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Who We Are Now Card Story - Episode

Reaching Our Dreams


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Kasumi: Mmm~, I had so much fun at the Rocking Star Festival~!
Tae: Just thinking about the intensity at the venue still makes me burn up. Look... My palm.
Kasumi: Wow, it's so sweaty!
Arisa: Hey, how long do you guys plan on talking about the festival? You've been at it for nearly a whole week.
Kasumi: But it was super awesome~!
Arisa: I know, but it's almost been a week, you know?
Saaya: Fufufu, says the person who was talking about the festival to Misaki yesterday. Right, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Mmhmm. You sounded so excited~.
Arisa: W-well, you know...
Kasumi: Hey~, you're the same as us~! Stop being so shy~.
Arisa: Sh-shut up~! Anyway, let's just finish eating lunch. Lunch break's gonna end soon.
Tae: Hey, do you guys remember the day before the festival?
Rimi: Do you mean when people were still setting things up at the venue?
Tae: Yeah! The owner was really cool, don't you think?
Kasumi: She was~. Especially the way she was giving everyone orders...
Kasumi: And also that thing she said when we huddled...! Ahem.
Kasumi: "Everyone... let's give this event everything we've got!"
Kasumi: What she said was super awesome~!
Arisa: Huh? Was that supposed to be an impression of the owner...? Th-that wasn't even close.
Tae: Ohhh! My turn next.
Tae: "Japan! Are you ready to party?"
Rimi: Ah, that was supposed to be my sister, wasn't it? You looked just like her~.
Kasumi: Not bad, O-Tae~. My turn again!
Kasumi: "Are you prepared to fully devote yourselves to Poppin'Party?"
Arisa: What does that even have to do with the festival?! And when did this turn into an impersonation show?!
Kasumi: Sorry~. But doesn't seeing something cool make you want to copy it?
Saaya: Ah, I think I know what you mean. Jun often pretends he's a superhero.
Arisa: Well... I guess I understand wanting to try the same thing as those who influence you.
Kasumi: Right~? I wish I could be like them~.
Kasumi: It would be nice to say something cool that people would want to copy~.
Arisa: What do you mean? You already did.
Kasumi: Arisa?
Arisa: Uh... well, what I mean is...
Arisa: Remember that time when everyone was getting ready for the festival...? You said, "Let's believe in the power of music!"
Arisa: What you said was pretty cool. It inspired me even more.
Rimi: I agree. I think your words brought everyone together.
Arisa: Before we got up on stage, there was also that bit about sending our music to the stars.
Arisa: Most people wouldn't be able to come up with something like that, you know?
Kasumi: Th-this isn't like you, Arisa. It's all so sudden...
Saaya: I get where she's coming from, though. You've said a lot of memorable things, Kasumi.
Kasumi: You too, Saaya...?!
Rimi: Fufu, you're blushing.
Kasumi: Th-that's 'cause I never expected you guys to say things like this...
Tae: But my personal favourite would have to be what Arisa said to the owner...
Tae: "Please give us one last chance!"
Tae: Now that was really something.
Arisa: Huh?!
Saaya: Yeah, it really hit home~. Now those were some inspiring words.
Rimi: I so know what you mean~! I was really moved when you said that.
Rimi: I can still hear it... "Please give us one last chance!"
Saaya: Wait, wasn't there a bit more emotion?
Saaya: I thought it was more like... "Please give us one last chance!"
Kasumi: Wow, that was really similar! I wanna try too!
Kasumi: "Please give us one last chance!" ... Who's the winner, Arisa?
Arisa: This isn't a competition!
Arisa: Now you guys are just messing with me...
Tae: We aren't. We just want to copy you because you were so cool.
Arisa: J-just drop it, okay? Quit goofing around, or else lunch is gonna be over.
Kasumi: Aww~, but it was fun~! Let's do it again~!
Kasumi: "Please give us one last chance!"
Arisa: Cut it out already~!

Who We Are Now Card Story - Special Episode

Words that Move You



Marina: It's always so lively around here, and the theme song by Poppin'Party is always nice to listen to~.
Marina: Hm? Isn't that girl over there...? Arisa-chan~!
Arisa: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello.
Marina: Hi. Shopping?
Arisa: Yes, Grandma asked me to... Oh.
Arisa: I know this is kind of late, but thank you for everything you did at the Rocking Star Festival!
Arisa: You're always such a big help, and I really appreciate it!
Marina: I should be the one to thank you. You girls made the event a huge success.
Marina: The response to the livestream was really positive too. It's all because you never gave up.
Marina: Thanking about when you asked the owner for one more chance gives me the chills even now.
Arisa: Err... P-please forget that ever happened. I was just emotional all of a sudden...
Marina: It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I could tell how much you didn't want to give up.
Arisa: I never expected to end up so sore outside of P.E.
Arisa: W-well, we did practice a lot out of desperation.
Arisa: But it wasn't good enough. I know there are times when hard work won't be enough... But still...
Marina: I understand. You were all trying so hard...
Arisa: That's why I could tell what Kasumi must've been going through...
Arisa: That's when I knew what I had to do, and I found myself begging the owner...
Arisa: I couldn't just sit by and watch Kasumi give up. I didn't want things to end that way, with her feeling responsible.
Arisa: ... Looking back, it was pretty embarrassing stuff.
Marina: Not at all. Like I said just now, I could feel your determination.
Marina: You were really amazing. It was that drive that moved all of us.
Marina: Me, the owner, everyone... You brought us all together.
Arisa: I-I think that's a bit of an exaggeration! But if it did have that kind of effect, I guess I'm sort of glad...
Arisa: ... Oops, I hadn't noticed the time! I should get back to finishing my shopping.
Arisa: If you'll excuse me, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Bye.
Marina: Okay, take care. I hope you come by CiRCLE again to do a show~!