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Weaving Words Card Story - Episode

Songwriting Session Part 1



Kasumi: La, la, la~... Shwing, twang~! How does that sound?!
Ran: Hm... Not bad. Has a nice ring to it.
Kokoro: We'll go with that, then! What an exciting song! I can't wait to play it with everyone!
Aya: Fufu, it does sound like fun! But the interlude still feels unfinished, doesn't it?
Yukina: It does. There are additions that we need to make. Maruyama-san was correct about the interlude. The hook could use some touching up as well.
Ran: It sounds fine as is, but... if we're going to be singing it as a group, it wouldn't hurt to simplify it a little.
Aya: Yeah, I guess it would be a little tough to do together. And I want all of the Girls Band Party fans to be able to sing along too.
Kokoro: In that case, we should add some cheering parts to it!
Kasumi: I agree with Kokoron! That'll make it even more exciting~!
Yukina: Let's note these opinions and see if we can improve things. Not now, though... I believe we should stop here for today. Consider it homework for next time.
Yukina: Moreover... it is about time that we finalize the lyrics. Let's keep all of this in mind for our next session.
Minato Residence - Yukina's Room

Yukina: Okay... Now for the lyrics...
Yukina: ... Hmmm.

Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 2-B

Yukina: ...
Lisa: Let's go eat lunch, Yukina~☆ Oh, are you studying...? That's a serious look you've got.
Yukina: Lisa... No, not quite. I'm writing down some lyrics.
Lisa: Lyrics...? Oh, for the group song for Girls Band Party?
Yukina: Yes... or so I would like to say...
Lisa: What, are you having trouble?
Yukina: ... No, I'm fine.
Lisa: Well, you don't look fine. Come on, we can chat about it over lunch!
Yukina: Very well...
Lisa: So, how are the lyrics coming along?
Yukina: Not particularly well, to be honest. However, it is my problem to deal with. I will manage.
Lisa: Don't be like that~. Say, let me have a look!
Yukina: If you insist... Here.
Lisa: Let's see... Hey, this is pretty good stuff!
Yukina: I am not so sure... Do you feel that it captures the heart of Girls Band Party?
Lisa: Hmmm... You may have a point. It sounds like it would make for a good Roselia song, but it might be a little stiff for a group track.
Yukina: As I feared... I had the same impression. Sigh...
Lisa: Oh, you have more on the next page... And the next one?! And another?! There's no end to it! Not bad, Yukina~!
Yukina: Stop that. It is a mess of half-finished ideas.
Lisa: You're just being modest~... Hey, what's on this page? These aren't lyrics.
Yukina: Ah, that is...
Lisa: "Poppin'Party: Content likely based on personal conversations and themes. Frequent use of onomatopoeia." "Afterglow: Delivers message of challenge and defiance..."
Lisa: Is this...?
Yukina: An analysis of each band's lyrical style. I thought it necessary to understand their individual styles if we are to sing together.
Lisa: Yukina, you really are something else! Ah, you've even got Hello, Happy World! and Pastel✽Palettes... This is fairly in-depth.
Yukina: Of course. Though our outlooks may differ, each band is successful in its own right. It is something worth researching.
Lisa: Wow~. This isn't going to be easy from the looks of it.
Yukina: Agreed... I am having trouble picturing a song that captures that essential "party" feel of all five bands...
Lisa: "Party" lyrics, huh...? That's a tough one~.
Yukina: However, this is my responsibility. Everyone else is working very hard to make this a success. Like you. You have already designed all of the T-shirts.
Yukina: That is why I must complete these lyrics.
Lisa: No need to get so wound up! Try to relax a bit~... Hey, I have an idea.
Yukina: What is it?
Lisa: Are you busy after school today?
Yukina: I had planned to work on these lyrics... but I suppose I am free, yes.
Lisa: You're gonna love this☆ Say you'll come check it out!
Yukina: ... What exactly do you have in mind?
Lisa: Something that will definitely help bring the "party" to those lyrics! I had better go get everything ready. Keep your afternoon open~!
Yukina: Wait, Lisa...! Sigh, I swear...

