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Walking With Rabbit Ran Card Story - Episode

Ran Finds Fun



Lisa: Sigh, we finally get to sit down~. I could really use a rest~.
Sayo: Imai-san. It is rather unbecoming to lie down on the table like that. I must advise against it.
Lisa: Hahaha, my bad, my bad. I'm just exhausted from standing up all day during rehearsals.
Lisa: Anyway, thanks a ton, Ran~. You know, for setting up the restaurant meeting and all.
Ran: Nah, I was looking to take a break myself. Was it just you two rehearsing today?
Lisa: Uh-huh. Everyone had different things going on, so I thought I'd practice on my own.
Lisa: It turns out that Sayo had the same idea, so we ended up playing together.
Sayo: I had wanted to address some problem points before our next major rehearsal session, so I was very grateful to have Imai-san there with me.
Lisa: How about you, Ran? What was that about needing a break?
Ran: I've got a flower-arranging exhibition coming up, so I was working on my entry for that. I had just finished a tough part when I decided to go for a walk.
Lisa: Flower arranging, huh~? Say, didn't you enter an exhibition a while back too?
Ran: Huh? How did you know about that, Lisa-san?
Lisa: Himari showed me some photos of it☆ "Ran made these, you know~."
Ran: Wow, I had no idea. Hm...? Ah, speaking of Himari sending pictures...
Ran: Whoa... She practically sent an entire photo album my way...
Lisa: Your phone has been vibrating for a while now... So, what kind of pics are they? Can I see?
Ran: Sure, but they're just run-of-the-mill stuff, like one of a dog or something.
Lisa: Aww~, how adorable♪ Look at that cute nose~.
Lisa: "A little pup I ran across while jogging! Such a cutie~♪" ... Wait, Himari started jogging?
Ran: It's a long story. What started this whole thing is when Tae showed off her jogging course the other day.
Lisa: Tae has a jogging course?! Nice, that sounds like crazy fun!
Ran: It was pretty interesting. Well, I suppose seeing the world through Tae's eyes was more fun than the course itself.
Sayo: Through her eyes...?
Ran: When running through familiar areas, she always looks for new and exciting things that she hadn't noticed before. For example, there's actually a tree in the park that looks a lot like a rabbit.
Sayo: A tree that... looks like a rabbit? I sometimes notice trees that resemble human beings, but... I do not recall seeing one with the likeness of a rabbit.
Ran: She took us around her course and gave us a good taste of all the fun things she has found.
Ran: And somehow, we ended up finding our own exciting stuff along the way...
Lisa: Wow, everyone finding their own special fun~. What did you find, Ran? Come on, fill me in~!
Ran: Nothing really worth mentioning. All I came across was a sign for a pet shop.
Lisa: Oh, what kind of sign~?
Ran: Despite being a regular pet shop, the mascot they went with was a lion...
Ran: As if you would ever find a lion in a place like that, right?
Lisa: Hahaha, that's true! I'd run for my life if I saw one.
Ran: So yeah, that's pretty much all I found.
Lisa: Hey, that sounds interesting to me~! Maybe I'll start keeping my eyes peeled for things like that!
Sayo: Um, should we not place our orders now?
Lisa: Ah, my bad! Totally got caught up in the convo! I wonder what I should get~. I'm seriously ready to pack away some food today~.
Lisa: For now, I'll start with some french fries! You know, something we can all share. Sayo, I know you'd like some, right?
Sayo: Well, I would not refuse any...
Lisa: Let's see, what else~...? Hmmm~. Oh, I know! I'll go with the Hamburg steak set♪
Ran: Ah, Lisa-san. If you're getting fries, then the cheese Hamburg steak set would be better.
Lisa: Huh? Why's that?
Ran: A little something I learned from Himari. There is a secret way to enjoy the two together.
Lisa: For real?! I've never heard of that~. What kind of secret are we talking about here? Doesn't it sound interesting, Sayo?
Sayo: ... If I had to give a response, I would lean towards "yes." There is no downside to gaining new knowledge.
Lisa: So, are you going to tell us, Ran? About this french fry and cheese secret☆
Ran: Alright, then. First, you carve out a round portion from the top of the steak...

Walking With Rabbit Ran Card Story - Special Episode

Himari's Charm According to Ran



Ran: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello. Do you have work today?
Ran: I see, back from picking up some supplies, then. I am on my way to CiRCLE, actually.
Ran: Yeah, Afterglow has a rehearsal session today. So we might end up seeing each other again later.
Ran: Huh? How did you know that Himari took up jogging again?
Ran: Oh, she told you so herself? Come to think of it, I think a bunch of people at school mentioned that as well.
Ran: Uh-huh, it looks like she was motivated by some advice she received from Tae.
Ran: She's been sticking to it, from what I can tell, so I guess she is having a good time?
Ran: Himari has always been the super curious type...
Ran: For example, I'm not the kind of person to take part in whatever fun stuff is happening at school, but Himari is the opposite.
Ran: She'll pop in right away and ask what is going. And before you know it, she's already getting along with everyone.
Ran: So yeah, she took Tae's advice, got hyped up, and literally ran with it.
Ran: Taking on what other people find fun and making it your own. That's pretty amazing to me.
Ran: That side of Himari, the part where she is straightforward about what she likes, isn't all that bad if you ask me.
Ran: ... Hey, what's with that weird grin?
Ran: I mean, I don't know how long she'll manage to keep up jogging, but I plan to keep an eye on her for now.
Ran: Anyway, I had better get going.
Ran: Oh, and don't tell Himari what we talked about just now.
Ran: Why...? If she heard even a word of our conversation, I bet she'd start crying right there on the spot... Fufu.
Ran: Alright, see you around.