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№. 00901
Rarity2Happy Innocent Flapping

Availability: Gacha509
Innocent Flapping (Yashio Rui)
№. 00906
Rarity1Pure Gaining Recognition

Availability: Initial
Gaining Recognition
№. 00911
Rarity3Cool Forsaking Talent

Availability: Gacha509
Forsaking Talent
Forsaking Talent T
№. 00916
Rarity4Pure To the Sea of Knowledge

Availability: Gacha509
To the Sea of Knowledge
To the Sea of Knowledge T
№. 00933
Rarity3Powerful Unknown Encounter

Availability: Gacha543
Unknown Encounter
Unknown Encounter T
№. 00982
Rarity4Happy Well-Loved Sheet Music

Availability: Gacha588
Well-Loved Sheet Music
Well-Loved Sheet Music T
№. 01069
Rarity3Pure None of My Concern

Availability: Event 132
None of My Concern
None of My Concern T
№. 01169
Rarity4Pure A Different View

Availability: Gacha761
A Different View
A Different View T
№. 01184
Rarity2Pure Unfazed When Jumping

Availability: Event 150
Unfazed When Jumping
№. 01226
Rarity3Happy Looking Upon Talent

Availability: Event 157
Looking Upon Talent
Looking Upon Talent T
№. 01311
Rarity4Happy The Answer I Found

Availability: Gacha860
The Answer I Found
The Answer I Found T
№. 01352
Rarity4Cool Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha882
Special Birthday! (Yashio Rui) T
№. 01408
Rarity2Powerful Fashionable Tie

Availability: Event 177
Fashionable Tie
№. 01420
Rarity2Cool Requiem to Hell

Availability: Campaign
Requiem to Hell (Yashio Rui)
№. 01423
Rarity4Powerful Blooming Ocean Flowers

Availability: Gacha938
Blooming Ocean Flowers
Blooming Ocean Flowers T
№. 01465
Rarity3Cool Elevating Each Other

Availability: Event 180
Elevating Each Other
Elevating Each Other T
№. 01456
Rarity2Pure Pale Blue Noblesse

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Pale Blue Noblesse (Yashio Rui)
№. 01530
Rarity4Pure Enchanted by That Sound

Availability: Gacha991
Enchanted by That Sound
Enchanted by That Sound T
№. 01590
Rarity3Cool Dark-Haired Mermaid

Availability: Gacha1009
Dark-Haired Mermaid
Dark-Haired Mermaid T
№. 01609
Rarity4Pure Dusk, Wearing a Yukata

Availability: Gacha1025
Dusk, Wearing a Yukata
Dusk, Wearing a Yukata T
№. 01638
Rarity3Pure Argumentative Demon

Availability: Gacha1049
Argumentative Demon
Argumentative Demon T
№. 01643
Rarity4Powerful Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha1058
Precious Birthday! (Yashio Rui) T
№. 01680
Rarity4Pure Another Record And...

Availability: Gacha1090
Another Record And...
Another Record And... T
№. 01743
Rarity5Happy Unsung Struggle

Availability: Gacha1144
Unsung Struggle
Unsung Struggle T
№. 01766
Rarity4Cool The Harmonious Devil Hunter RUI

Availability: Event 227
The Harmonious Devil Hunter RUI
The Harmonious Devil Hunter RUI T
№. 01803
Rarity3Happy Touched by Fiery Sound

Availability: Event 234
Touched by Fiery Sound
Touched by Fiery Sound T
№. 01833
Rarity5Powerful Drifting Off Into Sweet Dreams

Availability: Gacha1212
Drifting Off Into Sweet Dreams T
№. 01865
Rarity2Happy White Butterfly Melody

Availability: Event 242
White Butterfly Melody
№. 01942
Rarity5Happy A World Full of Colors

Availability: Gacha1285
A World Full of Colors
A World Full of Colors T
№. 01991
Rarity4Pure Sharing the Same Scenery

Availability: Gacha1328
Sharing the Same Scenery
Sharing the Same Scenery T

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