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Where Curiosity Leads Card Story - Episode

I'll Be the Best Zombie Ever


Shopping Mall - Zombie Film Exhibition

Kokoro: Look at all these zombies! How stupendous! I had no idea there were so many different kinds!
Kokoro: Let's see... "The evolution of zombies coincides with the advancement of special effects makeup in movies."
Kokoro: What?! That means you can become a zombie with the right makeup! How awesome is that?!
Kokoro: With all these images lined up in a row, you can really see how special effects makeup has improved over time.
Kokoro: They can make zombies look so realistic these days, but the black-and-white era films are so distinct.
Kokoro: It's super-duper clear that no matter the style, zombies can make audiences extra happy!
Kokoro: Kasumi and the others still aren't here. She said she'll come with Misaki and Rimi. I can't wait for them to see all these superb zombies!
Kokoro: What's this? Wow...! There's a zombie photo op over there! I wonder if someone would help me take a photo.
Black Suit: Allow me, please.
Kokoro: Thanks! Just one will do. Cheese~!
Kokoro: Thank you! What a great picture!
Kokoro: Ohh, I wonder if there is any way I can look like the zombies from the exhibition...
Kokoro: I've got it! People in the black suits, could you help me out?

One Hour Later
Station Entrance

Kokoro: Grah! ... Fufu, now I'm perfectly zombified!
Kokoro: I bet if I pop up in front of Kasumi and the others, it'll give them a real surprise. This'll be so much fun!
Kokoro: Oh look, what perfect timing. The three of them are here... Fufu.
Kasumi: ... Hey, look over there. Isn't that Kokoron?
Kokoro: (How should I surprise them? Roar or something? ... No, zombies don't sound like that, do they?)
Misaki: Hmm? Oh, you're right. Hey, Kokoro~! Can you at least reply to our messages?
Kokoro: (I'll wait till they get super close and suddenly turn to them and... Graaahhh! ... Yes, that's perfect.)
Rimi: Say, is it just me or is Kokoro-chan acting a little strange?
Kokoro: (They're here! This is it... Here I go!)
Kokoro: ... Graaahh!
All: Ahhhh~!
Kasumi: Z-z-z-zombie! ... Kokoron's a zombie?!
Kokoro: Graaahh!
Kasumi: Don't come near me~!
Misaki: ... Wait, hold on a second. Kokoro, is that makeup?
Kokoro: ... Oh? You figured it out already?
Rimi & Kasumi: Huh?
Misaki: Don't scare me like that... I've had enough of zombies for one day.
Kokoro: I thought I did a good job too, but you figured it out so quickly.
Misaki: Yeah. We were just part of a zombie prank just now... We got chased all over the place by zombies with similar makeup.
Kokoro: Really?! If I had known there was such a fun event going on, I would've stayed at the mall a little longer!
Misaki: No, it was pretty rough. There was nothing fun about it...
Rimi: I get the feeling that Kokoro-chan might've found the situation quite fun, though...
Kasumi: Geez! You really scared me, Kokoron!
Kokoro: Fufufu! Did you have fun?!
Rimi: I don't know if I'd call that fun... It was just scary~. Where'd you get that makeup anyway?
Kokoro: The people in black suits helped me out!
Misaki: Just how skilled are those people...?
Kokoro: Oh, I know! Why don't you all take the opportunity to put on some zombie makeup as well? It'll be fun!
Misaki: Count me out. Like I said, I've had enough of zombies for today...
Kasumi: Same... I'm all zombied out...
Rimi: But... looking closely... this makeup is amazing. I'm kind of interested in giving it a try too...!
Kokoro: That's perfect, Rimi! Let's do it then! Hey, black suits people~!
Misaki & Kasumi: Rimi... Rimi-rin...

Where Curiosity Leads Card Story - Special Episode

Sharing a Surprise!


CiRCLE - Lobby

Kokoro: Graaahhh!
Marina: Eeek! A-a zombie!
Kokoro: Ahaha! Marina, BanG Dreamer. That was a lovely reaction!
Marina: That voice... is that you, Kokoro-chan?! What happened to you?!
Kokoro: I wanted to give the two of you a taste of how much fun horror can be, so I put this makeup on!
Kokoro: You two were really surprised! That makes me super happy!
Marina: Well, anyone would be shocked if someone with such perfect zombie makeup just jumped out at you~.
Marina: Anyway, why did you choose to be a zombie? It doesn't feel like a direction Hello, Happy World! would take...
Kokoro: That's not true. Hello, Happy World! and horror have a lot in common. We both try to entertain people!
Marina: When you put it that way... I suppose you have a point.
Kokoro: I didn't know much about horror before, but a while ago, Rimi taught me just how fascinating it is!
Kokoro: She showed me a bunch of movies and manga, and even took the time to explain them in detail.
Kokoro: Then, when we went to see a movie the other day, I learned how to transform into a zombie. Zombie-like skin is actually all makeup! Did you know that?
Kokoro: It looked like so much fun! I just had to give a try myself.
Marina: You make it sound so casual, but the final product looks very professional...
Kokoro: After seeing that zombie movie, I realized there are a lot of different types of fun.
Kokoro: At first, I wondered why people would go see a movie if they knew it would scare them.
Kokoro: But now I see that the heart-pounding feeling you get is what makes it fun.
Kokoro: Don't you think it'd be spectacular if we incorporated that kind of heart-pounding surprise into Hello, Happy World!'s performances?
Kokoro: I'm positive it would bring even more smiles to everyone's faces.
Kokoro: I get excited just thinking about it! I'm sure everyone will agree with me.
Kokoro: I wanna try this... and then I want to try that! Oh, there's just so much stuff to do... I can't even say them all!
Kokoro: Once I have a better idea of what I want to do, I'll let you guys know!
Marina: Fufu, Kokoro-chan, you're just an endless fountain of ideas~. Oh, but don't scare people too much, okay?
Kokoro: Too much? Why would you say that?! The more surprising it is, the more fun it'll be for everyone!
Kokoro: What kind of surprise should I set up for everyone? I'm so excited just thinking about it! Fufufu!