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Welcome To Eve's Home Party Event Story - Opening
A Sudden Mesage

Eve's friend from Finland schedules a trip to Japan. What will Eve's reaction be...?


Eve's Room

Eve: ... That should do it.
Eve: I've finished my meditation for the day. I have refined my bushido once again.
Eve: Now all I need to do is... my homework.
Eve: ... Hm? I just got a text. I wonder who it could be from.
Eve: Oh, it's from Hanne! I haven't heard from her in such a long time! I wonder what she has to say...
Eve: Wow, so many things have been happening in Finland. I'm so glad she is having fun. It seems she's still studying Japanese too!
Eve: I can still remember studying with her before I moved to Japan.
Eve: Oh, wait... she's coming to Japan next Saturday...? What? ... Really?!
Eve: There's more... "You mentioned you made lots of new friends in Japan, I can't wait to meet them."
Eve: Lots of new friends...
Eve: ... A-anyway, I should reply to her!
Eve: There's so many things I want to tell her, but I don't know where to start...
Eve: Next Saturday... I'm excited about it already.

Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Class 1-A

Kasumi: Class is over~! Now we can finally go to band practice! Rimi-rin, we're practicing in Arisa's basement today, aren't we?
Rimi: Yeah, you said you wanted to write a new song yesterday, right?
Kasumi: I sure did! Let's go grab Arisa and head home together! You too, O-Tae!
Tae: Sure. Do you mind if I finish off my bento first?
Saaya: Fufu. You'd better be quick, otherwise Arisa will give you an earful.
Eve: Are you going home together? Everyone in Poppin'Party is such good friends!
Kasumi: Ehehe, right? You should come with us too, Eve-chan!
Eve: Sure! Thank you! It's so nice of you to offer!
Saaya: Hm? You sound a bit bubblier than usual, Eve. Did something good happen today?
Eve: Ehehe, you can tell? Some really good happened ♪
Kasumi: Tell me! I wanna know~! We wanna be happy with you too~!
Eve: Well, one of my friends is coming to Japan next Saturday!
Kasumi: Coming to Japan...? ... Like, all the way from Finland?!
Eve: Yes! Her name is Hanne. She loves Japan and we used to study Japanese together!
Saaya: Oh~, really? That's nice!
Kasumi: I wonder what she's like. I wanna meet her~!
Eve: Hanne is really sweet and thoughtful of her friends. When I decided to come to Japan, she cried so much for me...
Rimi: You have such a nice friend!
Eve: I do! She said she wants to meet my friends in Japan too.
Kasumi: Really?! In that case we should all hang out with her! You've gotta introduce Hanne-chan to us!
Eve: Of course! I want to introduce Hanne to all of my precious friends! ... Ah...
Saaya: Eve? What's up?
Eve: O-oh, nothing!
Eve: I-I'm fine! I was just feeling excited like a warrior before battle, that's all!
Kasumi: ...? Really?
Arisa: Ah, so this is where you guys have been. Didn't you say you were gonna come by my classroom~?
Eve: ... Oh! I just remembered I have something to do before going home. Excuse me!
Rimi: Ah, Eve-chan!
Arisa: Hm? Eve...? Did I miss something?
Saaya: I'm not sure, she suddenly seemed a bit down...
Rimi: I wonder what's wrong...

Eve's Room

Eve: I must've made Kasumi-san and the others worry... I practically ran away when I remembered what I said to Hanne...
Eve: (I lied to Hanne... about having so many friends... What should I do?)
Eve: ...
Eve: There's only one thing I can rely on at a time like this. I think it's in my bag...
Eve: ... Here it is! I'm sure there are some words that will clear my clouded heart inside this book, The Way of Bushido!
Eve: Let me see... A warrior should... always be honest...
Eve: I-if I... continue like this...
Eve: I will lose the right... to be a warrior...

Welcome To Eve's Home Party Event Story - Chapter 1
A Failed Warrior

Feeling down about having lied to Hanne, Eve's unable to focus on work, but...


