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Zettai Sengen ~Recital~ (ゼッタイ宣言〜Recital〜, Absolute Declaration ~Recital~) is a song by Pastel*Palettes.

It is the coupling track for their 5th single Kyu~mai*flower, which was released on September 18, 2019.

It is the gift song, and also was the VS Live Song for the event Trick or Escape!

It was written by Oda Asuka, and composed and arranged by Fujita Junpei.

Game Info[]

Server availability JpTwKrEnCnNintendo Switch Version
Bpm Beats per minute 177 BPM
Easy Song Level 10 185 notes
Normal Song Level 14 279 notes
Hard Song Level 22 572 notes
Expert Song Level 28 921 notes
Special Song Level 29 954 notes


The song starts from 01:31.


# Songs Duration Audio
02 Zettai Sengen ~Recital~ 04:01
04 Zettai Sengen ~Recital~ -instrumental- 04:01
00 Zettai Sengen ~Recital~ (Game Version) 01:49

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Live Performances[]


  • Zettai Sengen ~Recital~ was one of the songs that had its difficulty changed in the 6th Anniversary Update of Girls Band Party!, originally having an Expert difficulty of 27, and a Special difficulty of 28.

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