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What a Wonderful World! Event Story - Opening
First Ever Release Event!

Pastel✽Palettes have just finished rehearsal when a new job comes their way...!


Talent Agency
Meeting Room

Aya: Hmhmhmm ♪ Hmhmm~♪
Eve: Oh, is that our new song you're humming?
Aya: Yup! I really like that phrase~.
Maya: Ah, I like that part too!
Aya: Really? Ehehe, I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one ♪ I can't wait to perform it live!
Agency Staff: Great job today, everyone!
All: Thank you!
Agency Staff: Today we'd like to tell you about your next assignment.
Hina: Oooh~? What is it? What is it? I wanna go to another deserted island!
Agency Staff: N-no... It's not another deserted island... We'd like to do a release event to go along with your new single!
Hina: A release event? What's that?
Agency Staff: It's an event where fans who bought your album get the chance to talk with you girls! We plan on doing a small talk show, and then a meet-and-greet!
Aya: W-wow~! We've finally reached the point where we can have that kind of event too, huh?! We actually did it~...!!
Chisato: But form the beginning we've been told to avoid interactions with our fans as much as possible... Especially Aya-chan... Is it really okay to have an event like this?
Agency Staff: That policy was created when Pastel✽Palettes was first formed to protect you girls. However, public opinion toward the group has become a lot more positive as of late...
Agency Staff: So we thought now would be a good time to start doing these type of events. What do you all think?
Eve: It sounds like fun! I'd love the chance to meet with our fans!
Maya: I-I'm a little nervous, but... I'd like to give it a try!
Chisato: I'd also like to do this type of thing, but... Aya-chan, how do you feel about it? Will you be alright?
Aya: O-of course! This is something I've always wanted to do! Besides, we can't avoid these events forever...
Chisato: True. Then I'm fine with it as well.
Hina: Well, if everyone else is doing it, then I will too, but I still don't get what we're gonna do at this thing.
Aya: It's an event where we hand out CDs and promo shots. Our fans also get to talk with us for a little bit too!
Hina: Why would we talk to them?
Chisato: Our fans are always supporting us and coming to our shows, but it's not every day they get a chance to talk with us in real life, right?
Hina: Yeah, I suppose~.
Chisato: Well, at this event, they get to do just that. Think of it as a way for us to show our loyal fans our appreciation.
Aya: And they won't be the only ones with something to say! This will be an opportunity for us to thank them directly!
Eve: I see... So we're spreading the love!
Maya: Uhm... I think that's a little different.
Aya: Ahaha... But maybe not too different. Our fans will share their feelings with us, and then we'll be showing our thanks in return. So you could say we're "spreading the love" in a sense!
Hina: Spreading... the love? Hmm... Is this something a lot of performers do?
Aya: You could say that... I think a lot of idol groups do it.
Hina: Hm, okay. Maybe I'll understand after I do it. You can count me in!
Agency Staff: Thank you, everyone! Then we'll begin making all the necessary preparations. We hope you're looking forward to it!
Aya: Can you believe it?! A launch party~! It's like a dream come true~!
Eve: Is launch party another way of saying release event? It has such a lovely ring to it ♪
Maya: Aw man, I've already got butterflies in my stomach...
Chisato: Maya-chan, it's far too early for that.
Aya: I wanted to have this kind of event ever since I started training to become an idol, and now I finally get to! I'm so happy! I hope lots of people show up!
Chisato: Oh, that's right. Hey, Hina-chan. I bet a lot of people will come to the meet-and-greet just to see you. Doesn't that sound exciting.
Hina: I understand that, but... I still can't really picture it~.
Aya: It may not make sense to you now, but I'm sure you'll be really boppin' the day of!
Hina: Aya-chan, do you even know what boppin' means~?
Aya: Huh?! U-uhm... B-boppin' means...
Maya: Fufu, Aya-san, there's a perfect way to respond at times like this!
Aya: R-really? What is it?
Maya: "Basically, it's... You know." If you say that, the problem takes care of itself!
Chisato: Maya-chan, I think you've been hanging around Kaoru too much...
Eve: So... What do I know?
Hina: Ahaha! Basically, you know! Well, as long as we do our best, that's all that matters! It's fine!
Aya: Is this really fine?!