Hazawa Coffee

Eve: (*sigh*... I couldn't talk to everyone about how I lied to Hanne...)
Eve: (I thought I could tell Kasumi-san and others about it at school, but I couldn't bring myself to do it...)
Tsugumi: Eve-chan. Could you clear that table for me?
Eve: Oh...! Oh no! I forgot I was still working.
Eve: Of course! I'll do it right away!
Tsugumi: Oh, Eve-chan, we have customer! Welcome!
Eve: O-okay! Welcome...
Maya: Oh, Eve-san! You're working today.
Eve: Chisato-san, Maya-san! Kanon-san and Tae-san are with you too? What a surprise.
Tae: I mentioned to Chisato-senpai that I wanted to talk to Maya-san some time because she knows so much about musical instruments, and now here we are.
Maya: That's right! After seeing how Tae-san takes care of her guitar, I had a feeling that we would have a lot to talk about.
Eve: Oh, I see. That means you are kindred spirits!
Chisato: Fufu, I suppose that's one way of putting it.
Eve: How lovely! Okay, you can use this table over here!

Eve: Thank you for waiting! Cake sets for four!
Kanon: Wow...! Everything looks so good. I'm glad I chose cake. Thanks for your advice, Chisato-chan.
Chisato: You're the only one kind enough to say that, Kanon. These two are...
Maya: No doubt about it! That sharp sound is sublime!
Tae: I totally know what you mean. That sharp, piercing kind of sound...
Chisato: Um, may I interrupt for a moment? Why don't we all eat our cakes since they are right in front of us, Maya-chan, Tae-chan?
Maya: Oh! I'm sorry Chisato-san... We got a little bit carried away... huhehe.
Kanon: It's easy to get carried away when you talk about something you like, huh? I understand the feeling.
Tae: Maya-san knows so much about musical instruments, it's hard to stop talking.
Chisato: It's easy talk forever about the things we love. It's the same for you when it comes to period dramas, right, Eve-chan?
Eve: ...
Chisato: ... Hm? Eve-chan? You're staring into space.
Eve: ... Ah! I'm sorry! I was thinking about something else and didn't hear a word you said!
Maya: Eve-san... Is something the matter? You don't seem like your usual self...
Tae: That reminds me, something didn't seem right yesterday either.
Eve: O-oh, it's nothing, really!
Chisato: Did something happen, Eve-chan? You can talk to us.
Kanon: I there's something troubling you, don't be afraid to ask us about it. We might be able to help you.
Eve: Chisato-san... Kanon-san...
Tsugumi: I feel the same way too. You always help out here at the cafe... I want to help you too if I can.
Eve: Ts-Tsugumi-san...
Eve: (If I run away from this, I'll truly be a failure as a warrior...)
Eve: (Everyone here is really important to me. That's why I need to tell them...)
Eve: (I... don't want to fail as a warrior...!)
Eve: To tell the truth, I... I lied to one of my friends...!
Chisato: Lied? What do you mean?
Eve: I... I lied to my friend Hanne, who is coming to visit Japan from Finland soon...
Tsugumi: When you say you lied, Eve-chan... What did you lie about?
Eve: Hanne always worries so much about me and my life in Japan. I wanted to put her at ease, so not long after I got here I...
Eve: I said that I'd made lots of friends... and that I was doing really well here.
Eve: But the truth is I barely had any friends at the time...
Eve: The Way of Bushido says that one musn't lie, but... I did.
Kanon: ... Eve-chan. Is that what's been bothering you?
Eve: I wanted to talk about it, but every time I had the chance I started to feel scared...
Kanon: I see...
Maya: Eve-san, you lied to Hanne-san because you didn't want her to worry. I'm sure she'll understand.
Eve: I wonder... Do you really think she'll forgive me for lying...?
Maya: I think she will! So try not to punish yourself so much...
Chisato: But we don't really know anything about Hanne-chan. I don't think we're in a position to make such an assertion.
Maya: Ugh, that's a good point...
Chisato: Eve-chan, have you thought about what you'd like to do about this?
Eve: I... I...

