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Yuuki Limit! (勇気Limit!, Courage Limit!) is a song by Poppin'Party.

It is the coupling track of their 18th single, Natsu ni Tojikomete, which was released on August 31, 2022.

It is the gift song for the event How My Heart Sings!

It was written by Nakamura Kou, and arranged and composed by Kondo Seima.

Game Info[]

Server availability JpTwCnEnKr
Bpm Beats per minute 224 BPM
Easy Song Level 8 124 notes
Normal Song Level 14 267 notes
Hard Song Level 21 518 notes
Expert Song Level 26 749 notes



# Songs Duration Audio
02 Yuuki Limit! 03:42
04 Yuuki Limit! -instrumental- 03:42
00 Yuuki Limit! (Game Version) 01:51

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  • The title of the song "勇気Limit" is read as "Yūki Rimitto" in Japanese, which sounds similar to "Rimi to" (りみと with Rimi). In addition to the official translation of the title as "Courage Limit!", it can also mean as "Courage with Rimi!". In the related event, the other members helped encourage Rimi to overcome her fears of MC-ing.