏) means "to play music".

Rei (Japanese: レイ Chinese: 瑞依): Her Japanese name is written in katakana, so it therefore has no specific meaning. In Chinese, Re (瑞) means "auspicious" and I (依) means "Dependent".

LAYER (レイヤ): Her stage name is a reference to her first name, with it being "Reiya" (レイヤ) in Japanese.


  • Rei seems to intentionally have a lot of references to her voice provider Raychell. Having a somewhat similar appearance, same birthday, and various sections of her name can be linked back to Raychell.
    • The name Rei can be linked back to Raychell due to it being written in katakana, and thus can be linked to both the stage name Raychell (レイチェル) and one of her nicknames, which is Ray (spelt レイ).
    • LAYER can be linked back to Raychell due to the Lay part being one of Raychell's former stage names. Lay is also Tae's nickname for Rei, also easily linking back to Raychell for the same reason.
  • She attended the same music school as Tae and Arisa, and was part of the Vocalist Course.
  • In addition to temporary part-time singing jobs, she sometimes plays the bass as a support artist for famous artists.
  • Rei has an (otherwise identical) 5-string version of her bass, seen in Poppin'Dream!.
  • She shares her birthday with her voice actress, which was also the same date as when THE THIRD performed at GARUPARTY in Tokyo! as a backing band.
  • She is the tallest member of RAISE A SUILEN, tallest of all the main 40 girls, and the tallest of the main vocalists.
  • Rei is the only one out of the 40 girls who doesn't wear and has never been shown to wear a school uniform because her school, which is a magnet school for the fine arts, does not have a uniform.
  • Rei also likes taking baths and cooking.
  • In the Tokyo Revengers collaboration, her design was based on Baji Keisuke.