Welcome To Eve's Home Party Event Story - Chapter 2
First-Rate Hospitality

After hearing what's on Eve's mind, Chisato and the others offer to help with Hanne's wholesome party.


Hazawa Coffee

Eve: I want to make things right with Hanne. I want to talk to her... and apologize.
Chisato: So that's how you really feel deep down. Thanks, Eve-chan.
Eve: What...? You're not going to get angry?
Maya: Angry? Why would any of us be angry?
Eve: But I... I lied... I hid that fact... and I wasn't able to be honest with everyone about it...
Eve: A warrior would have to fall on their sword for this...
Tsugumi: You're really kind and honest to yourself, Eve-chan. There's no way we'd get angry at you. I'm happy that you shared your feelings with us. Thank you.
Eve: Tsugumi-san...!
Kanon: If there's anything I can do to make this easier for your, I want to help, Eve-chan...!
Eve: I'm so sorry to make everyone worry...
Tae: Why are you apologizing? You don't need to apologize to us.
Tae: People worry about you because you are important to them. So... I think it's best to say thanks to the people that care about you...
Tsugumi: Yeah! I agree! That was very good, O-Tae-chan!
Eve: Th-thank you so much...! Aww... I'm so... happy...!
Chisato: You don't have time to be crying, Eve-chan. You have a friend in Finland that's worried about you. You have to tell her the feelings you just shared with us.
Eve: Y-yes! You're right!
Chisato: If it's okay, could we help you welcome your friend to Japan? She's coming all the way here, we should make sure she leaves with wonderful memories.
Eve: Really?! In that case...!
Maya: I'll help too!
Kanon: I-I'll do what I can as well!
Tsugumi: I'll help too, of course!
Tae: I think we should have a rabbit party. We could bury ourselves in rabbits and share food with them. The menu would mainly be carrots.
Eve: Thank you so much, everyone! I'm so happy! Oh, but...
Eve: I don't think the rabbit party will work...
Tae: ... Huh? It won't? Why not?
Eve: Rabbits are cute, but... umm... how do I put it...?
Tae: You don't like carrots, Eve?
Eve: Umm...
Tsugumi: D-does anyone have any other ideas? H-how about you, Kanon-san?!
Kanon: M-me? I, umm... How about a tea party where we can look at jellyfish floating through the water...?
Chisato: That sounds like a party you would enjoy, Kanon. Doing the things you like is important, but I think it's also important to think of what our guest would enjoy most.
Eve: What our guest would enjoy...?
Maya: Thinking about how to welcome them in a way that would make them the happiest.
Maya: The best approach would probably be to find something that aligns with what Eve-san wants to do, and what would make her friend happy.
Eve: Hmm... Something that would make Hanne happy, and something that I want to do...
Eve: Oh, I know! How about a Japanese-style home party?
Eve: Hanne loves Japan as much as I do, and she studies Japanese too!
Tsugumi: Oh! I think Hanne-chan would probably like that!
Kanon: Yeah! I'm sure we can make it into a really lovely party if we work together.
Maya: Time to put the skills I've learned behind the scenes to good use!
Eve: Thank you so much, everyone...! I think I can welcome Hanne to Japan now!
Tae: It's a shame we can't have a rabbit party, but... it's okay.
Tae: Like we said, you're an important friend of ours, Eve.
Eve: Tae-san...! Aww, I'm so happy!
Maya: You're crying and smiling all at once, Eve-san. Here's some tissues.
Eve: I'm sorry, I'm just so happy...!
Kanon: Let's make this work, Eve-chan.
Chisato: A Japanese welcoming... There's a variety of ways we could do this. Is there anything particular you'd like to do, Eve-chan?
Eve: Let's see... I'd like to show her the beauty of Bushido! I want her to see a sword battle... and to eat Japanese food, not to mention...
Chisato: Fufu, it seems you have a lot of things in mind.
Eve: Aww, there's too many things to mention...!
Maya: Ahaha, that's our Eve. Why don't you try writing them all down and organizing your ideas?
Eve: I will! Once they are organized, I'll let everyone know!

