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Yashio Rui is a second-year student at Tsukinomori Girls' Academy and the violinist and composer of Morfonica.

She is also classmates with both Mashiro and Touko.


Rui is a talented violinist who has played the violin ever since she was young. However, at one point in her childhood, she lost in a competition, came to the conclusion that she had no true talent despite all the effort she put in and that playing the violin was completely meaningless. As a result, Rui quit participating in competitions and stopped playing the violin.

She also used to be friends with Rinko, and their parents were friends as well. The two used to participate in the same competitions together and would talk just how much they love music. Before Rui's changing point happened, she was shocked to find out Rinko stopped participating in competitions.[1] She also called Rinko with the nickname "Rin-chan."

Rui is also a member of Tsukinomori Girls' Academy's student council. She initially watched Morfonica's band practices only because they needed someone from the student council to monitor their activities, before the other girls managed to convince her to join the band. In her second year, she becomes the student council president.


Rui has dark brown hair that goes just past chin-length and thin, brownish-red eyes. Her bangs are parted to her left and go down past her chin. Part of her bangs goes between her eyes, down to the base of her nose. Despite only being a high school student, Rui looks mature for her age.

She normally dresses in feminine, formal-like attire. Her initial casual outfit consisting of a navy blue turtleneck sweater, a button up brown plaid skirt adorned with a gray belt, sheer tights and dark mauve high heels.


Rui is a talented individual who is always at the top of her class. She has a dry personality and is always aiming for top results, and speaks in a polite manner. She is very logical and realistic, but can also be blunt when it comes to her opinions, especially about talents or music. In addition to her logical nature, she plans out her days and schedules very thoroughly, and as such, doesn't fully understand things like people hanging out or taking detours after school. Due to her stoic and composed look, Rui says that people tend to think she's angry even when she's not.

In reality, the reason why Rui does not choose to immerse herself in activities she deems meaningless is because she is afraid of getting hurt and disappointed in the same way she did after placing 5th in the competition that made her decide she doesn't have true talent. She felt that no matter how hard she practiced, no matter how much she felt like she loved music, her talents weren't acknowledged because she didn't have it in the first place. This is also why she developed a cut-throat attitude and refuses to prioritize her emotions similarly to the other Morfonica members.[2]

Although Rui is the kind of girl who wants to follow rules and ensure that everyone does as well, she will stand up for her friends and bandmates, such as shown in Morfonica's First Band Story and Tritone of Lost Butterflies. In the former, she stops some Tsukinomori students trying to steal the classroom the girls used for practicing, while in the latter, she attempts to convince Tsukinomori's new principal to reconsider her ban on anything that isn't related to studying, as she believes it has caused nothing but confusion and discord in the school, and as the student council president, it's her job to voice out the students' concerns. It is eventually revealed that she became the student council president in order to "protect the students and the school they love so much" from the principal's clutches, and when asked, she admits that she was influenced by her bandmates, who have helped her to change.[3]

Despite having very opposite personalities, Rui later befriends both Kaoru and Masuki, bonding over art and music appreciation.

Game Interactions[]

A list of characters Rui interacts with in the game (during Lives and in the dialogues at the end of every game).

Mashiro (icon)Touko (icon)Nanami (icon)Tsukushi (icon)Yukina (icon)Rinko (icon)MASKING (icon)CHUCHU (icon)



Yashio (八潮): Ya (八) means "eight", while Shio (潮) means "tide".

Rui (瑠唯): Ru (瑠) means "lapis", while the second part of her name (唯) is an emphasis often used as a polite particle to respond to elders.


  • She is the tallest Morfonica member.
  • She is also the only character in the series who refers to everyone (including Marina) with their last names and the honorific "-san".
  • According to Rui, she practices the violin 4 to 5 hours on weekdays, and 10 hours on weekends. She also said that it was normal for her to practice it even more in the past when she was participating in competitions.[4]
  • In the That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime collaboration, her design was based on Diablo.
  • In the Chainsaw Man collaboration, her design was based on Hayakawa Aki.


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