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Widening Horizon Card Story - Episode



Shopping Mall

Nanami: I've lost count of all the shops we've been to~. Toko-chan, what's the next shop on the list?
Touko: There's supposed to be a place that sells all kinds of trinkets. I heard a lot of the girls bands from around here go there...
Tsukushi: ... Hey, you didn't tell us to come because you just wanted to hang out, did you?
Touko: Oh, I totally did. Why?
Tsukushi: What do you mean, "Why?!" You didn't write anything else, so I thought it was something urgent!
Touko: C'mon, it's not like you had any other plans, right?
Tsukushi: Well, I was just watching TV and relaxing with my little sisters, so it was okay with me. What about you, Hiromachi-san? Were you free?
Nanami: Yeah, I was just reading a manga at home~.
Tsukushi: Really? I read a lot of manga with my sisters, too! What kind of manga do you like, Hiromachi-san?
Nanami: I like bande dessinée, but I read all kinds.
Tsukushi: Bande... dessinée? ... Wait, isn't that from overseas?
Tsukushi: I don't think I've ever heard of a high school student who reads those! They seem like something sophisticated adults would read.
Nanami: I-is it that unusual...? W-well, I read normal stuff, too. Like, err...
Touko: Ah, I think this is the place! We're here!
Nanami: Phew...

Shopping Mall - Knick-Knack Shop

Tsukushi: Wow, it's a small place, but there are so many cute trinkets!
Touko: This phone case is totally cool, right?! What a great design!
Nanami: Ahaha, you two seem to be having fun.
Tsukushi: What about you, Hiromachi-san? Have you found something you like?
Nanami: I haven't looked around that much, so... Ah! This keychain is kind of cute!
Tsukushi: A dinosaur keychain! Mini animals are so cute, aren't they?
Touko: I prefer more hardcore designs~!
Nanami: I wonder what it's supposed to be, though. Its arms are too short to be a velociraptor... Maybe a deinonychus...?
Touko: Whoa, you're one of those people who can tell what dinosaur it is just by looking at it, Hiromachi? That's totally amazing! Most people wouldn't be able to do that!
Nanami: Th-they can't...? Err, I didn't exactly know, I just kind of, well...
Tsukushi: Look guys! They've got character phone cases over there!
Touko: For someone who was so mad before, you sure are having fun now, Futaba~!
Tsukushi: D-did you really have to bring that up now?

Shopping Mall

Touko: All right, let's go to the arcade next! We should totally take some pictures at the kirapuri machine! I'm super good at decorating the photos!
Nanami: I didn't know you could take kirapuri at arcades.
Tsukushi: Have you not taken one before, Hiromachi-san?
Nanami: Yeah, I've never even been to an arcade before.
Touko: Seriously?! Everyone's been to an arcade at least once!
Nanami: Everyone has?! Let's go then!
Tsukushi: Wh-why did she suddenly become so interested...?
Nanami: This time, I'm going to make sure I enjoy things like a normal high-schooler would...!

Shopping Mall - Arcade

Nanami: So this is what an arcade is like... What do you two normally play?
Tsukushi: I'm not very good with the difficult ones, so I usually just stick to claw cranes. The controls are really easy.
Touko: I usually play shooting games, but let's do claw cranes today. Give it a shot, Hiromachi!
Nanami: Okay~. I think I'll try this one.
Nanami: I see... You control the crane with buttons to grab a prize...
Touko: Yeah! Just try it. It's easier to understand how it works by playing.
Nanami: Okay, I'll give it a shot~. Let's see, this should be a good place to move it to... Oh, and if I can just lower the arm between that gap to grab it...
The Other Two: ...!
Nanami: You were right, it was pretty easy~. The box was in a nice spot, so it wasn't too hard to lower the arm into the gap.
Nanami: ... Hm? What's the matter? Why are you two so stunned...?
Touko: I can't believe you got it in one shot! You might be a claw crane pro, Hiromachi!
Tsukushi: You even managed to lower the crane into that small space between the boxes... Was it really your first time, Hiromachi-san...?
Tsukushi: I've tried that machine about ten times, but I still haven't managed to get anything...
Nanami: Oh no... I thought this was supposed to be an easy game... I did it again...
Tsukushi: Hiromachi-san looks so disappointed even though she won... She really is odd...

Widening Horizon Card Story - Special Episode

Prize Ideas


Station Entrance

Marina: Hey, would you like this free bag charm that I just got at that store, BanG Dreamer-san...?
Marina: I figured. It's too cute for my bag, though... Hm? Is that Nanami-chan?
Nanami: Oh, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello~... That bag charm...! It's the Bakumatsu Revolutionary Kitty!
Marina: You recognize this character, Nanami-chan?
Nanami: I do. I'm actually collecting the Historical Kitty series characters! That one's ultra rare. You're so lucky~...
Marina: Fufu, I see. Would you like it? I'm not collecting them.
Nanami: M-may I?! Thank you so much...!
Marina: I'm glad you like it. I had no idea you liked this cat so much, Nanami-chan.
Nanami: Ah, that's not exactly true...
Marina: Oh?
Nanami: I just like collecting freebies~... Ah, is that weird...?
Marina: Not at all. It's the kind of thing a normal high school student would do. It's very cute actually.
Nanami: Really? That's a relief~...
Marina: ...?
Nanami: Um... Nothing, nothing at all.
Marina: I can see why you'd want to collect goods like that, though. I find myself glancing at them when I'm buying drinks at a convenience store.
Nanami: Exactly~! That's why I end up buying things I don't even need...
Marina: Ahaha, yes. Those prizes can become the reason for buying something.
Nanami: Oh, does CiRCLE have any freebies like this?
Marina: Freebies? Hm, no, we don't... But it might be interesting if we did. A live house freebie...
Marina: ... Hm? Stickers? If people start using them, it'll be good advertising...!
Nanami: And it would be nice if you had different kinds~. You could have interesting ones that would make people want to collect them.
Marina: Those are some good ideas~... I'll discuss it with the owner.
Nanami: Please do~... Oh, I didn't notice the time! I have to hurry and go meet the others!
Marina: Were you on your way to something?
Nanami: Yes, we're getting together to eat. Afterwards, we're going shopping.
Marina: Fufu, that reminds me of my high school days.
Nanami: Ehehe... Goodbye, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Oh, and thank you for the bag charm!