Welcome To Eve's Home Party Event Story - Chapter 3
Party Full of Smiles

Eve spends her time thinking of what kind of party to have. What will happen when she shares her ideas with Chisato and the others?


Eve's Room

Eve: Okay! It's time to research how Japanese people welcome people.
Eve: I was told that a sword battle or an archery display would be dangerous... I have to find some ideas that are safer...
Eve: With the help of this book that I borrowed from the library, I am sure I will be able to come up with some good ideas. Okay then...
Eve: Hmm, what's this...? To welcome someone is the act of approaching with a considerate heart...?
Eve: This is exactly as Chisato-san and Maya-san said. The true heart of Japan!
Eve: I will treat Hanne with the same heart, and apologize to her... I will make sure she was glad that she came to Japan.
Eve: I hope I can find some good ideas to do that...
Eve: Hmm... Oh... Origami!
Eve: That's it! It's a thing that's very unique to Japan, and it makes a good present too! I am sure she will like it!
Eve: If we're going to make origami... it has to be this!
Eve: Umm... I fold it here...? Another fold over here... and then I cut this part to open it up...
Eve: Oh, this looks like something else now... Th-this is so difficult...
Eve: I will practice hard so that I can make Hanne happy!

The Next Day
Hazawa Coffee

Eve: That you for coming today, everyone! Oh, Himari-san and the other members of Poppin' Party are here too!
Kasumi: O-Tae told us what's going on! We wanna help out!
Arisa: Honestly... I'm just here as a chaperone for Kasumi. But if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.
Himari: Eve-chan, let's make this a great welcoming~! Tsugu told me what's going on, so I just had to come too~ ♪
Eve: Everyone... I'm so happy!
Chisato: So, Eve-chan. Have you worked out what kind of party you would like to have for your friend?
Eve: Yes! I thought of lots of things, but... please take a look at what I put together!
Saaya: Let's see... It says "Home Party Proposal" on the cover...
Himari: Did you do all this, Eve-chan...?!
Eve: Yes! ... Which is why I am a little sleepy today... ehehe.
Rimi: Wow~. It covers everything from food to interior decorations.
Eve: I wanted everyone to know what kind of things I wanted to do so, so...
Tae: Huh? I can't find anything about rabbits in here...
Maya: Tae-san... I believe we decided not to go with that idea...
Kasumi: Okay~! So we just have to organize all the stuff that's written in here, right?!
Saaya: With this many people it shouldn't take too long.
Chisato: Eve-chan, it would probably be easiest if you gave us individual basic instructions as to what you'd like us to do.
Eve: Okay! In that case, let's start with this... oomph.
Kasumi: ... Huh? Are those... origami? Wh-why do you have so many?
Eve: I made them last night for practice!
Eve: This is a crane... and this one here is a cherry blossom!
Kasumi: Wow! This is amazing! You made all these by yourself?!
Eve: I was practicing at first, but then I just started having so much fun and before I knew it I made so many...
Maya: So we're going to decorate the party with the cranes and cherry blossoms! It's a very Japanese kind of theme. I'm sure Hanne-san will like it!
Eve: I made lots of them last night, but there's still not evough, so I'd like everyone to help me make more.
Kasumi: Of course! Okay, let's do some origami!
Eve: I actually got the idea for the cherry blossom origami when I was thinking about the Sakura party that we had!
Eve: That day was so much fun, and everything was so beautiful.
Eve: I just want to show even a little part of it to Hanne!
Rimi: ... Yeah! The cherry blossoms were really pretty, huh? I'll do my best to help too...!
Kasumi: Arisa~~! I was trying to fold a crane, but somehow it turned into a duck~!
Arisa: The neck's so short! You didn't even fold it properly! How on earth did you mess this up?! ... Ugh, seriously, are you actually gonna be able to do this?!
Kasumi: Of course! I'll just power through it!
Arisa: As if that's gonna work! You can't power through everything, you know?!
Tsugumi: Himari-chan, why don't we put the finished origami in this bag?
Himari: Got it! I'm gonna make so many~!
Eve: Fufu... I had fun when I was practicing on my own last night, but it's even more fun making them with everyone as a group ♪
Chisato: Even things that aren't particularly special ending up feeling when you're with friends ♪
Eve: That's right! I really think so too!
Eve: I think it's going to be a really good party, thanks to everyone! I can't wait ♪

