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White Team Cheerleader? Card Story - Episode

Why Sharp Is Good


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Sports Field
Misaki: (Ugh... I so can't be bothered doing sports day rehearsals again...)

Teacher: Let's begin with the entrance. Everyone move to your designated positions!
Misaki: (And then after this, we still have to do the group dance... What a pain in the butt...)
Misaki: ... *sigh* No point grumbling about it. Let's just get on with it.

Teacher: Okay, break! When you get back, we'll rehearse the group dance again!
Misaki: (More dance practice... I wonder why they want to go so hard with it.)
Misaki: (I'd rather just run than do all this dance stuff.)
Misaki: (Having to dance in front of everyone is so embarrassing... I just can't get used to doing stuff in front of people.)
Misaki: (At least when I'm doing my Michelle thing, I'm in a bear suit...)
Classmate 1: Hey~, Okusawa-san. I was just watching you, but you're a really good dancer, huh?
Classmate 2: Yeah! Have you had lessons before or something?
Misaki: Huh? No, not really...
Classmate 1: Are you sure? I mean, you make all the poses and stuff look so cute!
Misaki: Uhh... I do?

Kasumi: Misaki-chan~!
Misaki: Ah, Toyama-san. You're in the white team too?
Kasumi: Misaki-chan! Teach me how to dance!
Misaki: Uh, what...? Teach you? I'm not a good dancer or anything...
Kasumi: You totally are! Your moves are so sharp and cool!
Kasumi: The other girls in the team were just saying the same thing, right?
Misaki: Ah... Yeah, but I'm not really sure why though...
Kasumi: But you were really amazing! Of course they wanna praise you!
Kasumi: All your moves were so sharp! I couldn't stop watching!
Misaki: You should probably pay more attention to what you're doing instead of looking at me...
Kasumi: Ugh... A-Anyway! That's how great a dancer you are!
Kasumi: I wonder if you've got a good sense of rhythm because you're in a band?
Misaki: If that's the case, the same should go for you too, Toyama-san. And besides, I'm just a DJ...
Misaki: (DJ...? Ah, maybe all that moving about I do when I'm Michelle has had an effect on me.)
Misaki: (Like on my stamina and my sense of rhythm...)
Misaki: (That's probably it. Chasing Kokoro around dressed as Michelle would make anyone stronger, whether they wanted to be or not.)
Kasumi: Misaki-chan! Are you even listening?
Misaki: ... Hm? Oh, sorry. Yeah, I'm listening.
Kasumi: In that case, show me some dance pointers!
Misaki: ... *sigh* Fine.
Kasumi: Really?! Yay~! Thanks, Misaki-chan!
Classmate 1: Ooh, show me too!
Classmate 2: Me as well!
Kasumi: Of course! Come and join me!
Misaki: Toyama-san, why are you making that call...?
Misaki: *sigh*... Fine. I guess we're doing it.

White Team Cheerleader? Card Story - Special Episode

The Michelle Effect


Misaki: Oh, are you on your way to work? I was just heading to CiRCLE too. Do you mind if I go with you?
Misaki: Ah, no, I don't have practice today. I'm just going to pick up something I left there.
Misaki: When we were there the other day, Hagumi suddenly decided she wanted us to show Kaoru-san the dance we did at Sports Day...
Misaki: So we did it and almost went over time... We rushed to pack up and I didn't realize I'd left my hat there.
Misaki: That's right, we just had our school Sports Day.
Misaki: One of the events for it was a dance by all of the first-year students.
Misaki: I'm not a big fan of dancing, so I seriously didn't want to do it.
Misaki: But for some reason the girls in my class and even the teachers said I danced well.
Misaki: It was weird, but it seems I did a better job of it that I thought I did.
Misaki: I guess all this band stuff has improved my sense of rhythm.
Misaki: Well, in my case I suppose it's more accurate to say DJ thing instead of band stuff.
Misaki: I mean, I'm wearing a bear suit and all...
Misaki: But I guess it's because of Hello, Happy World! that I can dance now.
Misaki: I think there's a lot of things that I've learned since joining the band.
Misaki: The three dummies being what they are, I've grown tougher and I've definitely learned to think outside the box.
Misaki: If I don't stay on top of things, Kanon-san will have to deal with everything on her own...
Misaki: I used to hate it in the beginning, you know...? But now even those kinds of things feel fun.
Misaki: *sigh*... I think they're getting in my head.
Misaki: Oh well, I guess it could be worse. It's not like I didn't enjoy the Sports Day. I guess I should thank Hello, Happy World! for that.