Weaving Words Card Story - Special Episode

Songwriting Session Part 2


Shopping Mall - Karaoke

Lisa: Let's get this thing started! Roselia Band Party☆
Ako: Yay~!
Rinko: Clap, clap... clap...
Lisa: Come on, Sayo! You too, Yukina! Join in!
Sayo: ... Imai-san. You called us here to deal with an urgent matter. What exactly is going on?
Yukina: Sigh... I apologize, Sayo. This is my fault.
Sayo: ... What do you mean?
Yukina: I was having trouble writing lyrics for Girls Band Party and was talking to Lisa about it.
Lisa: Exactly! So I set this whole thing up thinking that a real party would help you get over that nasty case of writer's block☆
Sayo: As if such a superficial strategy would work!
Lisa: Hey now, Roselia has never really taken part in this kind of upbeat event, right? Can't know how it'll go without giving it a try.
Ako: You said it, Lisa-nee~! Come forth, party of darkness!
Rinko: A-Ako-chan... I don't think... there is anything dark about this party...
Yukina: ... There may be some logic behind Lisa's words.
Sayo: Minato-san?!
Yukina: Lyrics are born from one's experiences and emotions. Throwing an actual party may help to bring forth some inspiration...
Yukina: Forgive me, everyone. It is because of my shortcomings that your valuable time is being spent in this manner.
Sayo: W-wait, there is... no need to apologize.
Yukina: Yes, there is. Otherwise, I would not feel comfortable with everyone wasting their time... on me.
Ako: Yukina-san... You'd better believe I'd be there for you!
Rinko: M-me too... even if I'm not exactly... party material...
Sayo: ... If this is how it must be, then I will gladly participate in the occasion.
Yukina: Thank you... everyone.
Lisa: Alright~! With that out of the way, let's get this place pumpin'~☆ Raise your glasses~!
Lisa: Cheers~☆
All (except Lisa): Cheers!
Lisa: Yay♪ Thanks for listening~! Lisa Imai, over and out~.
Ako: Phew~♪ Lisa-nee, you're such a good singer! Hey, Rin-rin. Want to try singing together~?
Rinko: Ah... No, thanks... I'm..
Ako: Hey, isn't that...? The song from that NFO commercial!
Rinko: Uhm... you see... I'd rather listen... to you sing, Ako-chan...
Yukina: ...
Sayo: Minato-san, are you fine with this?
Yukina: Huh?
Sayo: We've been holding a typical karaoke session. Wouldn't it be better to have a more party-like atmosphere?
Yukina: I suppose so... Something more akin to a party...
Lisa: Hmmm~... How about some games, then? Not that I've prepared anything..
Ako: Maybe we could play some co-op on our phones.
Rinko: That... doesn't seem like much of a party...
Lisa: How about the finger-pointing game?! With a penalty for the loser!
Ako: A penalty game sounds like fun~♪ Loser has to mix all the drinks from the drink bar and down it in one gulp!
Sayo: I refuse to make a game of food! Vetoed!
Ako: Awww~. What should we do, then~...?
Yukina: ...
Lisa: How about you, Yukina? What else would you like to try? Wait... could it be that you're not having a good time...?
Yukina: Ah... No, nothing of the sort. I was simply lost in thought.
Rinko: Lost in thought... about what... if I may ask?
Yukina: ... With the five of us all together, I was wondering if our time would be better spent on actually rehearsing.
Yukina: I apologize for souring the mood of the party by touching on such matters.
Yukina: However... for us, focusing on our more important ambitions... may be the best way for us to enjoy ourselves.
Sayo: Minato-san... I agree with you. What about your lyrics, though?
Yukina: I... haven't made any progress, but I will manage somehow.
Lisa: I see. Anyway... I think it's for the best that Yukina was able to mull over this a second time.
Ako: What do you mean, Lisa-nee?
Lisa: Well, it was just something that crossed my mind, but like... Yukina is obsessing over the lyrics fitting a party theme, you know?
Yukina: Yes... you could say that.
Lisa: But I think what you should really be thinking about, Yukina, is whether Roselia has enough of a presence in the song.
Lisa: If the party vibe isn't fitting for Roselia, then maybe it's best to not even worry about that part at all...
Ako: Hey, that works! Besides, Kasumi and Kokoro already have enough of that super peppy energy between the both of them! They'll add more than enough!
Rinko: Yukina-san... If you are able to... deliver the message of Roselia... with your own words... I think you will have done well...
Yukina: ... You're right. I believe everything you've all said is correct. I... may have been overthinking the issue.
Yukina: ... Perhaps I need to push forward with the things I want from our band and this event as they are.
Yukina: If all of the band members do the same with what they're feeling, then the song should end up representing all twenty-five of us.
Lisa: Yeah, I think that's the best way to look at it!
Sayo: I'm glad it has all worked out for you, Minato-san. We should leave now. I will see if there are any openings at the studio.
Ako: Ah, but we still have time left for our karaoke room, don't we? It'd be a waste to not get in a few more songs...
Yukina: Alright, everyone. Pack your things. Let's make our way to the studio.
Ako: Awww~... Sigh.
Rinko: Ako-chan... we can come back together... some other time...
Lisa: (Fufu... All's well that ends well, I guess. Yukina seems to be back to her old self... Good luck, Yukina.)