Welcome To Eve's Home Party Event Story - Chapter 4
The Great Samurai

It's the day of the party. Eve puts on a certain costume for her friend...


The Day Of The Home Party
Eve's Residence - Living Room

Eve: Everyone's waiting! Please, come in!
Kasumi: Okay, sure~! ... Eve-chan, is that outfit what I think it is?
Eve: Yes, I got it jut for the home party! Do I look like a splendid samurai? Maya-san was kind enough to let me borrow it from her drama club's wardrobe!
Rimi: Wow! You look really cool, Eve-chan!
Arisa: I remember seeing "Shinsengumi outfit" written in the party proposal, but I didn't think you'd actually do it... That's some serious dedication.
Maya: We managed to get you dressed up on time too. It wouldn't have happened if Chisato-san and Yamabuki-san weren't here... Thank you so much.
Saaya: Oh, we should be thanking you for such an amazing opportunity to prepare an outfit like this.
Chisato: I'm just glad that we got you ready on time. Are the other preperations all okay, Eve-chan?
Eve: Y-yes...!
Tsugumi: Eve-chan, are you nervous? Are you okay? We'll be here for you if anything happens.
Eve: Thank you, everyone...! Okay! Hey, hey, hoh~!
All: Hoh~!!!
Himari: Aww, so that's how it feels like when everyone says hey, hey, hoh~ together...

A Few Minutes Later

???: Can I come in~?
Himari: Eve-chan! I think Hanne-chan is here!
Eve: Y-you're right...!
Hanne: Eve! Long time no see! How you been?
Eve: I've been great! I'm so glad to see you well, Hanne!
Himari: Wow~, Hanne's Japanese is really good.
Tsugumi: Y-you're right~...!
Hanne: I love your outfit, Eve! Are these your Japanese friends? Introduce them to me.
Eve: Sure!
Eve: Everyone, this is my friend from Finland, Hanne!
Hanne: Nice to meet you everyone, I'm Hanne.
Kasumi: Wow! Your Japanese is just as good as Eve-chan's. Nice to meet you~!
Eve: This is Kasumi-san. She's a friend from my class at school! Next to her is...

Hanne: Kasumi-san, Himari-san... Tsugumi-san... I think I remember everyone. It's so nice to meet you!
Eve: Look, Hanne! We made all of this just for you!
Hanne: What is it...?
Himari: Hand-rolled sushi! Just put some rice onto the nori, add the ingredients you wanna have, and roll it up.
Chisato: We prepared a nice variety of ingredients, so add anything to it that you like.
Hanne: Wow...! Everything looks delicious! What do you recommend, Eve?
Eve: Hmm, let's see... How about salmon and avocado? They're both things you're used to, right?
Himari: I recommend tuna and avocado too!
Hanne: They sound delicious...! I'll just have to try them both! First the rice, then the ingredients... Okay.
Hanne: Mmm...! They both tasted really good!
Tsugumi: Really?! That's so good to hear... Good choice, Eve-chan!
Eve: Y-yes!
Maya: By the way, how did you get here today, Hanne-san? Did you take the train?
Hanne: Yes, that's right! The trains here are really complicated... I got lost a couple of times just trying to get here.
Kasumi: That's true... The trains here can be really hard~. I still take the wrong one sometimes.
Tae: I take the wrong trains too!
Arisa: Don't say that loud and proud!
Eve: I had a very difficult time when I first arrived in Japan. I didn't know who to ask when I got lost... My Japanese wasn't very good either.
Eve: Ah...
Hanne: Eve? What's the matter?
Eve: N-no... It's nothing!
Eve: ...
Eve: (I have to tell Hanne that I lied to her... I have to tell her about how things were when I first got here...)
Tsugumi: E-Eve-chan! Umm...
Chisato: Tsugumi-chan. Let's leave this in Eve-chan's hands for a little bit longer.
Tsugumi: Aww, you're right...! Y-you can do it, Eve-chan...!
Eve: W-well... if you were having trouble with the trains, you could have contacted me and I would have...
Hanne: ... Eve. Can I ask you something?
Eve: Huh...?
Hanne: Are you hiding something from me...?

