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Who I Wish to Be Card Story - Episode

Next Student-Council President??


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Student Council Room

Himari: Tsugu, can I put these papers here~?
Tsugumi: Sure! And if you can assort them by number, I'd really appreciate it.
Himari: Numerical order? Roger that! I'm on it~!
Tsugumi: Sorry for having you help out like this, Himari-chan. It's supposed to be my responsibility...
Himari: No, it's not a problem at all! Don't you remember what you told me?
Himari: About how you don't know what you would do without my help.
Himari: Hearing that made me so happy. That's why I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be that help that you need.
Tsugumi: And boy, are you ever helpful~! Thank you.
Himari: All that stuff about wanting to be helpful is true, but Tsugu, aren't you working yourself too hard?
Tsugumi: You think so?
Himari: I do~! You're stuck here with Hina-senpai, right? That must be, you know...
Tsugumi: Hahaha, I appreciate the concern. Hina-senpai is the type to act on whatever pops into her head, and that can catch me off guard from time to time...
Tsugumi: But now that she is running things, there are quite a few people talking about how much fun school has become.
Himari: Now that you mention it, things are much more lively around here.
Tsugumi: I know, right? It motivates me to give it my all. I honestly feel more fulfilled than I feel busy, if that makes any sense.
Himari: Tsugu~! You've always been such a good person~!
Himari: Have you ever thought about running for student-council president yourself?
Tsugumi: Huh?! M-me?! I don't think I'm cut out for it...
Tsugumi: Someone like Hina-senpai, who can always stay positive and spread their energy to others, is far more suited to the role. I'm better off as a helping hand.
Himari: Hm, I guess I can see that. Because yeah, following in Hina-senpai's footsteps would be a big hurdle for anyone.
Tsugumi: If we're talking about worthy successors, I think you'd make a much better president, Himari-chan!
Himari: Me?! I don't think I'm the right kind of person for that.
Tsugumi: No, that's not true at all. I mean, everything is always more fun when you're around.
Tsugumi: And you're good at looking after people.
Himari: Really~? Y-you think so~?
Tsugumi: I know so! That's why I think you could fill that role much better than I could.
Himari: Me as student-council president~... Fufu, as Hina-senpai's successor? Fufufu, interesting~...
Himari: Fufu~... Hey, could you run my good points by me again?
Tsugumi: Fufu. Himari-chan, I feel so happy when we're together!
Tsugumi: Thank you for always being there for me, Himari-chan♪
Himari: Hehehe~♪ Thanks! You're so kind, Tsugu~.
Himari: If it were Ran or Moca, they would never let me hear it again.
Tsugumi: Hahaha! But we all know they feel the same way.
Himari: You think so~? Jeez! They're always so quick to start teasing me~.
Himari: Just the other day...
Tsugumi: H-Himari-chan! Don't forget about the papers!
Himari: Ah...! Sorry, I get distracted so easily.
Tsugumi: We can talk at my shop after everything is done! I'll even treat you to some tea and cake♪
Himari: For real?! Alright, now I'm motivated~!
Himari: I'll show you, Tsugu! I'm going to have these papers organized in no time!

Who I Wish to Be Card Story - Special Episode

School Arts Festival Memories


CiRCLE - Café

Himari: Heh, heh~♪ What should I have today~?
Marina: Himari-chan! Hello there. Taking a break?
Himari: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello! Yes, for just a bit!
Himari: Hey, by the way... Sorry for causing such a ruckus the other day.
Marina: Oh, when you came to look for Tomoe-chan's earring? No, I'm sorry that we couldn't help you look.
Himari: Oh, no, don't worry! I was the one who just showed up and threw that on you...
Marina: So, did you ever find it?
Himari: Yes! Thanks to your help!
Marina: That's great to hear!
Himari: It was such a huge relief~... Tomoe has always been such a scatterbrain! I swear, she hasn't changed one bit.
Marina: Fufu, I see.
Himari: Speaking of the past...! Back during our elementary-school festival, Tomoe and I both played the role of the villain.
Marina: So that's what happened. That was kind of you, Himari-chan.
Himari: Even though we were cast as witches, our outfits were actually really adorable! We practiced our lines together and even made matching broomsticks for the both of us...
Himari: And on the day of the performance, Tomoe went and left hers at home!
Marina: Really?! Aren't the props usually left at school?
Himari: That's true, but she got so wrapped up in her rehearsal that she apparently took it home with her...
Marina: Fufu! That sounds like something she would do.
Himari: It does, doesn't it? Like I said, she hasn't changed one bit...
Marina: What did you do on the performance day, then?
Himari: We took a black umbrella, spruced it up to look like a broomstick, and made do with that.
Himari: Just the other day, I found some photos from that day. Have a look!
Marina: You're both so cute...! But why are you crying in this picture?
Himari: I had completely forgotten about this, but from what Tomoe told me...
Himari: I was so relieved with how well the performance went that I started sobbing...
Himari: "I was so worried about you, Tomoe-chan...!" Hehehe.
Marina: You said that she hasn't changed, but I think the same applies to you, Himari-chan.
Marina: You just care so much about your friends. Don’t you agree,BanG Dreamer-san?
Himari: Do you think so? Hehehe, thank you very much!
Himari: ... Anyway, my break is almost over! I have to get back to rehearsal now!
Marina: Okay! Good luck in there! Next time, tell me more about your past adventures.
Himari: Of course! Okay, off to practice I go~!