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We're Here! Card Story - Episode



Fast Food Store
Moca: You're still looking at those pictures from our trip, huh~?
Himari: Well, we had a great time, didn't we? And no matter how many times I look, I never get tired of them~...
Himari: Ah, especially this one! We got some pretty good ones at the aquarium too.
Moca: Sure did. I really like the one with Ran and her octopus towel.
Himari: I know, right~?! Ah...
Moca: Speaking of that, I wonder what happened to it... and if she's actually using it~.
Moca: I wanna see her wear it at least one more time~.
Himari: Hmm... Yeah, me too~...
Moca: Uhm~? Hey, are you listening to me~? Hii-chan~?
Himari: Hmm~...
Moca: Oh, by the way, I've been using my towel every single night~. Maybe I should have bought another one so I could switch them out on laundry day~.
Himari: ...
Moca: Hii-chan... Earth to Hii-chan~!
Himari: Huh? Ah, sorry. What were you saying?
Moca: ... You're such a meanie~. You're not even listening to me... All you're doing is looking at your phone~.
Himari: Sorry, the girls in our class are commenting on the Inoshima pictures I posted, so I was trying to reply to them.
Moca: Wow~. Can't that wait~?
Himari: But they went to the trouble of commenting, so I should try and reply as quickly as possible.
Moca: Grr~. What's more important, me or that hunk of metal~? Oh, such sadness~.
Himari: I-I said I was sorry~!
Himari: But hey... You guys haven't left any comments at all. You can at least write something short~!
Moca: But Tsugu commented, didn't she~?
Himari: Yeah, only Tsugu! The rest of you are just ignoring it!
Himari: I get that we all went together, so you probably don't have much to say, but... it'd be great if you'd at least give it a like.
Moca: I "like" your picture~.
Himari: Ugh~! Do you even look at my page at all?
Moca: Uhm... Probably~.
Himari: What's that supposed to mean...? Sigh... And I'm sure Ran and Tomoe don't look at it either. Tsugu's the only one of you guys willing to be my social media buddy...
Moca: Everyone in class is reacting to it, so what's the big deal if we don't? Besides, I choose to appreciate my real-life friendships.
Himari: I appreciate our real-life friendship too!
Moca: Oh~, is that why you couldn't be bothered to listen to me for even a millisecond before~?
Himari: Ngh... W-well, it's true I wasn't listening, but...
Moca: What's the point of doing stuff online with you in the first place when I can just talk with you in real life like this~?
Himari: Because~... Isn't it fun knowing what everyone's doing? Even when we're not together, we can still see what's going on in each other's lives.
Moca: Can't we just ask them about that the next time we meet up?
Himari: When we're all busy, we might not have the time to hang out and talk...
Himari: But with social media, even if our schedules don't line up, we can still see what everyone is doing, as well as the places they're going.
Moca: Wow~, you wanna know all of that?
Himari: I guess you're just not that into all the stuff going on around you, huh~?
Moca: I don't think it's just me~. Tomo-chin and Ran are the same way, no~? Not to mention, trying to figure out what someone is feeling from a bunch of letters is impossible~.
Himari: ... Sigh, you're all so cold. Social media is like an extension of our actual lives, so why not extend our real-life friendship to the online world?
Moca: Do we really need to though?
Himari: It would give us so much more to talk about! Like if you posted about what you ate last night, we could talk about that, right?
Moca: Hmm~, but even if we didn't, it's not like we'd ever run out of things to talk about~.
Moca: Think about it. We always had tons of things to talk about back in elementary school, and that was way before we were using social media.
Himari: That's true... B-but by posting online, we can also preserve our memories together!
Himari: You know, like how we just went on a trip together, or what we were doing this time last year. Social media gives us a chance to look back on those time together.
Moca: Hey, don't doubt my memory~. The good, the bad, I remember everything~.
Moca: Wait, don't tell me... Have you forgotten all our times together, Hii-chan~?! The sadness makes its return~.
Himari: Of course I remember everything~! Listen, just reply to my posts when you're feeling up to it! Even if it's just telling me in person that you like my post the way you did earlier.
Moca: Nah~, that seems kinda pointless if you ask me.
Himari: Ugh~! It's good enough, I said~!
Moca: Hey, come on~. Look, after all that, now your 'real-life' french fries are cold.
Himari: What?! Oh, y-you're right...
Moca: Ahaha~. Consider your reaction just now "liked."

We're Here! Card Story - Special Episode

It's Gotta Be Picture Perfect!


Himari: Ah! A new comment on my post! Hmm~, let's see~.
Marina: What are you doing, Himari-chan?
Himari: Eek! Marina-san?! BanG Dreamer-san?!
Himari: Hey~, it's rude to peek at other people's phones~!
Marina: Sorry, sorry. You were just so absorbed, I couldn't help but wonder what you were doing.
Himari: Just checking my notifications. I posted some pictures of our trip to Inoshima, and all the girls in my class are leaving comments♪
Himari: Everyone seems to like them, so I thought I'd post some more! I already put up the photos we took by the ocean and at the aquarium, so I guess that leaves the ones of the pancakes...
Himari: Actually, you guys have perfect timing! Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Help me pick which picture to post!
Marina: Are you really okay with us deciding?
Himari: Yeah! I've narrowed it down to two already. I want an unbiased opinion to help me choose.
Himari: Here's the first one! These are the pancakes right after the waiter brought out our order. You can see just how fresh they are.
Marina: Wow..! They look delicious! You've really got a knack for photographing food. And... this is the other photo?
Marina: Oh, the whipped cream's melting a little in this one.
Himari: Exactly! You got it! That's the key feature of this picture!
Himari: Doesn't the cream melting a little show just how warm the pancakes are?
Himari: Hm, I'm not sure how to explain it but... I think it gives this photo a bit more life, so part of me wants to go with this one.
Marina: So... does that mean you purposely waited to eat so that you could capture this moment?
Himari: Uh-huh! It's not like I can go there every day, so I didn't want to miss the chance to get a quality picture.
Himari: ... Hey~, come on! Don't look at me like that, you guys~!
Marina: S-sorry, it's just that... kids really amaze me these days...
Himari: All I wanted was to share a really nice photo with everyone~.
Marina: I see... By the way, how were the pancakes?
Himari: Delicious! The cream looks kinda heavy here, but it actually wasn't. It was super yummy!
Himari: But...
Marina: But?
Himari: They did get a little cold while I was taking photos... That part I could have done without.
Marina: Ahaha...
Himari: You're both making that face again... I already know what you're going to say...
Marina: Y-yeah... But at least you got some great photos! They look fantastic! Don't they, BanG Dreamer-san?
Himari: Next time, I'll be sure to eat my food while it's still hot... Now, quit looking at me like that~!