Welcome To Eve's Home Party Event Story - Chapter 5
Valuable Friends

Hanne has seen through Eve's lie. Having learned that, what will Eve do...?


Eve's Residence
Living Room

Eve: Umm...
Eve: Ugh...
Kasumi: Eve-chan! You can do it!
Himari: Eve-chan!
Eve: Kasumi-san, Himari-san...!
Eve: Hanne, I... I'm sorry!
Hanne: Huh?! E-Eve...?!
Eve: I... lied to you about something, Hanne. I said that I had made lots of friends.
Eve: But when I first arrived in Japan, I could barely speak any Japanese, and the truth is I didn't really make any friends.
Eve: I didn't want to make you worry, so I... I lied to you.
Eve: I'm sorry, Hanne... I...
Hanne: Eve...
Maya: It's not that E-Eve-san wanted to lie to you, umm... She did it for you...! ... Oh, I'm sorry I'm being assertive!
Tsugumi: Eve-chan is really thoughtful of her friends! You know that, right Hanne-chan? So, umm...
Eve: Maya-san, Tsugumi-san...!
Hanne: I know how thoughtful eve is of her friends. I also knew that Eve was lying about something.
Eve: Huh...?!
Hanne: Eve, your voice cracks whenever you're feeling guilty or trying to hide something. I guess it happens because you're such an honest person.
Hanne: That's how I knew you told me that you had made lots of friends just after you arrived in Japan, I also knew it was because you didn't want me to worry...
Eve: I'm so sorry... Hanne...
Hanne: I was a little worried if you'd made friends until I arrived today. But now I know I can rest easy!
Hanne: I can see that you have lots of lovely friends who support you and help you!
Rimi: That's right! Everyone here is a friend of Eve-chan's!
Saaya: Yeah, that's right.
Eve: Yes! Thank you so much, everyone!
Eve: Hanne. I want to apologize for lying to you. But there's nothing to worry about now. As you said, I have lots of special friends!
Hanne: Eve, thank you for opening up to me.
Eve: Aww, Hanne~!
Arisa: Uh oh, she's finally opened up the waterworks.
Himari: Aww, that was so touching, I think I'm gonna cry too~!
Chisato: Eve-chan, you must feel glad that you could open up to your friend like that. We're happy for you.
Eve: Chisato-san~!! Thank you~!!
Chisato: Kya! Hey, Eve-chan...! You're crushing me...!
Hanne: Fufu. You like your hugs, don't you Eve?
Eve: Yes! Hugs are a symbol of affection! Let's have one more huh, Hanne!
Tsugumi: Eve-chan seems to be enjoying herself. I guess she's back to normal now.
Saaya: Yeah! What a relief.
Hanne: Everyone, tell me more about Eve! I want to know what everyone does in Japan, and...
Hanne: I want to know what it is you like about Eve!
Arisa: Wh-what we... like?!
Kasumi: Heh heh~, no being shy, Arisa~! We have to tell Hanne absolutely everything!
Arisa: Sh-shut up! Argh, fine, I guess I don't have a choice!
Eve: Ehehe, I love you, Arisa-san!
Himari: I want to hear about how Eve-chan was back in Finland too, Hanne-chan!
Hanne: Of course! We have lots of memories we can share!
Kasumi: Okay! I'll go first and tell you about Eve-chan! This story is from when we had a Sakura party...

