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I feel that sparkling, heart-pounding sensation every day. Probably as much as you do.
With Our Bunny Cornets
With Our Bunny Cornets T


Title With Our Bunny Cornets
Member Arisa (icon) Ichigaya Arisa
Episodes Episode
Bunny Cornet Selection Meeting
Special Episode
Sparkling, Heart-Pounding for Me
Band Poppin'Party logo
Rarity Star trainedStar trainedStar trainedStar trained
Attribute Pure Pure
Skill Name Excitement × Melody (ときめき×メロディ)
Skill (Lvl 5) Score increased by 95% (lowered to 80% after GREAT or lower) for 7 secs. If the Band is all Pure Types, Score increased by 115% instead.
Availability Gacha941Gacha940
Server Availability Jp Tw Cn En Kr 
Card ID № 01462


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