Winking☆Cheer is a song by Pastel*Palettes.

The full version of the song will be included in Pastel*Palettes' 1st album, TITLE IDOL. It will be released on May 19, 2021.

It is the gift song, as well as the VS Live song for the event Play act! Challenge*Audition.

It was written by Oda Asuka, and arranged and composed by Tomaru Ryota.

Game Info

Server availability Japanese ServerTaiwanese ServerKorean Server
Bpm.png Beats per minute 100 BPM
Easy.png Easy Song Level 7 114 notes
Normal.png Normal Song Level 13 223 notes
Hard.png Hard Song Level 17 365 notes
Expert.png Expert Song Level 23 481 notes


# Songs Duration Audio
00 Winking☆Cheer (Game Version) 01:43


Kimi no sonzai de motto kagayaiteiku
Watashitachi no sutēji

Winking☆ Winking☆ "Ganbatte" ni tsumekomareta
Winking☆ Winking☆ Takusan no atsui kimochi
Kimi no senaka wo oseru naraba
Winking☆ Winking☆ Nandatte dekirunda

Motteru chikara zenbu kokoro ni komete It's Showtime
Kinchō ni mikata ni shite seīppai utaō
Nandatte watashitachi wa tsunagariatteru kara
Kyō mo shinjiru mama susunde ikeru issho ni ne!

Donna takai kabe mo kewashī michi demo
Tanoshinde norikoeyō
"Ganbatte" no kotoba ga mezasu gōru e
Hareyaka ni michibiku yo

Winking☆ Winking☆ Minna ga ireba
Winking☆ Winking☆ Nanimo kowakunai


Winking☆ Winking☆ 「頑張って」 に詰込まれた
Winking☆ Winking☆ 沢山の熱い気持ち
Winking☆ Winking☆ なんだって出来るんだ

持ってる力全部心に込めて It's Showtime

「頑張って」 の言葉が目指すゴールえ

Winking☆ Winking☆ 皆がいれば
Winking☆ Winking☆ 何も怖いくない

Your existence will shine even more on our stage

Winking☆ Winking☆ There was a lot of warmth behind
Winking☆ Winking☆ Those words of encouragement
If it's to keep pushing you further
Winking☆ Winking☆ I'm willing to do anything

Use all the power you have in your heart, It's Showtime
Make nervousness your ally and keep singing
After all, we happen to be connected
Let's keep on going while believing in each other!

No matter how tall the walls may be,
No matter how rough the road ahead might be
Let's cross them while having fun
Your words of encouragement will help me
Reach my goal radiantly

Winking☆ Winking☆ As long as everyone's here
Winking☆ Winking☆ I won't be afraid of anything


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