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Walk Down Memory Lane Card Story - Episode

Summer Vacation Plans


Hazawa Coffee

Tomoe: Yo. I'm here.
Tsugumi: Welcome! Come on in.
Tomoe: Sorry to ask to talk on such short notice. I made it sound like a bigger deal than it is.
Tsugumi: Fufu, no problem. I only needed to ask to end my shift a little earlier than usual. So? What happened?
Tomoe: Well, it's about this.
Tsugumi: The Inoshima photo album?
Tomoe: Yep. I wanted to thank everyone for finding my earring. Himari mentioned that she wanted to go back when she was looking at these photos in my room.
Tomoe: You guys helped out a bunch the last time we toured the place, so I wanted to return the favor and be your guide this time.
Tsugumi: The Inoshima photo album?
Tomoe: Yep. I wanted to thank everyone for finding my earring. Himari mentioned that she wanted to go back when she was looking at these photos in my room.
Tomoe: You guys helped out a bunch the last time we toured the place, so I wanted to return the favor and be your guide this time.
Tsugumi: Wow, sounds like fun! I'm sure the others will love that idea! It was pretty chilly the last time we went too, so I think summer might be better~.
Tomoe: Right? I knew you'd be on board, Tsugu~! I just wasn't sure I'd be able to put together a schedule for all the spots we would want to visit on my own.
Tomoe: Himari tends to get distracted, Moca only thinks about food... and Ran would probably just say that she is "fine with whatever."
Tsugumi: Fufu. You've got the read on them.
Tomoe: Then again, Moca and Ran might be against going during the summer. They both hate the heat.
Tsugumi: Ah! All this talk of heat reminds me...
Tsugumi: When I was watching TV the other day, I saw a new shaved-ice store in Inoshima! Maybe they'll go if they can stop by.
Tomoe: Shaved ice... Sounds cool! And Himari can please that sweet tooth of hers.
Tsugumi: That crispy ice topped with syrup and real fruit looked so tasty...
Tomoe: Alright! We'll make that our first stop.
Tomoe: I can see it now~... Himari will take some photos to post online, right? Then, Ran and Moca will pick on her...
Tomoe: A whole mess of photos from different angles while her ice melts and the other two tease her non-stop... Hahaha.
Tsugumi: I can see it, too, and I don't think I could hold back from laughing if it does happen.
Tomoe: Haha! Me neither~.
Tsugumi: As for me... I'd like to visit the aquarium again. We can watch the dolphin show together!
Tomoe: Sweet! And even if we get wet, it'll just help beat the summer heat~.
Tsugumi: Yeah! Let's try to get front row seats again!
Tomoe: In that case, we'll have to bring the towels we all bought.
Tsugumi: Ran-chan didn't seem to like her octopus towel... Do you think she'll buy a new one?
Tomoe: Hmmm, I'm not so sure about that. I think Ran was pretty into it, if you ask me
Tomoe: Isn't Ran the type to treasure those kinds of keepsakes despite the grumpy front she puts up?
Tsugumi: Yeah, she has always been one to hold tight to important trinkets.
Tomoe: I know, right? She'll probably bring it with her even if we don't say a word.
Tsugumi: Fufu...
Tomoe: What's so funny, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan, you always look like you're having the best time when you're talking about the others. I can't wait to go.
Tomoe: Hahaha... Yeah, me neither.
Tsugumi: Maybe we should look up some of the places we couldn't see last time! There are bound to be spots for all of us to enjoy!
Tomoe: ... Alright, I guess that about does it. There are still plenty of places left for us to see.
Tsugumi: Uh-huh! Summer vacation is going to be a blast♪
Tomoe: Last time, I wasn't able to make the proposal myself, so I want to be the one who does the inviting.
Tomoe: I mean, that's what anyone who wants to seem cool would do, I think...
Tsugumi: Yeah, I'm sure everyone will be happy to have you invite them.
Tomoe: You think so? Hahaha, I hope you're right... You know, I really appreciate you guys for helping me learn to think this way
Tsugumi: I think you should tell the others what you told me just now. Ran-chan, Moca-chan, and Himari-chan would all want to hear it.
Tomoe: Huh?! Nah... Wait, maybe I could tell them how I feel once we're in Inoshima.
Tomoe: Himari would probably start bawling if she heard something like that... She can be kind of dramatic at times~.
Tsugumi: I can see that, too! I think everything we imagined today might just happen.
Tomoe: For sure. But man, I think it's awesome that I've made friends who can share my joy and be so happy for me.
Tsugumi: Mhm. I want to make more fun memories with everyone in Inoshima.
Tomoe: You better believe it...! Alright, I'll go ahead and contact the others.
Tomoe: Thanks, Tsugu!
Tomoe: ...
Tomoe: But how should I go about that? Maybe I should give it some thought... Then again, maybe it's better if I just charge ahead, huh?
Tsugumi: Fufu... That suits you well.

Walk Down Memory Lane Card Story - Special Episode

The Meaning of Emotional Support



Marina: Hey, Tomoe-chan!
Tomoe: Hm? Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san?
Marina: Are you on your way home from school?
Tomoe: Yes. And from the looks of it... you both still seem to be on the clock.
Marina: Hahaha... Good guess. There are some reservations at the studio tonight, so we still have work to do~...
Tomoe: Oh, good luck with that.
Tomoe: Say, that reminds me... Sorry for what happened the other day. I eventually found that missing earring.
Marina: Wow, that's good to hear. I was worried because you seemed so distraught over it.
Tomoe: Sorry about all that. I got both my friends and you guys wrapped up in my mess.
Marina: Hahaha, it's no big deal. People should help each other in times of need.
Marina: Himari-chan seemed especially worried about what happened. How happy was she when you finally found it?
Tomoe: I'm not sure how to describe it, but... she burst into tears the moment it was all over.
Marina: Sounds like she was even happier than I thought. That does sound like she would do, though.
Tomoe: Hahaha, you think so, too?
Tomoe: Himari has always been like that. She gets pretty extreme when it comes to her friends...
Tomoe: She's always the happiest one when something goes well, and the first to get angry when things go south.
Tomoe: It's wild how easily her mood changes, even when the situation doesn't concern her.
Tomoe: That is probably the exact reason why she can do her job as Afterglow's leader.
Tomoe: Himari isn't exactly the best at getting things done, but we've all put our trust in her.
Tomoe: Not that we tell her that ourselves or anything.
Marina: I get that same feeling. She's the one who sets the mood for the band.
Marina: Surprisingly, Himari-chan is the mental backbone of the group, right...?
Tomoe: Ah, now there's something she'd be thrilled to hear.
Marina: Huh?
Tomoe: I mean, you could say Lisa-san fills the same for Roselia, yeah?
Tomoe: Himari really looks up to her, to say the least... Always going on about how she wants to be like Lisa-san.
Tomoe: She would've totally flipped if she heard you comparing her to her idol like that.
Marina: I have a pretty good idea of how that would have gone down...
Tomoe: Having said all that, I think the way those two support their groups is a little different, though.
Tomoe: Lisa-san acts like a sturdy pillar that lends everyone support, but Himari isn't quite like that...
Tomoe: I feel like she helps bring us togethere so we can all act as a pillar on our own~.
Marina: I-I see...
Tomoe: Hahaha, here I am rambling on about pillars. Like that really matters!
Tomoe: All I know is that everyone in Afterglow believes we wouldn't be what we are without Himari around!
Tomoe: ... Whoa, my bad! Sorry for talking so much! Alright, catch you later!