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With Unsure Hands Card Story - Episode

A Fluffy Encounter! Pt. 1


After Rehearsal
Live House - Dressing Room

PAREO: Thank you very much~!
LOCK: Ahh, I was so nervous...
LAYER: My heart was beating quite hard too. We hardly ever go on trips like this.
LAYER: It's my first time coming to this live house, so I thought it would take longer, but... rehearsal went so smoothly.
MASKING: They're pretty organized too. They even acted real fast when I asked 'em for stuff.
PAREO: Fufu. I cannot wait for the real show. Isn't that right, CHU²-sama?!
CHUCHU: Precisely! We'll carve our performance into the audience's memories!
LAYER: Yeah. Let's have a great show today.
LOCK: Yeah!
MASKING: So, what're we gonna do now? We've got quite a bit of time till the show.
LAYER: It's... still a little early for food.
PAREO: Then why don't we all go to the zoo?
CHUCHU: What? Why the zoo?
PAREO: I heard earlier from the staff that it is near here!
PAREO: They said that the petting area is quite popular, and all of the bands who come here pay it a visit.
PAREO: Apparently it is very soothing...! What do you say?
MASKING: Petting area, huh...? I like it.
LAYER: Yeah, that sounds good.
LOCK: I agree! I hope they have some cute critters...
CHUCHU: Are you kidding me?! We didn't come here to mess around!
MASKING: A little fun never hurt nobody. We've got nothin' to do until the show anyway, so let's go.
PAREO: Yes! I am sure we will be able to meet many adorable animals!
MASKING: Yeah, yeah... So, let's go! Come on, you too, CHU²!
CHUCHU: Huh?! I told you, I don't want to- H-hey! Wait a minute!
CHUCHU: Hmph~! No fair...!


MASKING: Elephants, pandas, polar bears, seals... We sure did see a lot of animals.
LOCK: Next up is, um... the lion corner.
CHUCHU: The classic of classics, I suppose.
PAREO: Yes! Isn't this exciting, CHU²-sama?!
CHUCHU: Not really. Only children get excited over lions. And why are we here anyway? Going to the zoo before a show—
CHUCHU: ...!
LAYER: The lion's roar... It gave me a fright...
LOCK: Y-yes, my heart is beating so fast~...
CHUCHU: ... It was definitely more intense than I'd expected. It was also terribly loud, but most of all, those eyes...
MASKING: Hm? Did you say somethin'?
CHUCHU: N-no. It's nothing!
CHUCHU: Come on, our time here is limited! Time to move on! Next!

CHUCHU: Oh... What is up with that animal? The "okapi."
CHUCHU: I can't believe it only has stripes on its legs! And its torso is more like a giraffe than a zebra. It doesn't make any sense.
CHUCHU: And that bird leering at me over there. It hasn't moved an inch since we got here. Are you sure it's not a statue?
CHUCHU: It's way too big and intense though... Ah! I-it moved?! It just moved, right?!
CHUCHU: ...? What're you staring at?
MASKING: Nothin'~... You're just enjoyin' this more than I thought, that's all.
PAREO: I am so glad that you are having fun, CHU²-sama!
CHUCHU: I-I'm not having fun! I was just sharing my opinion, that's all!
CHUCHU: Stop~! Why're you making that face~?!
MASKING: No reason~.
PAREO: None at all! Fufufu.

With Unsure Hands Card Story - Special Episode

A Fluffy Encounter! Pt. 2



PAREO: Phew~. We have seen quite a lot of animals! Umm, the next nearest area is...
LOCK: Ah...! It says "petting zoo" over there!
LAYER: Oh yeah, that's the reason we came here in the first place.
PAREO: Yes! Let's go!

Petting Area

PAREO & LOCK: How adorable~!
PAREO: Look here, CHU²-sama! This rabbit is so fluffy!
LAYER: Rabbits, goats, and capybara... What a unique lineup.
MASKING: Yeah. It's my first time petting a capybara... Hm?! Its fur is stiffer than I thought it'd be.
MASKING: Hey, CHU². Come 'ere and touch it!
PAREO: CHU²-sama? What's wrong?
CHUCHU: Nothing.
MASKING: Doesn't seem like nothin'. If something's botherin' ya, spit it out.
LOCK: CHU²-san...?
CHUCHU: ... Ah, okay! Fine then!
CHUCHU: Honestly, I don't know what to do. I've never even had a pet before...
CHUCHU: So... they won't bite me or anything, will they?
MASKING: What the.... That's all?
CHUCHU: Wh-what do you mean, "that's all"?!
LAYER: You don't need to worry about that.
LAYER: Hana-chan taught me a good way to hold rabbits, so I'll teach you, CHU².
PAREO: Now, CHU²-sama, this way...!
CHUCHU: ... Hmph. You'd better explain it properly...!
LAYER: First, put your hand under its chest. Then you have to gently lift it up from behind.
LAYER: From there, pull it closer to your stomach to make it feel safe.
CHUCHU: My stomach...? L-like this?
LAYER: Yeah, that's perfect.
CHUCHU: ... Phew. This is easier than I thought.
CHUCHU: But it is heavier than I was expecting. It feels softer than I thought too... And it's very warm.
CHUCHU: So this is what... rabbits feel like?
MASKING: Whatcha think, CHU²? Aren't ya glad we came to the zoo?
CHUCHU: What's up with the sudden questioning?
MASKING: It wasn't sudden, was it? I'm just askin' what you think.
CHUCHU: ... Well, it's a very childish place, but it's not bad for killing time.
PAREO: Fufu... It makes me happy to see you enjoying yourself, CHU²-sama!
CHUCHU: I-I'm not enjoying myself!
All Except CHU²: Fufu...! Ahaha!
LOCK: Huh...? I think the rabbit you're holding is going to fall asleep, CHU²-san.
PAREO: You are right, it is dozing off. How adorable...!
LAYER: That proves that it feels safe in your arms, CHU².
CHUCHU: Does it?
LAYER: Animals are straightforward creatures. They can't fall asleep somewhere they don't feel secure.
CHUCHU: ... Hmm...
PAREO: Wow, capybaras really do have stiff fur...!
MASKING: I think if you stroke it here it'll doze off.
LOCK: Huh, is that true?!
LAYER: Why don't you try it, LOCK?
LOCK: Wh-what~?! Me...?!
CHUCHU: ... Ugh, can't you be a little quieter?
CHUCHU: The rabbit will wake up if you carry on like that.
CHUCHU: ... It's so cute.
PAREO: Wah! Mr. Goat! That is my hair! Please do not eat it~!
MASKING: It's fine, PAREO, just stand up! It's only interested in your hair because it's so close to its mouth!
PAREO: I-I see! Sigh~. That was close~.
CHUCHU: So much for being quieter... Sigh.
CHUCHU: ... Okay, let's go now!
CHUCHU: I've gone along with you all this far. If you don't produce good results at the show, I won't forgive any of you...!