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Winning Streak Card Story - Episode

Present Is Here


NFO - Dungeon

Rinko: Are you okay, Ako-chan? Σ(゚д゚;)
Ako: Ugh... that was a close one... Definitely don't wanna get hit with too many of those...
Rinko: I'll boost your magic stat so we can down it in one go (`・ω・´)
Ako: Okay, Rin-rin! Do your thing!
Ako: Dark Dragon Abyssal Kaiser... I don't stand much of a chance against it solo, but with Rin-rin's help, then maybe...
Rinko: Buff incoming, Ako-chan (ノ≧∇≦)ノ☆
Ako: Whoa~! Rin-rin, the boost you gave me is off the charts!
Rinko: I'll bind it and create an opening. That'll be your cue to finish it off! o(>ω<)o
Ako: Dark dragons are immune to the darkness spells that I spec into... so I'll use my strongest non-elemental spell!
Rinko: Okay, it's paralyzed. (・ω・)b
Rinko: You're up, Ako-chan! (`・ω・´)ゞ
Ako: Consume the darkness- Wait! The paralysis will wear off before I finish the incantation!
Ako: I won't get another chance like this... This is the end for you! Absolute Arcana: Infinite Swell!
Rinko: You did it~! Dark Dragon Abyssal Kaiser is down! ^(ノ゚ー゚)ノ☆*clap, clap, clap*☆ヾ(゚ー゚ヾ)^
Ako: Yeah... but now comes the hard part... Please... Please don't let me down!
Rinko: The hard part? (・_・?)
Ako: Please, oh please! Drop the item that I need~!
Ako: Ahhh! Th-this is...

Returning to Town

Rinko: I'm so happy for you, Ako-chan. You got the item and made it back in one piece (‘ ∇‘ )
Ako: Man, this thing took ages to get it~! I soloed that mob over and over, but the item refused to drop.
Rinko: That's because Dark Dragon Scales are extremely rare items. ( 'ω' )/ Why did you want it so badly anyway?
Ako: Fufufu, hold that thought! I'm going to use it to craft something right now.
Ako: First, combine the Raiment of Grief with a whisker from the Nautical King's Beard... Then, add a Vampire's Tear... Throw in Ash of the Ancient Oak... and finally, the Dark Dragon Scale...
Ako: Finally! The Bloodstained Dark Dragon Overcoat is complete!
Rinko: Congrats! ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ But Ako-chan, that's a wizard-only armor piece. Necromancers can't equip it.
Ako: Don't worry, I know! After all, this is for~...
Ako: It's a present for you, Rin-rin!
Rinko: Huh?! For me?!
Ako: On Valentine's Day, you got me that Accursed Eye of the Dark Dragon item that I had been wanting, remember?
Ako: So now I'm paying you back! Today is White Day, after all.
Ako: What I really wanted was to craft it in secret, then be like "Ta-da~!" You know, to surprise you, but...
Ako: But the Dark Dragon Scale wouldn't drop at all... and today came and I still didn't have it...
Rinko: So that's why you invited me to go farming with you right after we logged in.
Ako: Asking for help from the person who'll get the gift is... a really uncool way of going about it...
Ako: Even still, I wanted to give this to you, no matter what!
Ako: Because this is in the same item set as the Accursed Eye that you gave me!
Ako: I thought it'd be nice if we could quest around while wearing similar gear.
Rinko: Ako-chan... So all that effort was for me, then.
Rinko: It would be my pleasure to accept this item that you worked so hard to get (*^o^)
Ako: Hehehe... Hurry up and try it on!
Ako: Later, we can go back to the capital city and show off our matching gear to the other players!
Ako: Oh, oh! After that, I want to go queue for some dungeons together!
Ako: We were totally in synch during that last fight! Once we're wearing our matching gear, there won't be a single enemy who can take us on!
Rinko: Fufu, that's quite the to-do list you have there (oゝд・o)ノ But it all sounds really fun!
Ako: You better believe it! After all, you and I are...
Ako: Kindred spirits, our souls bound together through our transcendence of even the Dark Dragon... Together, the abyssal realm itself will tremble in fear before us! Mwahahaha~!
Ako: (I'm so glad that she liked her gift... I hope our adventures together never end, Rin-rin!)

Winning Streak Card Story - Special Episode

Co-op Play


Shopping Mall - Arcade

Ako: Arrrgh! I was so close! Hmmm... Maybe I need a different plan of attack...
Ako: Huh? BanG Dreamer-san! Fancy meeting you in a place like this!
Ako: Wait, did you come all the way here to play this game, too?!
Ako: Hm? You were simply passing through? Ah, I see~.
Ako: Okay, then! Would you like to join me? It's really, really fun, I promise!
Ako: My first time playing was the other day when I came with Tae and Kokoro to buy a White Day present. The graphics are super pretty!
Ako: Don't worry! I'm still not used to it, either! Come on, we can practice together! It'll be fun!
Ako: Last time, Kokoro was my partner! My character was a necromancer, of course, and she went with a performer.
Ako: The game started, and right away, Kokoro started playing by her own rules!
Ako: Over and over again, she was like "Hey, what's this?!" She ran off on her own a bunch and was casting illusion magic on the NPCs and stuff...
Ako: But thanks to that, she found a lot of hidden loot, and sometimes, the spells she just happened to use would take down the monsters!
Ako: It's times like those that make co-op play so much fun~.
Ako: There are limits to what you can solo, but all that goes right out the window when you form a party!
Ako: Kokoro wasn't the only one there. Tae, Chisa-senpai, and Tsugu-chin also came with us.
Ako: I was questing so I could think of the perfect White-Day gift, and I came across many sources of inspiration.
Ako: Tae and Kokoro kept doing and saying all sorts of off-the-wall things that I wouldn't expect from them.
Ako: While following around the reliable Chisa-senpai and Tsugu-chin, I delved into the dungeon that is the shopping mall.
Ako: Thanks to our party composition, I was able to finish my quest and think of a good return gift for White Day!
Ako: See? Forming a party is important, right? So why don't you play with me, BanG Dreamer-san?! We'll learn how important it really is!
Ako: ... Was that a bit too pushy? Please, BanG Dreamer-san! Let's play!
Ako: I've been coming here regularly since that day, but there are some monsters that I can't beat solo...
Ako: I keep telling myself that today's the day, but no matter how much I try, it never works out... If this keeps up, my entire allowance will disappear!
Ako: I'll teach you the controls and stuff, so come play with me!
Ako: ... You will?! Yay~! Okay, the first step is to choose your class.
Ako: Fufufu... And now, to exact judgment on those creatures who have wronged me!
Ako: With these powerful reinforcements at my disposal, they will learn of my true power soon enough! Mwahahaha~!