What a Wonderful World! Event Story - Chapter 1
Not Understanding Is Fun?

Aya and the others practice to prepare for their meet-and-greet.
Then, on her way home, Hina is approached by a fan...


The Next Day
Rehearsal Studio

Maya: Great work today, everyone!
Eve: You all were amazing!
Aya: Hey, does anyone have plans after this?
Chisato: Plans? Hmm... No, I'm free.
Eve: Me too! Are you looking to practice some more?
Aya: Ah... Well, I suppose you could call it that... I want to practice for the meet-and-greet.
Hina: Practice for the meet-and-greet...?
Aya: Y-yes! I know I'm terrible at improvising... So if everyone could pretend to be different types of fans, then I can prepare!
Eve: Oh, I get it! That's such an Aya-san thing to do! Well, let's give it a try!
Maya: U-uhm, I-I'd also like to practice!

Eve: Okay, then I will be the fan... Uhm~... Hello, Aya-san! It's nice to meet you!
Aya: Hello! Thank you so much for coming today! Where are you from?
Eve: Finland! I love you, Aya-san!
Aya: F-Finland?! I-I mean, thank you for traveling so far to see me. A-and thank you for the kind words...
Eve: Please come to Finland next time!
Aya: O-okay, th-thank you!
Chisato: ... Aya-chan, you've just been saying "thank you" over and over again.
Aya: Ohh~...
Hina: Ahaha! That was very you, though. It was hilarious.
Aya: I don't want it to be that kind of hilarious~...
Maya: Aya-san! I wanna be able to talk with our fans more easily too. And we still have time until the actual event, so let's practice together!
Aya: Okay, thank you...!

Walking Home

Hina: Chisato-chan! Let's walk home together!
Chisato: Hina-chan, I see you're done for the day. Are those three still practicing?
Hina: Yup, looks like it. I don't really get the point though. They should just go with the flow, you know?
Chisato: Fufu. Well, some people can do that, and others can't... You find that to be entertaining though, don't you?
Hina: Yeah, that's true. ... Oh! A message from Kokoro-chan!
Chisato: That's right... You two get along pretty well, correct?
Hina: Uh-huh! We're both members of the astronomy clubs at our schools, so sometimes we get together to do club activities!
Chisato: Oh? I didn't know that. But wait... I thought Kokoro-chan was the only member of the astronomy club at our school...
Hina: Yup! Same with my school! It's just me!
Chisato: I-I see...
Hina: Sometimes I'll get people who are interested in joining, but last time someone came to a meeting, they said they didn't "get me" and never came back.
Chisato: ... Well, I suppose that's what would happen if they're talking to you.
Hina: That's what my sister said too. You know though, that girl said they didn't really get me, but I don't really get other people either.
Hina: Even people like Aya-chan.
Chisato: Fufu. But isn't that part of the fun for you?
Hina: It is! You always know exactly what I'm thinking, Chisato-chan!
Fan: U-uhm, excuse me!
Hina: Hm? Who're you?
Fan: Are you Hina-chan and Chisato-chan from Pastel✽Palettes?
Hina: Yup, that's right~.
Fan: Wow! H-Hina-chan, I'm such a huge fan! C-can I shake your hand?
Hina: My hand? Sure, I guess.
Fan: R-really?! Th-thank you so much~!!
Hina: My fan, huh...? Wow! Hey, so what do you actually like about me?
Fans: U-uhm... You can do anything, for one...
Hina: So you called out to me because you're a fan? Are all fans like this?
Fan: I-I'm sorry... I know you're not working right now...
Hina: What? No, no! I'm not mad! I was just curious, that's all! Actually, I'm having a lot of fun! This is so fascinating!
Chisato: W-well, this was nice, wasn't it, Hina-chan?
Hina: Yeah! I didn't really know what to expect from a fan, but this is pretty interesting!
Chisato: U-uhm, you'll have to excuse her. Thank you for calling out to us.
Fan: Eek~! I can't believe Chisato-chan just said that to me! I'm so happy! And I just love that about you, Hina-chan!
Hina: Hm? Love what about me?
Chisato: Hina-chan, we should really get going...
Hina: Oh yeah! What do you think of Aya-chan? She's like my total opposite, right? Do you like her too?
Fan: H-huh...?
Chisato: H-Hina-chan! We have to get to our next appointment. Let's go. Thank you! We hope you'll continue supporting us!

