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What We're Looking For! Card Story - Episode

Happy Prizes


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2-E

Tae: Say, why don't we eat lunch together today? Kasumi and the others were talking about inviting everyone to meet on the roof.
Eve: Wow, what a lovely idea! This nice weather will certainly make the food all the more delicious!
Tae: Agreed. Want to come, Hagumi?
Hagumi: Hmmm...
Tae: What's wrong, Hagumi? Are you not feeling well?
Eve: This is terrible! We must hurry and take her to the nurse's office!
Hagumi: Ah, no! My tummy is fine!
Hagumi: My dad gave me a job to do... but I have no idea how to do it~!
Eve: A job...? What kind?
Hagumi: He asked me to come up with an idea to bring in more customers for the next festival, but I can't think of anything~.
Tae: I see. Alright, we'll help you brainstorm.
Eve: When a friend is in need, it only makes sense to lend a helping hand!
Hagumi: You don't mind?! Thanks, you guys~!
Eve: Fufu, you're welcome ♪ Hm, a new marketing style... That sounds difficult.
Eve: What would be most appealing to you, Tae-san?
Tae: Good question~. I think rabbits would work best. You could offer a ten minute petting session with a rabbit for every croquette purchased, for example.
Hagumi: Wow, nice idea! Rabbits sure are cute!
Hagumi: Tasting our croquettes while petting fluffy rabbits would definitely make the customers smile!
Hagumi: Ah, but I don't think animals are allowed in our shop...
Tae: Aw, that's too bad. What would you like to see, Eve?
Eve: A mighty warrior! I would find it very exciting to be served by a samurai!
Tae: A samurai... That might work. Hey, Hagumi. Let's give it a try.
Hagumi: Sure! Okay, a samurai... Think like a samurai...
Hagumi: Greetings, townsfolk. Sharpen your mind with our, um... delicious croquettes! They will help you... overcome any foe...
Hagumi: Ooo, I don't make for a very good samurai. It's way too much for me...
Tae: It does seem tough... Hm? Hagumi, that strap on your bag is new, right?
Eve: It's shaped like a tasty morsel with an adorable face drawn on! How wonderful!
Hagumi: Ah, I got this at the candy lady's place~!
Tae: Candy lady...? Cool name.
Hagumi: The candy lady is the woman who runs the candy store!
Hagumi: Nanamin was trying to collect the prizes that come with a certain snack, so I helped out by taking her there.
Hagumi: This strap is a prize from one of the snacks that Nanamin recommended~.
Eve: A prize from a snack... Ah, that's it!
Eve: Hagumi-san, this is the solution! Why not add extra gifts to your products?
Hagumi: Huh? But we already give out croquettes as freebies.
Eve: No, you should give out a different kind of prize!
Hagumi: Wow, that's a great idea!
Tae: The more variety you have, the more customers like Nanami you can bring in.
Hagumi: Yeah! Everyone will wonder what they can get! What kind of stuff should we go with?
Eve: Samurai warriors! The heart of Japan lies within bushido!
Tae: Don't forget rabbits. Cute and fluffy ones. Oh, and Hamburg steaks.
Hagumi: Samurai, rabbits, and Hamburg steaks... You guys come up with the best ideas~! I think my dad is really going to like these!
Eve: Fufu, I cannot wait to see the prizes that you decide on!
Tae: Let me know when you finish. I'll be sure to check them out.
Hagumi: Sure thing! Definitely look forward to it!
Hagumi: Oh, hey! You should stop by on your way home today! Croquettes are on the house for helping me out!
Eve: Fufu, how exciting! Your croquettes are a delicacy.
Tae: Okay, I'll be sure to make room for some. Can't wait.
Hagumi: Hehehe, we have the best croquettes in the country!

What We're Looking For! Card Story - Special Episode

Welcome to the Downtown Area


Downtown - Kitazawa Meats

Marina: Mmm, that smells good~. That must be Hagumi-chan's croquettes. Want to stop by and have a look?
Hagumi: Welcome~, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Hello. Are you helping out at the store today?
Hagumi: Sure am. I don't have any band rehearsal or softball practice, so Dad asked me to lend a hand.
Hagumi: We just took a batch of croquettes out of the fryer~!
Marina: Oh, so that's where the wonderful smell was coming from. Alright, we'll have two, please!
Hagumi: Thank you~! I'll have Dad get them for you! It'll only take a second!
Hagumi: Oh yeah, Nanamin stopped by the other day to buy some too!
Marina: Wow, that must have been quite the trip for her. Tsukinomori is pretty far from here, isn't it?
Hagumi: Well, the whole reason she came out here was to look for snacks! There was some special prize that she wanted to collect.
Hagumi: So I decided to help with the search! We even went to the candy lady's candy store!
Marina: I see. Fufu, that sounds like fun!
Hagumi: It was! I was shocked that Nanamin knows so much about snacks!
Hagumi: I hope she'll come downtown again soon~. She only got to see our place and the candy store last time.
Hagumi: There's also Yamabuki Bakery, Hazawa Coffee, and that house with all the cute kitties in it! I want to show her all the fun places around here!
Marina: Fufu, I'm sure you know places that even we're unfamiliar with, Hagumi-chan.
Hagumi: Oh, I know! I can show you guys around too!
Marina: Like a downtown tour? That does sound exciting!
Hagumi: Hehehe, then it's a promise!