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White Christmas Card Story - Episode

For My Sister!


Udagawa Residence - Living Room

Ako: This year's cake was so yummy~! The cream was so soft, and the strawberries were so huge!
Tomoe: Yeah! I can totally see why you stuffed yourself!
Ako: Heh heh heh... The dark arts are fueled by the power of sweet nectar...!
Ako: Oh, yeah! Do you think we could, you know...?
Tomoe: Ah! You wanna do the thing, eh?
Ako: Mmhmm! It's time for presents! I'm sure you're gonna love the one I got for you this time~!
Tomoe: Hahaha, well, I'm even more excited now! But I bet you're gonna love the one I got for you just as much.
Tomoe: Alright then... Here ya go. Merry Christmas, Ako.
Ako: Yay~! And here's yours...! Merry Christmas!
Ako: Hey, hey! Why don't we open them at the same time?
Tomoe: Oh, I like that! Alright then, on my mark... Open.
Tomoe: ... Hm?
Ako: ... Huh?
Ako & Tomoe: This is...!
Ako: Y-you also got me a drum key?!
Tomoe: Hahaha! Looks that way, huh? I never thought we'd pick the same thing~!
Ako: Yeah, what a huge coincidence! And the one you got me is super-duper cool!
Ako: It's silvery and looks like some kind of magic item! Thank you so much~!
Tomoe: Glad you like it. Not many stores have a whole lot of variety when it comes to drum keys.
Ako: Yeah~... I know what you mean. I had to look really hard too~.
Tomoe: I see. Thanks for going to all that trouble. I really like the one you got for me!
Tomoe: You hardly ever see fully red ones! It's like it's on fire or something!
Ako: Right? When I saw it, I just knew it would look good on you~!
Ako: You could probably even use it as some kind of accessory.
Tomoe: Oh, yeah! I think it might look good on my bag!
Ako: Hehehe, I'm so glad you like it~.
Ako: ... Hey, can I ask why you decided to get me a drum key?
Tomoe: Hm? Oh... I guess you could say it's because Sayo-san talked about the song she was gonna play with Hina-senpai...
Tomoe: It sounded like a really awesome thing to do, you know? It's something really special, and they're both guitarists.
Tomoe: But when it comes to drums, playing together is kind of difficult...
Tomoe: That's why I wanted to pick something that would at least help you out with your drumming.
Ako: ...!
Tomoe: What's the matter, Ako?
Ako: W-wow... You're incredible...
Ako: I was thinking the same thing! I wanted to get you a gift that was like Sayo-san's!
Tomoe: For real?! I didn't know stuff like this could happen~!
Ako: Yeah! I'm surprised too! ... Ah, I just had a great idea!
Ako: Let's exchange drum keys! I'll have your red one, and you can have my silver one!
Tomoe: Uh, sure... You okay with that, though? I thought you liked yours.
Ako: Mmhmm! But this way, it'll feel like we're playing the drums together!
Tomoe: Ah, what a great way to put it! Looks like I'll get some of your energy then!
Ako: Heh heh heh... On the holiest of nights, the great demon princess has acquired the power of the crimson flame...!
Ako: Thanks so much! I'm super happy!
Tomoe: ... Haha, right back at you, Ako. Thanks!

White Christmas Card Story - Special Episode

A Symbolic Tree



Tomoe: Let's see... Since I've put away the decorations over here, next up is... that tinsel!
Tomoe: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hi!
Marina: Hi, Tomoe-chan. You seem kinda busy.
Tomoe: That's 'cause I am! I'm helping the folks downtown pack up all of their Christmas decorations.
Tomoe: Doing this makes it feel like Christmas just comes and goes, and looking forward to it makes it go even faster.
Marina: I know what you mean. We need to put away our Christmas decorations too...
Tomoe: Ah, by the way, did you two see the massive tree not too far from here?
Marina: Oh, not yet. I knew it was on display again this year, but I completely forgot about it.
Tomoe: Ahaha, the tree's gonna be put away soon, so you should take a look while you still can!
Tomoe: That tree's a bit of a Christmas symbol around these parts...
Tomoe: It just doesn't really feel like Christmas without seeing it.
Marina: Yeah. How long have they even been putting that on display?
Tomoe: Hmm... Let me think. I know it was already around when me and Ako were little.
Tomoe: We went to see it as a family, and she started throwing a fit over the snowflake ornament she wanted...
Tomoe: We couldn't get it for her, so once we got home, I made her something like it out of origami.
Marina: Hehe. It sounds like you were already a good sister to her from way back then.
Tomoe: Haha... You think?
Tomoe: Well, it might be nice to go see the tree together with Ako next Christmas~...
Tomoe: ... Actually, it's probably too early to start thinking about that!