Chisato: Phew...
Hina: Wow, fans sure are amusing! Why would you call out to someone in the street like that? And I don't get why she's my fan at all!
Chisato: You know, you'll get to talk to lots of "other people" you don't know yet at the meet-and-greet.
Hina: Oh yeah, you're right! Now I'm really looking forward to it! Sounds like it'll be totally boppin' I can't wait~!
Chisato: (I'm glad Hina-chan found a way to be interested in this, but... I'm not sure this is the way...)

What a Wonderful World! Event Story - Chapter 2
Let the Release Event Begin!

It's the day of the release event, and the unique appeal
of each Pastel✽Palettes' member is on display for the world.


Day of the Event
Event Hall

Aya: Hello everyone, and thank you all for coming to Pastel✽Palettes' release event!
MC: Today I'd like to ask you all about your new single, as well as a little about yourselves and your band.
All: Thank you so much for having us!
MC: This is your first time doing an event like this, correct? How does it feel?
Chisato: We've never been able to talk with our fans on such a personal level, so I'm very excited ♪
Maya: I-I'm super nervous...!
Aya: M-me thoo! ... Oh... Oops...
Eve: Will you be okay, Aya-san? Make sure to relax and breathe!
Hina: Ahaha! That's Aya-chan for you~!
Aya: H-Hina-chan~!
MC: You all have different backgrounds... Maruyama-san was an idol in training. Shirasagi-san is an actress, Wakamiya-san has experience as a model, and Yamato-san's a session musician...
MC: Hikawa-san, it seems you weren't originally planning to become a professional. Is that correct?
Hina: Yup! That's right~. I started playing guitar after seeing my sister play...
Hina: Then I auditioned for Pastel✽Palettes because it seemed interesting. I passed, which is how I joined the band!
Eve: Hina-san is amazing! She can master anything super fast!
Hina: Ehehe~. Well, that's true! That's why when I first met Aya-chan, I didn't understand why she couldn't do anything, even with all that practice! Actually, I still don't get it!
MC: O-ohh...?! A bombshell admission from Hikawa-san?!
Fan: Wow, Hina-chan is more of a loose cannon than I thought... Is her agency really okay with her saying that?
Aya: H-Hina-chan~! Don't say stuff like that~!
Maya: Ahaha... We were all shocked by Hina-san's words and actions at first too, but now we can't imagine her any other way.
Aya: That's true. And since personal feelings and opinions of others don't affect her, we can always count on her to speak her mind.
Aya: There have also been times where we've had realizations because of what she said.
Chisato: That's right. Her words have even served as motivation for me.
Hina: Uhm~, but I think the reason I say a lot of things is because I don't understand other people's feelings. Kinda like the time when we upset Chisato-chan.
MC: I-it sounds like you might be even more unique than the fans imagined, Hikawa-san...!
Hina: Oh yeah! And while I still don't understand Aya-chan, Maya-chan taught me something really important. She taught me that there are things Aya-chan can't do because she's not me.
Hina: And after hearing that, I became so interested in others! People who aren't me are just full of things I don't understand!
Hina: Especially people like Aya-chan! That's what makes being in Pastel✽Palettes super fun!
Chisato: And that's why you were really looking forward to today, right? You get to meet a lot of other people.
Hina: Yeah, I'm pumped! At first, I didn't understand the point of having a meet-and-greet. I thought, "Why would anyone come to an event like this?"
Hina: Ah! You over there! Hey, why did you come today?
Fan: H-huh? U-uhm...
Aya: H-Hina-chan! You can ask that later at the meet-and-greet, not now~!
Hina: Aww, come on~! Why not~? It's fine~.
Maya: B-but we have to stick to the program!
MC: Yamato-san, I'll take care of sticking to the program.
Maya: Ah! I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to...
Eve: Maya-san, don't worry! It's okay!
Chisato: ... Well, I think this exchange has given everyone a glimpse into our group dynamic, wouldn't you say? What do you think, everyone?
Fan: Wow, this is so interesting!
Fan: They're all really cute~!
Chisato: Thank you, all ♪
MC: Thank you, Shirasagi-san! Now that we know so much about Hikawa-san, I'd like to learn a little more about everyone else's background!
MC: Let's start with Maruyama-san. Could you tell us more about your days as an idol in training?
Aya: S-sure!! Uhm, I started training to become an idol in...
Hina: (Everyone's so invested in Aya-chan's story... How interesting~. I guess that means everyone wants to know about her.)
Hina: (I have so many questions for our fans... Oh~, I'm so excited! I can't wait for the meet-and-greet!)

