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With These Hands Card Story - Episode

Bushido-Style Idol


Talent Agency

Eve: Thank you! I wonder what time it is... Good, there is still time!
Maya: Hello, Eve-san. Do you have something you need to take care of now?
Eve: Yes, I do! I heard ViVidCanvas will be appearing in a TV show today, so I am hoping to find someone to watch it with.
Maya: Ah! Is it the one Serina-san mentioned? I think she said it was today.
Eve: That is the one! Would you like to watch it with me, Maya-san?
Maya: Sure! I'm done with work for the day, so I'd love to!

Maya: ViVidCanvas really gave it their best!
Eve: Yes, they did! They were so cute and lovely, and... I got the sense that they're starting to carry themselves with dignity!
Maya: True! It must be because they're beginning to feel confident. They also did a good job keeping the conversation entertaining!
Maya: When I first joined Pastel✽Palettes, I was a nervous wreck during shows... so I'm kind of jealous.
Eve: But you have grown to be someone that both the members and the staff have come to rely on! Whenever someone struggles with talking, you are always there to assist their endeavors!
Maya: Huhehe, I'm just returning the favor because you guys help me out all the time!
Eve: Fufu, then it means we are even!
Eve: ... By the way, I noticed that Serina-san introduced herself as a dream idol this time!
Maya: She's been going back and forth between things like angel and fairy idol, but it seems like she's settled on dream idol.
Eve: Dream idol is a truly wonderful title to have! Oh! Why do we not give ourselves lovely titles?
Maya: That sounds fun! A memorable phrase that describes who we are might help people feel like they know us better.
Maya: It's also important to understand our characteristics and strengths!
Eve: Then... what would you call yourself...?
Maya: Hmm... When it comes to who I am, I'm a gadget geek, so maybe the geek idol...?
Eve: No! That word does not sufficiently express your charms!
Maya: Uhh, really?
Eve: Your knowledge and insight always save us, so... What do you think of encyclopedia idol?
Maya: I see... It's kind of embarrassing, but it does seem like something that'd leave quite an impression!
Eve: Hmm... I still do not feel this sufficiently conveys your charm!
Maya: I-it's alright, there's no need to focus on me so much...!
Eve: I know! During concerts and TV shows... no, in other situations too, you are always helping us from the shadows.
Eve: Do you not think that makes you a ninja...? How does a ninja idol sound?
Maya: Ninja...?! Me, a ninja?!
Eve: Hmm... I am sorry, Maya-san.
Eve: You have many good qualities, but I have failed to convey them with a single term. It is all because of my lack of skill...
Marina: No, no! You've told me about titles that I hadn't even considered, so it's given me a lot to think about!
Maya: Why don't we try to come up with something for you now?
Eve: Bushido... idol...?
Maya: Hm? I think it suits you perfectly...
Eve: I am still but a student who has much to learn of the warrior way... Are you sure I am worthy of claiming such a title for myself?
Maya: Of course, you are!
Maya: You approach everything with conviction, and you never give up regardless of the obstacles. I think you've earned the right to call yourself a bushido idol!
Eve: Maya-san... I am honored! However, does that not make all of us bushido idols?
Maya: All of us?
Eve: Yes! We are all comrades who have overcome countless trials together! In other words, we are all bushido idols!
Maya: Ahaha, if you put it that way, I guess we might be, huh?
Eve: Indeed! Let us all continue to do our best as bushido idols then!
Maya: S-sure!
Maya: Hahaha... Looks like we've all become bushido idols...

With These Hands Card Story - Special Episode

Sharpening My Sword


Edogawa Music

Marina: Alright, now what we're done with what we came for, let's head back, shall we? ... Hm? Is that Eve-chan?
Eve: ... Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Hi, Eve-chan. Looking for something?
Eve: Yes, I am looking for a textbook on keyboards!
Eve: Of course, I already have one, but I think being exposed to new things will do me some good!
Marina: That's a great attitude to have.
Eve: Thank you very much!
Marina: Fufu, you seem even more excited than usual~. Did something happen?
Eve: Yes! Our sister group made their debut recently!
Marina: Ah! If I recall correctly... It's ViVidCanvas, right? I heard a bit about them from Aya-chan and the others.
Eve: Correct! They are all very cute, and I am certain their popularity will only increase!
Eve: That is why I must train myself so that I do not lose to them.
Marina: I see. It sounds like they're a force to reckon with!
Eve: Yes, everyone immediately started talking about them on social media when we appeared together on a show!
Eve: Even some of our fans became ViVidCanvas fans when they debuted... I was very worried for a while.
Marina: I see. Seeing a sister group become popular must've made you happy, but also understandably worried at the same time.
Eve: Yes... Aya-san and I worried about our future...
Eve: But then Aya-san said she wants both groups to be able to use that competition to grow... Her words really opened my eyes!
Eve: I am certain that so long as we continue to hone our skills through competition, the fans who have left us will become fans of both us and ViVidCanvas!
Marina: Fufu, true. There's nothing that says you have to be a fan of just one group.
Eve: Exactly!
Eve: That is why I hope we can have a relationship where we will tell our fans good things about ViVidCanvas, and ViVidCanvas will tell their fans good things about Pastel✽Palettes!
Marina: That sounds like a great relationship to have.
Eve: I think so too! To engage in fierce competition and grow... That, too, is bushido!
Marina: Maybe I'll go and check out one of ViVidCanvas' concerts then.
Eve: Please do! They are very cute. I am certain you will have a good time!