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You Can Count On Me! Card Story - Episode

Haneoka Little Sister Meeting


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Cafeteria

Hina: Okay! The first ever Haneoka Little Sister Meeting is now in session!
Ako & Himari: Little Sister Meeting...?
Ako: What's that?
Himari: What exactly are we supposed to talk about?
Hina: Everything that's boppin', of course ♪
Ako: Hmm, everything that's boppin'...
Himari: Um... So does that mean anything that we find fun or exciting?
Ako: ... Ah, pick me! I've got something that's boppin'♪
Hina: Go ahead, Ako-chan!
Ako: Yesterday, Sis bought me a new type of pudding!
Hina: Oh~, pudding!
Ako: Free food always tastes good, but the fact that Sis got it for me made it super-duper ultra yummy!
Himari: Come to think of it, Tomoe did buy some pudding. We all stopped by the convenience store where Moca works.
Himari: And she was eyeing the dessert corner, which is rare for her...
Himari: Now I see. She wanted to buy you some pudding!
Ako: It was so, so, so good that I asked her to buy me another one!
Hina: Aw, you're so lucky~! I want my sister to buy some pudding for me!
Hina: Ah, it's not pudding, but food always tastes better when we go out to eat together every once in a while!
Ako: I know what you mean! That happens to me too!
Himari: So, in other words, it's totally boppin'♪
Hina: No, that's what we call boppidy boppin'♪
Ako: Right! Boppidy boppin'~♪
Ako: How about you, Hii-chan? Tell us about your boppin' stuff ♪
Himari: Fufu, I have a lot~! Like whenever I bite into tasty cake, or when I get my sound just right during rehearsals~...
Himari: What else...? Going out with my sister feels really boppin' too ♪
Hina: Awesome~! You've got enough boppin' there to count as boppidy boppin'♪
Himari: I know! It's all so boppidy boppin'♪
Ako: Ah, there's the bell! Lunchtime is over already~.
Himari: We didn't talk about anything but boppin' stuff...
Hina: Nothing wrong with that! Hearing all your stories was boppin' in itself ♪
Hina: And for our second session of the Little Sister Meeting, I want you to hunt down even more boppin' things~♪
Hina: Alright, dismissed~!
Ako: Great work, everybody~!
Himari: Wait, there's going to be another meeting~?!

You Can Count On Me! Card Story - Special Episode

Inspired by the Drama



Hina: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hey there~!
Hina: Are you on your break? Sweet, you can come hang out with me, then!
Hina: Me? No, I don't have rehearsals today. I'm here to see Sis! She's practicing right now, you know.
Hina: Watching that drama again made me want to come check on her!
Hina: Did you see that drama too, BanG Dreamer-san? The one with Chisato-chan and Aya-chan!
Hina: Yeah, I know! Those two seemed like best friends on screen!
Hina: Aya-chan was her same old self, but Chisato-chan was more teeny-tiny!
Hina: Huh? What do I mean? Her performance, of course! She was teeny-tiny, like a little sister!
Hina: Hey, that reminds me! When we were practicing for their auditions, Chisato-chan asked me all sorts of stuff about what it's like to be a little sister!
Hina: She's the big sister in her family, right? That's why she wanted to know how little sisters like me think.
Hina: She went through a lot to get into character. It really reminded me of how interesting she can be~.
Hina: She was training really hard with us and made sure to get everyone's opinions. I bet she practiced a lot on her own too. It must have been tough.
Hina: But you know, she looked like she was having a good time. That's what I find interesting about her~!
Hina: I'm not really sure what was going through her head during all that, but from my point of view, I'd say she was having a boppin' good time ♪
Hina: Anyway, when I saw Chisato-chan's character having so much fun talking to her big sister, it made me want to do the same!
Hina: So here I am, waiting for Sis so we can walk home together~!
Hina: Whenever I come to pick her up, Sis always says she doesn't see the point, since we'll see each other at home.
Hina: But in the end, she ends up going back with me ♪
Hina: Today I'm gonna spend that time talking about the drama with her~!
Hina: Hehehe, I hope she finishes up soon~!