What a Wonderful World! Event Story - Chapter 3
Meet-and-Greet -Part One-

It's finally time for the meet-and-greet.
What does Hina's fan say to her...?


Dressing Room

Hina: Meet and greet ♪ Meet and greet ♪
Eve: Hina-san, you seem even more boppin' than usual!
Hina: That's because I am~! Think about all the people we get to meet! I'm so excited~!
Staff: Girls, the event is about to begin. Get ready, please!
All: Okay!!

Event Hall

Hina: Whoa~! So you're from Hokkaido~! That's super duper far~! Why'd you come all the way here?
Fan: What do you mean "why"? To meet you, Hina-chan~!
Hina: But why'd you wanna meet me? Do you like me that much?
Fan: Ahaha, you're so weird, Hina-chan~! Of course I like you! Keep up the good work!
Hina: Hey, hey! Why are you a fan of mine?
Fan: Huh?! U-uhm... I guess because you're so energetic, and a little strange... Plus you can do everything...?
Hina: Strange? Me? What's so strange about me?
Staff: H-Hina-san! I'm sorry, we have to keep the line moving...
Hina: What~?! Wait, can you tell me what you mean by "strange"?! ... I guess not. I wonder what they meant.
Hina: Hey, the last fan just called me strange... Do you think that's true?
Fan: What?! Uhm... Yeah, maybe...
Hina: So you think so too, huh? What about me makes you say that? To me, hearing someone say that is even stranger~.
Staff: And that concludes the first half of the meet-and-greet! Please make sure you have all your belongings, and exit through the door on the far side!

Dressing Room

Aya: Phew... I was so nervous~!
Maya: M-me too!
Eve: But this is so much fun! I've gotten to talk about bushido with so many fans!
Chisato: Hina-chan, what did you think of your first meet-and-greet?
Hina: It was super interesting! But I still don't get why everyone likes me so much~.
Hina: When I asked, they all said it was because I'm "strange" or that I'm being "weird". That's the same thing the girl at the Astronomy Club's meeting said.
Chisato: I see. That probably means people are captivated by your personality, and see it as part of your charm. I'd take it as a compliment.
Hina: I'll go with that, I guess~. Especially since they're all saying it... It's just really confusing to me that they'd all say the same thing~.
Chisato: Fufu. Well, that's just how meet-and-greets are. Now, let's enjoy the second half.
Hina: Oh, don't worry, I plan on it! Getting to meet and talk to people who aren't me is so fun!
Aya: We took all of that time to practice, and I didn't make good use of any of it~... Eve-chan, Maya-chan, I'm so sorry.
Eve: Please don't apologize! I'm certain that all of our fans understand that you're doing your very best!
Maya: It's not like I'm much better... I couldn't say what I wanted to at all...
Hina: Wow, really? Wouldn't it be better if you just stop thinking about it and just say what comes to mind?
Aya: Sigh... I know you're a special case, Hina-chan, but I still can't help but be jealous...
Hina: Ahaha! Well, time to make sure this second half is as boppin' as the first~♪

What a Wonderful World! Event Story - Chapter 4
Meet-and-Greet -Part Two-

Meet-and-greet, part two.
After going to see how the other members are doing, Hina notices something...


