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Wrapped in Morning Glow Card Story - Episode

Our Story


Rehearsal Studio

Aya: ... Nice! I think that went pretty well! Let's see what else I should work on...
Chisato: Pardon me. Oh, just as I thought. It is you, Aya-chan.
Aya: Ah, Chisato-chan! Hi! Did you also come to do some solo practice?
Chisato: No, I came for a meeting. I was about to head home when I heard a voice coming from the rehearsal studio.
Aya: Oh! Hey, was that meeting for that radio show you're going to be appearing on?
Chisato: Yes, I have never been on that kind of a show before, so I wanted to go over it properly with the staff.
Aya: A meeting, huh...? Looks like I need to do better!
Chisato: Fufu, but lately you've been getting invited to variety TV shows even without us.
Aya: Well, yeah, but~...! I still think I need to work hard. I want to get asked to appear in even more kinds of shows!
Chisato: By the way, were you scheduled to come in for rehearsals?
Aya: Nope, I decided to come in on my own!
Aya: After reviewing our last concert, I just really felt the need to get some practice in!
Chisato: Oh? I thought our concert went rather well...
Aya: It did, but I think it would've turned out even better if I'd practiced some more!
Chisato: Fufu... I see. You really have not changed at all from the time we first met.
Aya: ... Hm? Do you mean I haven't gotten better... at all...?
Chisato: No, that is not what I meant. I meant your dedication has not changed.
Aya: Oh... Wait, was that a compliment?
Chisato: Yes, it was. Even if you continue to grow as an idol...
Chisato: You will remain just as hard-working as you have always been... At least that is what I think.
Aya: Of course, I will~! If I can grow as an idol, I'll be given more jobs, and we'll get to do even more concerts.
Aya: And then I'll have to work even harder!
Chisato: Fufu, you are a lot greedier than I thought.
Aya: G-greedy~?!
Chisato: Yes. Remember how you said being an idol means being part of a story that never ends, and how you want it to be a story where all idols can continue to grow?
Chisato: An ordinary idol would not think on such a grand scale.
Aya: Uhh, when you put it that way, i-it's kinda embarrassing...!
Aya: ... But I meant what I said.
Aya: I love idols, and that's why I want to be there to see what kind of a story will unfold.
Aya: And that means I need to keep working hard so that I don't get left behind by the story.
Chisato: If you keep up the hard work, perhaps the time will come when you will become someone that can determine what story will be told.
Aya: I-I think you're overestimating me... But I wouldn't mind if all of us in Pastel✽Palettes could do it together!
Chisato: Neither would I. I need to do my best to not be left behind by you.
Aya: I can't see you ever being left behind...
Chisato: Fufu, I would not be so sure. But I would like to be able to see where this story takes all of us.
Aya: Me too~! I want all of us to see it, as well as ViVidCanvas!
Chisato: Fufu, you really are greedy.
Aya: Ahaha... Now that you mention it, maybe I am.
Chisato: But I am certain your fans would also like to see that story with you.
Aya: Right?! Then I need to practice more so that I can live up to their expectations!
Aya: ... Ah! Hey, Chisato-chan! Could you watch me practice and let me know if you notice anything I need to fix?
Chisato: Very well. I suppose I will watch you from my front-row seat.

Wrapped in Morning Glow Card Story - Special Episode

Idols Who Grow Up



Marina: Mmm, the weather sure is nice today.
Marina: Hm? Is that Aya-chan over there? It looks like she's looking at something on her phone...
Aya: ... Ah! Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Hi, Aya-chan. Sorry, did we interrupt something?
Aya: Not at all! I was just watching some concert footage of our sister group!
Aya: They're called ViVidCanvas, and they're really cute!
Marina: Let's see... Wow, you're right! They are cute~!
Aya: Yes! She's the leader. Her name's Mio Serizawa-chan...
Aya: The girl over here is the dream idol, Serina Yamase-chan! And the one with the super long introduction is Shino Koganei-chan!
Marina: Fufu, your introduction seemed quite enthusiastic.
Aya: Of course! They're our first sister group, after all!
Aya: And I've known them since their trainee days... I'm just really happy for them that they got to debut.
Marina: I see. It makes sense that you'd be so passionate.
Marina: Since they're your sister group, does it mean you guys work together often?
Aya: We do! They made their debut as trainees at our concert, and we were even appeared together on the same program!
Marina: Interesting~! I guess this means we'll be seeing them with you guys a lot.
Marina: Did you end up giving them a lot of advice since you're their seniors?
Aya: We did! ... Oh, but I think we ended up learning more from them than they did from us.
Marina: What do you mean?
Aya: They gave us an opportunity to reflect on how we should be as idols.
Aya: At first, I thought we could be friends and work together as fellow idols.
Aya: ... But show business isn't that easy.
Aya: I was reminded that there are times when we'll have to compete with each other.
Aya: marina
Aya: Yes... That's why I realized how we compete is what's important!
Aya: Pastel✽Palettes, ViVidCanvas, other idols... We can all compete and still grow together by doing so... That's the kind of relationship I want us to have!
Marina: You seem to have grown even more as an idol, Aya-chan.
Aya: Yes. I hope I can continue to do so and help even more people dream...
Aya: That's the kind of idol I'll become, so please watch over me!