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Working to Be the Best Card Story - Episode

A Different Angle



Himari: Man~, today was so fun~.
Himari: I got to be Marie, and the croquettes at Hagu's place were so good! It was really a great day~.
Misaki: Now that you mention it, you were talking with Hagumi about Marie throughout the whole croquette party.
Himari: Yeah! That's because I want to improve Hi-Marie even more.
Himari: I truly believe that these feelings come from the fact that I did my best as Marie today.
Himari: It's all thanks to you, Misaki-chan! Thank you so much!
Misaki: Huh? But I didn't really do anything, did I?
Himari: Aww, that's not true!
Himari: Remember? There was a point when I got surrounded by a bunch of kids as I was passing out flyers, right?
Himari: It was really tough when they suddenly started that game of tag and asked me to pick them up, but you supported me through all of it!
Misaki: Well, I couldn't just abandon you.
Misaki: Still, kids really are energetic, aren't they? I always wonder where all that stamina comes from.
Himari: Seriously~. But I think you've got amazing stamina too, Misaki-chan.
Himari: You didn't get tired at all when you were playing with them, but I was completely exhausted at the end~.
Misaki: Really? I don't remember that...
Himari: Now that I think about it, during our last match with your school, you didn't get tired at all.
Himari: During the second half of the game, your movements were still sharp. You really must have a lot of stamina!
Misaki: Hm~, I wasn't really aware of that... I wonder if it's thanks to Michelle.
Misaki: When I really think about it, moving around while wearing a costume character is like moving around with weights on.
Misaki: So I must've naturally built up stamina.
Himari: I see~. That definitely would make you stronger! You really are amazing, Misaki-chan~.
Misaki: If you keep becoming Marie, you'll get to that point soon too.
Misaki: Just like with anything else, what's important is experience. People often say that Rome wasn't built in a day, right?
Himari: Oh~, what a wise saying! In other words, "Mascot characters aren't made in a day," right?!
Himari: You saying that really gives a different weight to those words~. Mhm!
Misaki: Nah, it's nothing as grand as that...
Misaki: (... Actually, I'm talking pretty passionately about mascots, aren't I...?)
Misaki: (What's more, I'm casually putting those characters in the same ring as Rome...)
Misaki: (Rome is the capital city of Italy... I can't believe I'd think a capital city and mascots are on the same level... What is wrong with me...?)
Himari: But you're totally right. Experience is important, huh? I definitely felt that recently.
Misaki: Huh? Really?
Himari: Yeah. When I sent my bass in for maintenance, I borrowed another bass, and the moment I picked it up, it felt so heavy.
Himari: But later, when I tried comparing it to my own bass... they were nearly the same!
Himari: It must be because I'm so used to my bass that I don't really feel its weight.
Misaki: Ah~, that might be it. Kanon-san said that whenever she uses drumsticks from a different maker, they feel awfully heavy.
Misaki: That being said, I'm a DJ, so I don't really know about an instrument's weight or anything like that.
Himari: Ah, you have a point. In that case, is it more Michelle's weight for you?
Misaki: Her weight...?
Himari: When you're performing, you're always wearing Michelle, right? So I was wondering if a different suit would feel heavy.
Misaki: ...
Misaki: (Oh no... I just said that moving around while wearing a costume is the same as moving around with weights on...)
Misaki: (Somewhere along the way, I must've stopped feeling Michelle's weight...)
Misaki: (Seriously, I'm way too used to being Michelle...)
Himari: What's wrong, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: Ah, it's nothing. Just thinking to myself...
Himari: Aw~, saying that just makes me more curious~!
Misaki: Really, it's nothing.
Himari: Hm~... Anyway, when maintenance was finished and I had my bass back for the first time in a while, I was so thrilled~!
Himari: It felt like I had my partner back. I remembered the excitement I felt when I first touched a bass.
Himari: I think I realized the greatness of my own bass because I used a different one~.
Himari: Sometimes doing something different can lead to interesting discoveries!
Himari: Hey, I have an idea! Maybe next time, I'll suggest using different instruments to Ran and the others! What do you think, Misaki-chan?!
Misaki: Ah~, sure...
Misaki: (Doing something different can lead to interesting discoveries, huh...?)
Misaki: (... Maybe I should try being Marie next time...)

Working to Be the Best Card Story - Special Episode

Trust Your Instincts


Shopping Mall

Misaki: Huh? Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Ah, Misaki-chan. Are you shopping?
Misaki: Yes. I came to buy grip tape for my tennis racket.
Marina: I see. You're in your school's tennis club, aren't you?
Misaki: Yes, I am. At the previous downtown event, Uehara-san and I were talking about playing tennis, and that made me want to replace my grip tape.
Marina: Ah, was that the downtown Shopper Appreciation Day? When I happened to pass by, I saw Michelle and Marie.
Misaki: Ah, I guess you saw me. That day was pretty rough...
Marina: Fufu, you're so popular. You're always surrounded by children.
Misaki: No, no, that's not me. Michelle's the popular one.
Misaki: By the way, Uehara-san was the one inside Marie. Did you notice?
Marina: Oh really? I didn't realize.
Misaki: Ah, but please keep that a secret. It seems that Uehara-san particularly doesn't want everyone from Afterglow to find out.
Marina: Okay, got it. We'll keep it a secret.
Marina: So, as a mascot veteran, what did you think of Himari-chan?
Misaki: Oh, I'm not experienced enough to be called a veteran.
Misaki: How should I describe Uehara-san's Marie? Hm... Generally speaking, I thought she was amazing.
Misaki: I mean, kids really have a lot of power, right?
Misaki: They cling on to you with all their might, and they talk so seriously about things that happened the very same day.
Misaki: In response, you also have to listen to their stories with a reasonable amount of enthusiasm.
Misaki: Being inside a mascot character is physically tiring, and there's plenty of mental fatigue as well.
Marina: I see. It's not just as simple as wearing a costume and playing with children.
Misaki: Right... And yet all of that came naturally to Uehara-san. She happily listened to the kids' stories, telling them, "Wow, really? That's so interesting!"
Misaki: What's more, during her conversations with them, she would ask "What does that mean? Could you tell me one more time?"
Misaki: When I saw that, I was especially impressed.
Marina: Hm...? Why?
Misaki: I mean, when you're surrounded by a bunch of kids all at once, as rude as it might be, isn't it natural to just zone out as they ramble?
Misaki: Yet Uehara-san would try to understand what they were saying... and then she would give them her own properly thought-out answer.
Misaki: I was really surprised that she didn't give some noncommittal answer without understanding what they were saying. Or rather...
Misaki: After working with her, I feel like I was able to rediscover my initial feelings.
Misaki: ... Wait, I'm really starting to ramble, aren't I? Sorry to take up your time talking about something like this...
Marina: Not at all! That was fun! You really do treasure mascots, don't you, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: Yeah, well, I guess I do in my own way...
Misaki: Ah, is it that time already...? Sorry to take up your time. Well, I'll be going now.
Marina: Okay! I hope you both enjoy playing tennis~.