Meet-and-Greet - Second Half
Event Hall

Chisato: Hello. Thank you so much for you support ♪ ... Oh, those earrings are so cute. Are those flowers?
Fan: Y-yes! The color and shape reminded me of you, so I decided to wear them here!
Chisato: I'm happy to hear you were thinking of me ♪ I hope you'll continue to support us ♪
Hina: Huh? My answers were really funny so you decided to come talk to me? Ahaha, what kind of reason is that~?!
Fan: But it's true! I just love how weird you are, Hina-chan~! Please don't ever change!
Hina: So I'm weird, huh? Fascinating!
Staff: Great work, Hina-san. It looks like things are starting to calm down, so we'll have you girls go on break in shifts. Take a breather.
Hina: Okay~!
Hina: ... Everyone who's come by sure is interesting though! I wonder why they all say the same thing.
Hina: How are the other girls talking to their fans? Let's take a peek~♪

Fan: Aya-chan! I'm such a huge fan! I-I... U-uhm...
Aya: I-is everything alright?!
Fan: I-I'm sorry! I'm so nervous, I forgot what I was going to say!
Aya: Wh-what?! Oh no! I-is there anything I can do to help you remember?! Uhm... Let's see...
Hina: (Ahaha, those two are just like each other! It's as if Aya-chan's talking to herself!

Fan: I love you, Eve-chan! You're a real inspiration to us all!
Eve: What are you talking about?! It is I who loves you! I'm so lucky to have your support! Thank you!
Fan: Eek~! I'll always be there for you, Eve-chan!!
Hina: (Eve-chan is the same as always! But why does she love her fan? What makes them like each other?)

Maya: Oh! That T-shirt is from the famous instrument company, right?! I'm a huge fan of theirs!
Maya: They're most famous for their guitars, but the real hidden gem is their audio cables... Especially when working with low pitches-- Ah, sorry... I'm rambling, aren't I...? Huhehe...

Hina: You can really see everyone's personalities come out during their meet-and-greets.
Hina: ...
Hina: (They're all so different, yet they're all having a lot of fun talking with their fans...)
Hina: Hmm~? What is this feeling?
Hina: ... I'm enjoying myself, but this is something else... Something weird.
Staff: Hina-san~! Are you ready to get back out there?
Hina: Yup! Coming~!
Hina: ... Well, whatever!

Chisato: Hello ♪ It's nice to meet you.
Fan: Hello~! I just met Hina-chan, and man, she sure is odd! Is it hard being in the same band as her?
Chisato: Hina-chan has a very unique way of expressing herself, but I think that uniqueness really give us the push we need ♪
Fan: Yeah, I could see that! Hanging out with her every day must be a riot!
Chisato: ... I hope you'll think of me every once in a while too.
Fan: ...! I see what you're trying to do, Chisato-chan~.

Chisato: ... Phew.
Chisato: (From here, it looks like Hina-chan is speaking with her fans professionally, but after what that last person said, I'm starting to get a little worried...)
Hina: Hmm... What could it be...?

What a Wonderful World! Event Story - Chapter 5
There's Only One Me!

The girls have finished getting through the day's activities when
Hina realized what made her feel uneasy during the event.