Welcome To Eve's Home Party Event Story - Ending
Lots of Compassion

Eve is back in the spirit of things and the party has ended. Eve shares what she felt...


Eve's Residence
Living Room

Himari: Phew, we talked so much today! That was so much fun~!
Tsugumi: Yeah! It was really fun hearing the stories about Eve-chan at Hanasakigawa too.
Hanne: Eve, you've joined so many clubs at school. And they're all things related to Japanese culture!
Eve: That's right! It is all for the sake of mastering bushido!
Hanne: Bushido...?
Eve: Bushido is the way of the warrior in Japan! It defines their mentality and way of thinking!
Eve: A warrior is disciplined in their beliefs, full of compassion, and has a lovely mentality!
Hanne: You want to be like one of these warriors, Eve?
Eve: That's right! That's why I felt like I had lost the right to be a warrior when I lied to you...
Eve: But thanks to the support of everyone here, I was able to open my heart and regain my bushido!
Arisa: This sounds kind of right, but kind of wrong all at the same time... Oh well, as long as Eve is happy.
Himari: Ahaha, that's true.
Maya: Eve-san really does talk about bushido a lot. She always tells us about it during breaks at rehearsals.
Chisato: That's true... I feel like I've learned some things about bushido now, thanks to Eve-chan.
Eve: I am so glad to hear that!
Chisato: ... Whether or not that information is accurate is a different story, mind you.

Rimi: We talked for such a long time, huh?
Eve: You're going to stay here tonight, right Hanne?
Hanne: Yeah, I think I will.
Eve: Thank you so much for today, everyone! It turned out to be a really fun day.
Kasumi: Same here! We had so much fun! Thanks, Eve-chan!
Saaya: It all worked out, Eve.
Arisa: Okay. Now all that's left is to clean up before we go home. Kasumi, don't even think about leaving.
Kasumi: I-I know, jeez~!
Eve: It's okay! I'll do it! You've already done so much for me today...
Chisato: What are you talking about? We chose to help you because we wanted to, you know? We're going to do everything, which includes the cleaning.
Hanne: I'll help too!
Eve: Even you too, Hanne?! You're my guest, I can't ask you to...
Hanne: You organized such a lovely party for me and it was really fun meeting your Japanese friends. I want to do something to show my appreciation towards them.
Eve: Hanne...! Thank you!
Himari: Okay, then let's do the clean up together! Hey, hey, hoh~!
Arisa: H-hoh~...?

Saaya: Kasumi, have you finished up over there?
Kasumi: Yep! All done!
Tsugumi: Hanne-chan, could you help me take out the trash?
Hanne: Of course! Leave it to me!
Maya: Eve-san, about the outfit you wore today... Uh, Eve-san?
Eve: ... Ah! Maya-san! What is it?
Maya: I was thinking that I'd like to take the outfit you used to the dry cleaners afterwards. Were you thinking about something, Eve-san?
Eve: I was just thinking about today. It was really fun..
Eve: Everyone here even helped out with the cleaning up... and seeing Hanne spending time with everyone made me feel that I have lots of really lovely friends.
Eve: Hanne, Maya-san, and everyone else... I'm so proud to call every single one of you my friends! I love you!
Maya: Eve-san... Fuhehe, I'm happy you think of us that way.
Eve: Kindness from ones friends... This is called compassion, isn't it? I felt so much compassion today!
Maya: Ahaha, that's a very Eve-san way of putting it!
Eve: I... feel like I took another step towards being a warrior today. I think that with friends like this, I'll be able to take even more steps in the future.
Maya: U-uh, yeah... I suppose you probably will.
Eve: Maya-san! I hope you always be there for me! I want you to watch over me as I become a warrior!
Maya: Ahaha... Of course, I'll always be right there!
Eve: Thank you so much! Okay Maya-san, let's hug!
Maya: Hue~?! U-um, I think this hugging thing is a bit too embarrassing for me~!

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