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Well-Loved Sheet Music Card Story - Episode

Shiratama Zenzai Sommelier


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi: ... Toko-chan still hasn't arrived.
Nanami: Well, we still have five more minutes until we're supposed to meet. Let's wait for her a bit more.
Mashiro: But she hasn't even messaged us or anything... What if something happened?
Rui: That is to be expected from her. She is someone who has shown up late to a student council summons without any prior notification.
Nanami: ... Oh, but it doesn't sound like she'll be late today~.
Touko: Hey guys~! That was close! I was almost late!
Tsukushi & Mashiro: Toko-chan!
Nanami: Ahaha, I heard you running~.
Touko: It's crazy hot outside! It totally feels like summer! You guys sure are early. I didn't expect you all to be here yet~!
Rui: You should always make sure to arrive with extra time. That way band practice will not suffer.
Touko: Hey, it's not like I was late or anything! And I even brought us snacks today, so you could say things worked out even better!
Tsukushi: Oh, what are they? You really brought us snacks?
Touko: Yeah! We had a guest at my place, and grandma told me to share these with you guys! Here you go!
Mashiro: Ooh...! Are these all zenzai soup?
Nanami: They even come in cups that make them easier to eat~. Ah, these ones have mochi in them.
Tsukushi: I know these desserts! They're supposed to taste better cold, right?
Touko: Mmhmm, evidently they're from a famous place that's been around for a hundred years or something.
Mashiro: Th-these must be very high-quality then...!
Touko: Ahaha, no need to freak out! It's just mochi and sweet beans! C'mon, let's eat!
Tsukushi: Yay~! Thanks, Toko-chan!
Rui: ... Kirigaya-san, what is the meaning of this?
Mashiro: Ah, Rui-san... Y-you're right. We should practice before we eat them.
Tsukushi: S-sorry, Rui-san! Come on, everyone. Let's practice! Get ready!
Rui: That is not what I meant.
Tsukushi: ...? I thought you were mad because we were about to eat without practicing.
Rui: No, I am bothered by Kirigaya-san's carelessness.
Touko: Huh? What for? What did I do?
Rui: It is currently July when high temperatures are the norm, yet you did not even use ice packs.
Nanami: W-well, they might be a bit warm... But they should still taste pretty good~.
Rui: No. As Futaba-san has said, these are intended to be eaten cold.
Rui: Once they are at room temperature, they will lose their flavor.
Touko: Huh~? A few degrees won't make that much of a difference!
Rui: Of course, it will. That is precisely why I stated that you are careless.
Touko: H-hey... Did I do something bad?
Nanami: ... Rui-rui, is it just me, or does it seem like you really like zenzai soup with mochi?
Rui: I do. My mother often purchases Japanese confections such as these.
Nanami: I knew it~. That's why you're acting kind of funny.
Tsukushi: I was so sure we were going to be scolded.
Mashiro: Y-yes... You must have really wanted to eat them when they tasted best.
Rui: It is only natural to want that.
Touko: Hey, hey, hey, I'm the one who brought these, you know?! You don't have to eat them if you don't want to!
Rui: I merely pointed out the issue with how you went about serving them. I shall gladly eat them.
Mashiro: O-oh... So you're eating them, after all...
Rui: ...
Tsukushi: Well? Is it good?
Rui: ... Yes.
Nanami: You've always seemed kind of robotic, so I never thought you had this side to you~.
Tsukushi: Rui-san's given her permission, so let's start eating!
Mashiro: O-okay...! Ah, but look, there are so many kinds.
Tsukushi: You're right. Rui-san, do you have any recommendations?
Rui: ... I chose the most basic one, but the one with matcha mousse is supposed to be popular.
Nanami: Ooh, I'm taking that one then~.
Mashiro: I-I don't like bitter things that much...
Rui: Then I would recommend the one with pudding at the bottom.
Mashiro: Wow... I'll try that one, then.
Tsukushi: I'm glad there's something you like, Mashiro-chan! I'll go for... the one with warabi mochi!
Rui: Do not forget to pour the brown sugar syrup that comes with it.
Tsukushi: Fufu, you're like a connoisseur, Rui-san!
Rui: I just happen to remember, that is all.
Touko: ... Hey~, you guys are acting as if Rui's the one that brought them! I'm the one who did!
Nanami: Don't worry, I'm grateful to you, too~.
Rui: Thank you. That was delicious, Kirigaya-san.
Touko: I-I don't feel like I'm being thanked at all~!

Well-Loved Sheet Music Card Story - Special Episode

The Definition of Hard



Marina: Thanks for helping me carry all this stuff inside! I'm so glad you were around to help~.
Marina: Want some coffee? Consider it my way of saying thanks... Hm? Is that Rui-chan over there? It looks like she's writing something...
Rui: ...
Marina: Hi, Rui-chan. Studying?
Rui: ... Hello, Tsukishima-san, BanG Dreamer-san. I am not studying. I am composing.
Marina: Oh, you're right. I thought it was a notebook, but it's actually sheet music. Is this Morfonica's new song?
Rui: Yes. I already finished it before, but I have to make some adjustments.
Marina: I see. Making some improvements then?
Rui: No, I am changing the instrument for the song's highlight from the violin to the guitar.
Marina: Oh~! Doesn't that mean it was originally supposed to be for the violin? Why are you changing it to the guitar?
Rui: Kirigaya-san said she wished to play this part. Initially, I turned down her request.
Marina: Ah, I think Toko-chan mentioned something about how you weren't listening to her.
Rui: At the time of her request, I had concluded that she lacked both the skill and amount of practice to handle the phrase.
Rui: Given her tendency of being too lax, I did not expect her to be able to play it.
Marina: But Toko-chan is going to be playing the phrase, right? Does that mean she worked hard to be able to perform it?
Rui: Yes, but only barely. It is still not in a state to be played at a concert.
Rui: However, considering her previous record, she has been practicing considerably. Her skill has also improved in a short period of time.
Rui: I determined she should be able to perform the phrase in time for our next expected concert. That is why I agreed to her request.
Marina: Wow... That's amazing! Since the problem's been solved, you can all focus on practicing now!
Rui: No, it has not been solved quite yet. This decision is a provisional one based only on current conditions.
Rui: Should any problems arise, I will use the original violin phrase.
Marina: Y-you're pretty strict, huh...?
Rui: Am I? If she cannot play it, it is only logical to do so.
Marina: Hmm... Well, that possibility may help her improve.
Rui: I do not know. However, speaking of Kirigaya-san, I wish she could have played it from the start.
Rui: It would be less work that way.
Marina: Ahaha... Well, try not to fight with her too much.
Rui: That will not be a problem. I merely state facts.