After the Meet-and-Greet
Dressing Room

Eve: Great work today at the meet-and-greet, everyone!
Aya: You too, Eve-chan~... Phew~...
Maya: I-I still can't believe how many people came to see us...
Eve: There were some who came through my line multiple times! One of them told me they call it "making loops"!
Hina: Oh~, I had people like that in my line too. Why would they get back in line so many times?
Eve: I think that means they really like you, Hina-san! If it was Sayo-san, you'd want to talk with her as many times as you could, right? It's the same for your fans!
Hina: Ah! It makes so much more sense when you put it like that!
Aya: Hey, look! Lots of people are talking about the event online!
Maya: Let's see... "Maya-chan actually knows her stuff when it comes to music. What a surprise. We have so much in common. I wish we could be friends"... Huhehe. Aww, shucks.
Aya: "Eve-chan was so stylish, and she had such a bright glow. It was like looking at an angel. I think I'm an even bigger fan of hers now~." Did you hear that?!
Eve: Such kind words... I'm flattered.
Chisato: You have a lot of female fans, Eve-chan. As expected of someone who's done modeling.
Aya: Here's one about you, Chisato-chan! "Her responses felt a little rehearsed and stiff, but when she complimented my outfit and accessories, I was thrilled! She knew exactly what she was doing."
Maya: "When I told her I've been enjoying her work recently, she said, 'Only recently?' That really made my heart skip a beat. She's so clever." Ch-Chisato-san... You're really good at this stuff...
Chisato: I noticed a fan was wearing yellow, flower-shaped accessories to match my stage outfit, so I decided to compliment them.
Eve: I can't believe you noticed that, Chisato-san! Next time, I'm going to pay attention to my fans' accessories too!
Maya: Here's a couple about you, Hina-san! "When I told her I came from the countryside to see her, she asked why. Not the response you'd usually expect, but I really liked that about her."
Eve: "Hina-chan was just like she is on TV, a real one-of-a-kind oddball. I don't think I'd ever get tired seeing that from her."
Aya: Sounds like people didn't really understand what you were saying, but that very quality is what makes them like you.
Hina: Oh yeah, I had someone in my line that was a lot like you, Aya-chan!
Aya: Like me? What do you mean?
Hina: Once they got to the front, they got really quiet. I was wondering what happened, and then they told me, "I'm sorry. I'm so nervous I forgot what I was going to say!"
Hina: The way she got all panicky really reminded me of you! I couldn't help but laugh.
Aya: Maybe I did get nervous and panic when I met Ayumi-san... Wait! You're the one who stands out out here, not me~! There's no one else like you in the world!
Hina: No one else... Ah! That's it!! That's exactly it!!
Aya: Wah! Wh-what is it?
Hina: So, I had a good time today. I got to talk to a bunch of people who aren't me! But halfway through, something just didn't... feel right... ? I guess you could say...
Hina: I didn't really get it, but what you just said cleared it all up, Aya-chan!
Maya: Uhm~... Meaning...?
Hina: Well, I met someone who was like Aya-chan and lots of other different types of people, but I didn't meet anyone like me!
Hina: I was excited to do the meet-and-greet so I could meet all sorts of people who are different from me, and that's exactly what happened! You guys, there's only one me!
Aya: ... Eve-chan, did you understand any of that?
Eve: I did not... Maya-san... Translation, please.
Maya: Uhm... As far as I can tell... I think she's saying she's the one and only Hina-san. That there's no one else like her in the world.
Maya: Even among all those people, there wasn't one person that reminded her of herself. And that made her feel something that she couldn't describe. Is that it, Hina-san?
Hina: Yeah, yeah! That's exactly it! Everyone kept telling me how strange I was, but from my point of view, they're the strange ones!
Hina: Everyone agrees that I'm a weirdo, but is there anyone out there who would agree with me that the fans are the weird ones? Nope!
Hina: So I kept thinking, "Why is that?" But now I have the answer! It's because they're not me!
Chisato: Hina-chan...

Hina: Sometimes I'll get people who are interested in joining, but last time someone came to a meeting, they said they didn't "get me" and never came back.
Chisato: ... Well, I suppose that's what would happen if they're talking to you.
Hina: That's what my sister said too. You know though, that girl said they didn't really get me, but I don't really get other people either.

Chisato: (Unable to understand others, while the others are unable to understand you... That's what being a genius must be like.)
Maya: That's a pretty unique way to think about a meet-and-greet, but... I think it's great that you see it that way, Hina-san.
Eve: ... "The one and only"... That sounds so cool!
Aya: I think so too! I could never think up the things you do, Hina-chan!
Hina: There isn't anyone~, not one person, out there who is like me~. That's what so fascinating! Hmm~, yup! Other people are just so interesting~! I'm so glad we did a meet-and-greet!
Chisato: That's nice to hear.
Chisato: (No one to understand you... Unable to understand others... If it were me... how would I feel?)
Chisato: ...

What a Wonderful World! Event Story - Ending
Everyone's the Most Interesting!

The event is over and the girls are on their way home when Hina
shares her thoughts about the meet-and-greet...?


Walking Home

Aya: Is it okay if I upload this photo to my blog?
Eve: Of course! Maya-san, what a lovely smile ♪
Maya: Huhehe... I can feel my heart start to race whenever I see myself on your blog, Aya-san.
Aya: Huh~?! But we're in the same band! You're silly~.
Hina: Hmhmm ♪ Hey, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: Yes?
Hina: Didn't we run into that fan around here, before the meet-and-greet? Talking to them is what got me looking forward to the event in the first place.
Hina: My excitement was also thanks to everything you explained to me. Thanks a million!
Chisato: It's nothing you need to thank me for. I'm glad you found a way to enjoy the day.
Hina: Yeah! You know, everyone says they don't get me... That girl at the Astronomy Club meeting, all the fans from today...
Hina: But you guys in Pastel✽Palettes try so hard to do just that! And I really appreciate it ♪
Chisato: Hina-chan... Say, Hina-chan...
Hina: What's up?
Chisato: Doesn't the idea that there's no one out there that understands you make you feel lonely?
Hina: Lonely...?
Chisato: Do you... remember when I got mad at everyone for assuming I could do anything, without knowing the real me or how hard I worked?
Chisato: I understand now that that was my own fault for closing myself off from the rest of you, but... at the time, I felt a certain loneliness along with that anger.
Chisato: It felt like there wasn't anyone out there who understood me...
Hina: Nah, I don't think I feel lonely at all~. But that's because I'm not you!
Hina: I guess you can say I feel more certain about my sense of self because of all the people who aren't me. At least, that's what it feels like.
Hina: So actually, it'd probably be scarier if there was someone like me out there. If I couldn't even understand them, what would that make me?
Chisato: ... You never cease to amaze me, Hina-chan. I could never be like you.
Hina: And you shouldn't have to be ♪ That's what makes you Chisato-chan. Ah, but...
Hina: About that time you just mentioned... I really upset you, and I'm sorry.
Chisato: It's okay. It was because that happened that I felt okay with being myself.
Hina: Is that so? I guess it's fine then ♪
Eve: Aya-san, look at this comment! "I'm so glad I've followed Aya since her time as a trainee. She was shining way more today than she ever did before"...!
Aya: ...!!
Maya: That's great, Aya-san!!
Aya: W-wah... Wahhh~!! I'm so happy~!!
Hina: Ahaha! Look, she's overcome with emotions~!
Eve: Congratulations, Aya-san! I'm so happy for you!
Chisato: Hey now, your face is a mess. Pull yourself together.
Aya: I-I'm sorry~!
Hina: Sigh~. Meeting all those people and realizing I really am the only me out there... That was really fun and all, but...
Hina: When it comes to being interesting, the members of Pastel✽Palettes are still number one~! I love you guys!
Chisato: (... Imagine learning that there's no one else like you in the world and thinking about it the way that she does. Could anyone else pull that off?)
Chisato: (In a sense, that means Hina-chan really is one-of-a-kind.)
Hina: Chisato-chan! You okay? Something on your mind?
Chisato: Huh? Oh, yes... Nothing big though.
Hina: What is it? I wanna know! Hey, hey, Chisato-chan! I want more time to talk to other people! Let's have some tea!
Chisato: Huh?! You mean now? But it's getting rather late...
Hina: What~?! It's fine! Oh, I've got it. Why don't we have a sleepover at my place?! Come on~!
Chisato: N-no... I have to be at the studio early tomorrow morning...
Hina: That's okay, we can just talk all night, and in the morning, I'll walk you there! See, it all works out~! Come on, Chisato-chan~!

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  • Aya is shown humming the beginning of the chorus for Mou Ichido Luminous in the beginning of the opening chapter.